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  1. Inu

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    Just sayin...
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  2. TwiliShadow

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    I tried to do the DtU, but was unable to beat the Bloodmage on Excruciating!

    I, who, when we only had Inf 3 and Inf 4, had gotten to be able to solo Varholm's Blood moon map and beat the Bloodmage there on Inf 3 and sometimes on Inf 4.

    This DtU ended with me having zero points in the event.

    And I haven't done full or new moon since last November.... Because what is the point?
  3. sargon234

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    I have stopped bothering with the DTU event ever since they screwed the player over with the real fragments drop rate.
    I am not foolish enough to spend 5k fragments to receive lousy rewards, having to play hours and hours per day for nothing and then having to refarm the fragments through boring grind, because the developers couldn't stand that players got something out of farming( and i have seen somebody claiming that it was bad that i was able to accumulate 32k realm fragments, by farming mind you).
    Yep, you got shills claiming that players accumulating resources through farming is actually bad and that farming shouldn't be rewarding.

    If they want players to start playing again, the path is easy: make the loot and the resources rain.
    Restore the old realm fragments drop rate, when it was common to drop stacks of 1,2 and 5 realm fragments, increase the drop rate of uniques and set items by 1000%( and i mean literally 1000%), UNIQUES and SET ITEMS, not platinum lines, because it is dumb to have the shitty drop rate that we had at level 40 and 45 with the randomized base value system.
    Restore the old drop rate of andermants, seriously, previously you could farm a thousand andermants per hour if you played efficiently.

    Also increase the drop rates for players in the less difficult modes, it is complete nonsense that players are forced to do bloodshed to confortably farm at low difficulties, it screws the progression system completely.

    Also, increase the drop of event progress at lower difficulties and decrease the quantity of advancement needed to complete the event, stop making events a boring slog, make them fun as they were in the past.
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