Looking for LOW LVL PVP Guild

Discussion in 'Guild Search' started by Eλемент, Nov 29, 2020.

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  1. Eλемент

    Eλемент Forum Greenhorn


    im looking for low lvl pvp Guild with active members, where we can play pvp together and have fun.

    About me:
    Nick: Eλемент
    Server: Grimmag
    Pvp Rank: Novice knight of the Order

    Im mostly active on the mornings or evenings it depends on my work schedule, and of course when i have a day off. I speak German, English and Bulgarian fluently . Im 21y/o so i guess it wouldn't be a problem for most of you. If you have any questions be afraid to ask me ingame.

    P.S - The first Letter [E] is written on Latin , [λ] is greek and the rest [емент] is written with the cyrillic alphabet. Sorry for making this hard for you :)
  2. mitko1562

    mitko1562 Forum Greenhorn

    Добави ме, озизобърн се пиша(ГРИМАГ).