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    Lor’Tac Bound – Harbingers of Corruption
    Official Event Guide and Walkthrough


    Servers: Heredur, Werian, Grimmag & Balor
    Start: 21st July 02:00 pm (CEST UTC+2)

    Server: Agathon
    Start: 21st of July 06:00 pm(CEST UTC+2)

    Server: Tegan
    Start: 21st of July 09:00 pm (CEST UTC+2)
    Update! We are running the event for another extra 2 weeks (until 7th September). This date is subject to change.

    Please note: this is a solo event! Means that you cannot enter the dungeons and finish the event in a group!

    Introduction – Story
    Mysterious rifts are appearing inside all dungeons in Dracania, corrupting everything they find in their way. Thabo is requesting help to all mighty heroes of the continent to clarify what is happening and bring an end to it.

    Starting and going through the event
    In order to start the event you will need to talk to NPC Thabo in any major hub.
    Then venture into any dungeon of Dracania to collect Corrupted Andermagic from worthy Andermagic Corruptors. You will need a total number of 15 of these Corruptors to enter one of the rifts, also located inside the dungeons (do not worry, you will be able to find those Corrupted Andermagic easily and in one go).

    Once you have traversed a rift, you will enter into a Realm Chamber to Lor’Tac. Be ready, as a fierce battle is about to happen!

    NOTE: Do not forget to collect all tablet fragments you can! You will need to trade them for Toltac Treasure Chests in the city of Yaltepetl, as soon as you land in Lor’Tac!​

    Overview of Important Non-Player Characters (NPCs) in the Event

    lor3.png ThaboFamous realm mage.Any major hub.
    lor4.png ChocilatlA member of the tribe of the Tayaz.Inside the Realm Chamber to Lor’Tac.
    lor5.png Agrascha WinkelholzQueen of the Dwarf ReignAndrakasch

    Important objects of this event

    lor6.jpgCorrupted AndermagicCollect 15 of these inside a dungeon to access the rifts.
    lor7.jpgTablet FragmentsCollect them inside the Realm Chamber to Lor’Tac
    lor8.jpgToltact Treasure ChestYou will find them in the city Yaltepetl (Lor’Tac). You will need 225 Tablet Fragments to get one. Each one gives one of the four equipment items of this event.

    Set of new armor – Obsidian Auspices
    Please remember that this set is only available for characters with level 46!

    lor9.pngTayaz Battle Breast PlateItem level: 46
    177 Armor value
    +750 Health Points
    +22 Damage

    Four empty gem slots
    lor10.pngTayaz Two Handed Obsidian SwordItem level: 46
    376-463 damage
    60% increase weapon damage
    +125 Damage

    Four empty gem slots
    lor11.pngTayaz Battle BracersItem level: 46
    468 Armor value
    +414 Armor value
    10% faster attack speed

    Four empty gem slots
    lor12.pngTayaz Battle GreavesItem level: 46
    468 Armor value
    +414 Armor value
    10% faster travel speed

    Four empty gem slots

    Have fun, heroes!
    Your Drakensang Online Team
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