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Discussion in 'Guild Search' started by cuketaDSO, Jun 1, 2020.

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  1. cuketaDSO

    cuketaDSO Forum Greenhorn

    Hello everyone

    server: HEREDUR
    dmg: 46k (grey, no pet, no belt stacks), 23.7k or something crit(like 71/72% i3)

    Firstly a little info about me, I'm 18yo from Slovakia. Been playing dso since around 2012, on new accounts, with breaks, etc.. I recently got back into playing dso and created a dwarf when the last dragan started. I was unable to find a guild ever since.

    I don't really need a guild to carry me all the time on i3/4, all I'm really looking for is an active and friendly guild with players around the same level as me (don't have the stats to carry others yet). I would say that I'm decently skilled as I can solo i5 quite easily and on kara i6. I'm currently working on my PVP set as well(got all the t10 items, just need to craft them).

    Basically just want to meet new people to do events and stuff with because playing solo/with local gets really boring after a while. I'm active every day for quite a while unless I gotta work on school stuff/go to work.
    -My nick has special letters so you can't really write it unless you have Russian keyboard, so just contact me here or on discord - ketch#1712 ; if anyone wants to see my full stats just dm me on discord and I'll send them to you.

    Thanks for reading through all of this and have a nice day^^ Cheers.