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  1. Dragonnns

    Dragonnns Count Count

    In the Event Description, Thabo is listed as "The cheerful queen is eager to see who will emerge as a legend" and as being located in Kingshill. I'm thinking this is incorrect?

    I read through the forum but maybe I missed it.... Is there going to be a patch to the upgrade? Most NPC's don't work and only one of my characters has been able to accept the current event.
  2. multitoonz

    multitoonz Forum Great Master

    Event description states we can get 4 chests when Lor Tac opens next month. Now why the posts saying that more chests are available? DSO only gives free unique gear away to twinks and nowhere does it say that we will be able to get all 8 pieces of the lvl 46 unique set. For free basically because it only takes a good lvl 45 5 to 10 minutes tops to get the 15 corrupted andermant drops and clear the tiny map room for the few tablet frags.
    So which is it DSO? Unlimited chests to open as long as we have tablet parts or just the 4 as stated in event description? Not going to let forum rumors motivate me to farm more than 900 tablet parts if I don't need anymore than that.
  3. glesia

    glesia Advanced

    where can i find all the new lortec level 46 uniqes. i have searched wiki. just to review. because on the event it just shows 4 uniqes. i would like to see them all
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  4. Kiwigal1244

    Kiwigal1244 Active Author

    Yep that happens .. upon exit of Chambers for me as well.

    lvl 40+ Fast Map farmimg.. enter Abyss.. farm 1st Rift = 6 frags.. exit out into heart of Atlantis and re-enter. Gets boring but saves they run back to rifts. If 30+ lvl Go to Hognis Mines and enter/exit from Iron Mountain to 1st rift.. Hope this helps

    Re the event is very confusing.. There was nothing that said this was for Farming only.. Do we gather the 225 frags then enter and try to see if we get access to Lor'Tac to pick up the chest ? Appreciate positive feedback if anyone knows please.
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  5. Orange_George

    Orange_George Padavan

    I have an issue with this addition to the game. Before loading the game today i did some lite maintaince,check regerstry for errors and deleating temp files. i then downloaded the 800 Mgb and loaded the game no problems there .then got the new quest & finished the 1st no problem. when i got to speak to the new npc inside the portal i could not and what's more i cannot interact with any npc now! I think it's just on my game as no one else has said anything about it, should i send in a ticket? or can i get help to my problems here.

    ok guys i reloader the game after reboot the pc and now i can interact with the npc's try that if u had my problem
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  6. Darwarren

    Darwarren Count Count

    Several guildies are reporting ongoing problems with NPC's: can't sell, buy, finish quests, etc. Hope it is fixed soon. Some can't click on tablets too. Support has been flooded, imo.
    There may be a related problem with sound effects again. I have a crackling sound with no apparent pattern.
    45's are bailing on this event in droves. PvP might stay active.
    DSO stomping out fires again. :)

    Another common point: Corruptors and Shamans make sense, but why is a minion with a blow gun called an archer?
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  7. yiannis_l

    yiannis_l Forum Apprentice

    Let us just see when the problem with NPC's in general (inside event, too!) will cease to exist. I hope they fix this ASAP.
    Since I have heard that this issue was present at the test server, I just wonder why did they implement this release without ever bother to fix it! :eek:

    Isn't it why test server exists, to begin with? Test, Fix, THEN Incorporate???
  8. Darwarren

    Darwarren Count Count

    That brings up central theme, just how does BigPoint and DSO use the test server?
    Obviously it is not to completely debug events before release. What is really going on there?


    Start the little quest chain with Thabo, to talk with the prisoner and release him. The bug with NPC's may keep you from talking with the prisoner.
    If you have the universal map, you can go directly to the next map, without going to town first. 3590 ander from trader.
    The amount of grinding is numbing, because the event is so simple. Even on your favorite maps, this is a real spirit killer. Changing maps and mixing up the rifts may be the only way to survive.
    I do hope the chest drops will be of equal probability for the gear. It the best gear is rare, lots of people will be severely PO'd.
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  9. Orange_George

    Orange_George Padavan

    still cannot finish/interact with chocilatl though... my toon just keeps running and i get a clicking sound.
    the bug seems to be centered on him if i do not click on him the other npc's do not get bugged
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  10. MANOJ

    MANOJ Forum Pro

    There has to be information about these new uniques.
    We need to know what we are working on when it takes so much game time to work on it.
    We can work on our builds with the information about the new uniques and decide whether we need to work on these uniques or if it isn't worth it.
  11. VoulaAek1

    VoulaAek1 Forum Connoisseur

    I do the same thing. But I exit out into Atlantis above water, I think it's faster and closer to the gate.
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  12. Armando

    Armando Forum Connoisseur

    Information confirmed by moderators in the German forum says that this event is for farming the fragments only.
    You will be able to exchange them against chests in Yaltepetl, the capital of Lor'Tac, once the content expansion goes live with R155.
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  13. zoldorak

    zoldorak Forum Apprentice

    I have only bug ...I can't click to take Quets.....Im very bored
  14. Armando

    Armando Forum Connoisseur

    According to information distributed by moderators in the German forum:
    Only the displayed 4 items will be available from boxes that you can buy with the event fragments.
    The other items will be available from dealers in Lor'Tac.
  15. perkovic15

    perkovic15 Forum Apprentice

    Hi. On this event for my tank there is 8 unics , but i can see only main 4 , i cant find them in wiki or forum so please put all them in event guide or reply please so i can know will i farm about 30 boxes for them.If there is no pic , put stats of them , especially of sun shield
  16. Morgguz

    Morgguz Forum Greenhorn

    Do we have to be level 50 to exchange things when content is released?
  17. xEthnic

    xEthnic Living Forum Legend

    Stats of the LorTac Set for Dragonknights, almost the same for the other classes
    Shield: 43 Damage, 80% Block Damage Reduction
    Helmet: 750 HP, 21 Damage
    1H Weapon: 20% Speed 475 Crit
    Shoulders: 560 Resistance, 21 Damage
    Quiver / Book / Wrench: 43 Damage 40% Crit Dmg
    Helmet: 14.609 Andermant
    Shoulders: 14.609 Andermant
    Torso: 16.685 Andermant
    Gloves: 10.431 Andermant
    Boots: 10.431 Andermant
    2 Handed: 41.724 Andermant
    1 Handed: 20.862 Andermant
    Quiver / Book /... : 20.862 Andermant
    Shields: 20.862 Andermant

    You can get them in Yaltepetl with Level 50 / R155 / in 21 Days
  18. MegaNuker

    MegaNuker Forum Ambassador

    R155 is August 11 13 18 20th

    That is about the best answer I could aquire.
  19. qe222

    qe222 Forum Apprentice

    wow the event without any draken, amazing team:(

    no draken activities .... This team is really great:oops:

    Here comes an event without Draken. What a fantastic team!!!!!!:mad:
  20. Novadude

    Novadude Commander of the Forum


    1) Map design is too linear and simple. A longer map with more drops and bosses would have been more enjoyable. Something conceptually more like Map2 - where you have the option of doing 2, 3 or 5 bosses.

    2) Would be nice if the event info tipped us off on how to get the rest of the items, and whether its a level 46 set or a variable level set. My enthusiasm for the grind will evaporate if it turns out that I'll need 30K in anders to get another 2 pieces for the 6 item set bonus, and that the items are initially obtained at level 46 and need glyphs to go higher. If thats the case, I'm probably better off just farming map2 to get as much of my current gear up to level 48/49.

    3) lots of bugs.

    4) draken rewards and event progress rewards would have been nice.
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