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Discussion in 'Dragonknights' started by Getjoemi, Mar 12, 2019.

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  1. Getjoemi

    Getjoemi Forum Greenhorn

    Hi, I am a pretty new player and have opted for a DK. Maybe that was a mistake for a largely solo player? If so, recommendations there are welcome. But for now, I prefer melee class as I learn the game. I am currently level 40. I am really struggling to figure out the Wisdom path. I don't see many new build recommendations after the recent Wisdom rework. From what I can see in old posts, 2H is the way to go for solo, but after having switched from a 1H to a 2H setup, I am surprised how much harder basic content is. While I can take down Gorga fairly easily with 2H, I struggle in the maps. Anyway, what I want to know are the following:

    1) Is 2H still the way to go for mostly solo play in 2019?

    2) How should I be spending my Wisdom points at my current level? Do I need to max out Hard as a Rock to make up for the lack of a shield? If so, what next? 2H damage or CHR/CHD? Or something else?

    On a side note, I maxed out Rising Vigor early on. Was that a mistake?

    I have seen other posts on here asking for build advice, and they always seem to get closed with an admonition to do a search for the many already posted builds. However, as I said earlier, I cannot find any via a search that deal with the new Wisdom system. I would be grateful for any assistance, as I really enjoy this game so far.

    Also, if this gets moved, please at least tell me where it gets moved to.

    Thanks in advance for any advice. .
  2. Shine2

    Shine2 Board Administrator Team Drakensang Online

    Hello Getjoemi and welcome to DSO EN Forums! Have a great time;

    kindest regards
  3. Aethernity

    Aethernity Forum Apprentice

    Well im by no means a DK expert but i think i am capable of answering your questions.

    1) You can play 1h and 2h for solo play but the reason why the great majority of DK players go 2h is because after your gear gets to certain degree the damage difference between 1h and 2h become too large and the monster hp is balanced around 2h gameplay (specially around q7 set honestly) and that makes 2h the mainstream and meta choice.

    2) If you are starting the game then maxing first the attack speed and weapon damage passives is your priority because achieving high critical rate at low levels is hard ( now easier with the new alchemy potions ) after that u should invest in the damage passives then hp... the passive order should look like this:

    Weapon dmg 24 pts
    Attack speed 24pts
    Damage 50 pts
    hp 20 pts
    critical rate 30 pts
    armor 50 pts
    resist 30 pts
    fury 20 pts ( you can get fury before armor and resist if u feel like u need more to spam smash )
    cooldown reduction on kill 12 pts

    That should cover the basics, anything else u want lets say recall speed, mount summon speed etc is up to your choice.
  4. Novadude

    Novadude Commander of the Forum

    I would max weapon damage, damage and hp before maxing out attack speed.

    I would also review the speed breakpoints table and put enough points to get just past a relevant breakpoint rather than just maxing it out.
  5. Getjoemi

    Getjoemi Forum Greenhorn

    Thanks for the detailed responses. I really appreciate the help. Do these recommendations hold for 1H as well as 2H, or are they for 2H only? I ask because I have a lot more difficulty surviving at lvl40 using 2H.
  6. Aethernity

    Aethernity Forum Apprentice

    Right now u must use whatever works for you, later on when you get to 55 and u start getting decent gear u will notice the big difference in damage between 1h and 2h specially if u get the q7 set.

    So dont worry about stuff like 1h vs 2h , just keep leveling up and at lvl 55 find a decent guild that is willing to help you.
  7. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    Welcome to the game and to the DK class.

    I play as a DK, and have been playing one for the 7+ years that I've been playing. (Side note... wow... it's been 7 years?)

    So, the quick answers to your questions before I actually explain myself.
    See below. No. See below. See below. See below.

    Yes and no. See below

    So, now to my real reply.
    100% not a mistake! I'd argue that the DK class is the single easiest class to solo with in the end game for the simple reason of having HP Regen on demand. But more on that in a moment.

    Are you talking EXP Level 40, or Wisdom Level 40? Doesn't make a huge difference in the following advice, but still.

    That is because there are two very different play styles for DKs based on 1H vs 2H. In general, a 1H DK works because they have superior defenses. They kill things fast enough that their HP is replenished via health spheres that drop from killing monsters. This works right from the beginning. On the other hand, the 2H DK doesn't become really viable until Level 29 when you unlock the healing talent for Mighty Wild Swing (MWS) that heals you for 20% of the damage you do with the skill. In this style, it is all about doing enough damage to replenish your HP pool with MWS. You only really need enough HP to take a bunch of hits in between using MWS.

    These differences in play style reflect in the Wisdom point selection. First of all, and I know it may sound obvious, but when you switch between 1H and 2H, you need to reallocate your points for best effect. The points spent on 1H Offensive skills don't work with a 2H Weapon, and vice-versa.

    In a 1H build, it is easier to handle small groups of monsters at a time. Pull a few, take them out, and move on. If there are too many, they may overwhelm your defenses faster than you can kill them. In a 1H build, I'd recommend maxing out Rising Vigor, just like you said you have. Then, I'd get one point in armor/resistance because the first point is worth more than the rest. The first point in each of those categories gives you 1.25%, but each following point only gives 0.75%. The 1.25% isn't huge, but it will help a little. Finally, I'd look for a balance of Damage from Rising Power and Dexterous Smiting and put some points into Dexterous Agility for more speed... make sure not to waste points in speed though. Consult the Attack Speed Break Point table so you don't go too far over your goal. This allows you to put potentially wasted points into more damage.

    On the other hand, 2H play is a little counterintuitive; the more monsters there are around you, the easier it is to not die (up to a point). MWS being an AoE skill means "More monsters=More HP Regen." So all you need is enough HP to not die in between MWS spins. For that reason, I'd not recommend maxing out HP first. Instead, more damage means more healing, so put a majority of your points in Ambidextrous Smiting and Rising Power and only put enough into HP to keep you alive. I'd recommend avoiding spending points on attack speed in a 2H build unless you are really close to a speed break point and a couple points could get you to the next break. The reasoning for this is because MWS has a 3 second cool down. It can't be spammed, so speed won't make a difference here. Also, because of the low attack speed, Damage Over Time skills (Fury of the Dragon, Bleed skill on Rageful Swing, Bloody Wild Swing) are really useful since they are not affected by attack speed either.

    Now, in general, a 1H build is easier to build and play while leveling up, but once you reach LVL 55, that is when you want to start working on your 2H build so that you can not only solo, but solo quickly and efficiently.

    I could write a book on this topic, but I hope this is a solid start. Aethernity's advice assumes you have plenty of wisdom points at your disposal, but my recommendations are more stripped down to what I'd expect you can get either now or in the near future.
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  8. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

  9. Getjoemi

    Getjoemi Forum Greenhorn

    Wow. @Baragain thats... just awesome! Exactly what I was hoping for. For the record, I meant EXP lvl 40.
    I also appreciate the way you list some specific attacks and their value for a 2H build. If I may ask another question on that note, I noticed Aethernity referenced Slam spamming. I honestly haven't even used that skill in a 1H setup. It just didn't impress. Is that different for a 2H setup given the increased damage of a 2H weapon?
    I think, for now, I will take the apparently common advice of using 1H until 55, then switching over. A hearty thanks to all (including Trakilaki for the updated numbers-- I don't understand them yet, but I am confident I can figure those out on my own).
    Now, I am going to play (feeling a little better about the skills).
  10. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    Which is essentially the same... but with a bit more range of values on the heavy shot, which is irrelevant for Getjoemi and less values for the 15 frame skills, which are relevant for him if he's considering a 2H build.

    Spamming Smash is important because it is affected by attack speed. The problem is, with lower attack speed, your DoT skills will be very important to use in conjunction with Smash interspersed.
    The most popular 2H weapon for DKs is the weapon you can get/buy after beating The Herald of the Anderworld in the 7th of the Parallel Worlds. When used with the gloves from the set, you get a huge boost to your damage and you get a speed boost when using Smash every time you use Ground breaker. The amount of burst damage you can do with that set is truly bonkers.

    In general, the more speed you have, the more you'll find yourself using smash over the DoT skills. There is no hard mark I can tell you where Smash becomes more important, but explore using it when you are in a 2H build. It does 240% of your damage (with the 5 point skill selected) to a small AoE in front of you, and with high attack speed, you can be looking at a lot of damage output compared to any other skill. In my build (which has a lot of speed), the most common skills I use in order are Smash (for damage), Rage Attack (to cool down my Groundbreaker and generate rage), Groundbreaker (to trigger the buff I mentioned above), and MWS (for healing). Fury of the Dragon is only used circumstantially and I don't even touch the other DoT skills.

    One bit of advice related to eventually building a 2H build: When the Defeat the Undefeatables or Dragan events roll around, be sure to try to snag a set of the Bellicose gear from killing Dragan. It is the single most important set for being able to build a strong 2H build. It gives you a total of 34%-40% Weapon damage, which, with a 2H build, makes an impressive difference.

    The short version:
    If you have 1.200 attack speed, you have 1.200 attacks per second for your Rage Attack/Rage Swing. If you add more attack speed, say you get to 1.250 attack speed, you're not actually any faster. You still get 1.200 attacks per second. It isn't until you get 1.304 attack speed that you will notice that your attacks are any faster. Without getting technical, it has to do with the animation frame rate of the game. So, you can add attack speed points or take points away until you are just barely higher than one of those listed speed break points. For example, if you have 1.540 attack speed with no points in your attack speed, if you spend one point, you'll likely go over the 1.579 speed break and your attacks will actually get faster.
  11. Getjoemi

    Getjoemi Forum Greenhorn

    I just want to say thanks for all the feedback. It's been immensely helpful.
  12. raider

    raider Forum Pro

    Well, what to do against Bosses though..? Since that's our weak-spot..
  13. AngryMOB

    AngryMOB Forum Apprentice

    Wow more than 1 year later .. and a lot of nerfing he he.
    You have to accept that youre a lot slower than other class ... maybe take some "dance with a boss" classes.
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  14. raider

    raider Forum Pro

    Yea definitely can't "dance with a boss" (aka hit & run) as a DK and you can't really Tank it either.

    --- MERGED ---

    After maxing Damage bonuses and Hp (as 2H) , what to do next?
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  15. KulawyMao

    KulawyMao Exceptional Talent

    Crit if u dont have 5.00&80%, 1+ x reducing cd, speed atk, armor&res
  16. raider

    raider Forum Pro

    I think, Critic won't help me much before fixing Enhancements and Attack Speed talent ain't really viable on 2H, same for Armor and Resist (I could, unlock 1st levels though)

    So maybe reduce cooldown.. if all levels go by %1.25, which I doubt :D
    What u mean by "1+X" though?

    As for "Second Chance" .. at this rate it will forever to unlock it seems..
    Need few of these Wisdom events :D
  17. KulawyMao

    KulawyMao Exceptional Talent

    u can have 1point and it will be good but if u dont have what to do with points u can give there more
    speed atk = faster atack = more dmg = u use as much points as u need to get next speed breakpoint
    crit....it gives 30% more critical value and % crit = its really good to improve ur dps
    second chance is waste of points before 130-150~lvl
    first u need hp = to not die in single hit
    next u need dps = to kill fast mobs
    next u need speed atk/redeuce of cd = to get faster hits = faster kill and faster shoots with basic skill(-0,5sec cd per hit) = faster dragon hide
    deff/res arent so much worth as they look like ;d there isnt so much diffrents when u have 70% and 80% so if u have good values u can leave them for later
    but its depent how u are playing and what stats u have ;d
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  18. raider

    raider Forum Pro

    Yea first 2 are maxed now

    And Cooldown is my biggest frustration with DK, apart from dying fast (74k Hp now) :D
    Apparently 1st level is 1.25, then it becomes 0.25 per upgrade for the rest..

    Still not bad when you kill lots of mobs though. Sadly, it won't help with Bosses :p

    As for Critic.. well I use Tonic when I need so %80 is easy to reach, except for Infernals..
    But yea, I will need Critic Damage..
  19. KulawyMao

    KulawyMao Exceptional Talent

    yep but if u can have 80~% without buffs/pet u can take another one
    for example
    fairy pet
    hp buff