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Discussion in 'Discussions on Current Topics' started by teddy.bear, Jul 21, 2015.

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  1. fourtwenty68

    fourtwenty68 Board Analyst

    to do an event that we have to wait for rewards?,i kind of like that.:)
  2. MANOJ

    MANOJ Forum Pro

    So is this true?
    This event's treasure chests will give only 4 of the new uniques and the rest of them have to be bought through anderments after R155?
    If yes, then I have no reason working on this event as these uniques aren't really worth buying with anders :p
  3. MoonWhysper

    MoonWhysper Forum Apprentice

    Can players below level 46 still turn in the tablet fragments for the items, even though they can't wear them?
  4. Novadude

    Novadude Commander of the Forum

    80% Block reduce but no block rate? Ugh..... my feedback on this is that 40% of rate and reduce would have been a better balance....

    Additional feedback: Aside from the bugs, I can see this event being really useful to F2Ps that just hit level 45, and have a bit of a gear deficit relative to endgame 45s. But the gear should be advertised this way so that others don't waste their time for a month farming this event.
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  5. Szmaciak

    Szmaciak Junior Expert

    Very bad event. Worse and very boring I saw here from beta. Maybe only Dark Knights at open maps were worse... But technically and plot (what plot?) this is "best" in waste my time, bugs and no bonuses from event.
    It looks like somebody make idea of it few days ago at knee not a few months ago.
    No loot from dark mobs at parallels worlds, not play in group even with this same high level, no reward, no more space in inventory for those frags... No detailed informations about all elements of new set and how to get it. shame.
  6. rjrichards

    rjrichards Forum Pro

    Today has brought me a reduced drop rate of corrupted andermagic outside the 3 portals in Gleaming Mtns. So far 6 runs has yielded me the following progress: 1, 4, 2, 3, 2 and 5...

    Anyone else experience a decline today?
  7. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend


    You need to collect the tablet fragments from the event dungeon in the next 20 days. You will have to keep them until the Lor'Tac expansion is released ... then when you reach the city of Yaltepetl you will have a chance to exchange them for chests. Each chest contains one unique item ... but the drops from the chests are random ... you can get 4 different items from 4 chests or you can get same item out of 50 chests. By hearing the rumors and using logic ... I can say that only 4 items are obtainable out of those chests ... the other items of the set are (will be) available from the merchants ... in other words you will have to buy them. Similar to the Mechanical Set in Andrakasch.
    This event is solo only ... you can't enter the event dungeon if you are in group.
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  8. Cantab

    Cantab Forum Apprentice

    the first couple rounds at start of event i got 5-6 each round, once i had 15 (enough for entry to rift) i was from that point and with every rift guardian killed i get 1 corrupted andermagic (total 18) so with a run through gleaming mountains, i get more than is required to enter the rift, not sure if this is the case with others, but does seem a little odd, but not unwelcome if i don't have to farm multiple times to get a single entry.
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  9. rjrichards

    rjrichards Forum Pro

    Just an FYI if anyone is interested. I did 12 boss runs consecutively in 45 minutes which netted me a total of 191 or roughly 16/run. For these runs I did not go to Gleaming Mtns. but instead went in to Hagastove Grotto to save time as the rift is located just inside the map. Total time spent was approximately 2 hours due in part to some bad luck in collecting corrupted andermagic.

    I figure a chest per day over the course of the event will get me the 4 pieces and some melts.

    Each boss run dropped between 9 - 22 tablets
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  10. Armando

    Armando Forum Connoisseur

    If we assume that each of the 4 available parts has the same chance to drop from the boxes, the AVERAGE number of boxes to obtain 4 different items would be 8.33 .
    If you have 9 boxes, you statistically have a chance of >60% to get all four items at least once.
    If you have 11 boxes, you statistically have a chance of >80% to get all four items at least once.
    If you have 13 boxes, you statistically have a chance of >90% to get all four items at least once.

    From all I know and could assume, no. But I would assume that the four parts available from the boxes would be sold as well, at least from Gnob (when he finally returns...)

    For drops of Andermight, you should always get 18 from the 18 mobs in front of the rifts. If you farm in group, though, it seems those are shared, i.e. each drop can be collected by only one player.
    For fragment drops in the realm chamber, I've had everything from 8 to 24 per run, so far.
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  11. KellyLark

    KellyLark Forum Greenhorn

    And I can't take the quest from Choc to - I run near him and no quest menu appears after clicking. How can I deal with it?
  12. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    You need to solve the quests from Thabo.

    About that corrupted andermagic drops:
    You will always get 18 per map ... but only if you play solo. If you play in group the players are sharing the drop.
  13. Trolalala

    Trolalala Forum Apprentice

    Sth wrong with dwarf skills and lortac monsters.

    My machine gun turrent does dmg of 103.
    When i reduce armor it's 112 (!)
    My sharpnel shot does dmg 163 crit 365sh (!)
    My sharpnel does dmg 165 crit 365sh with armor reduced (!)
    My regular shot is 240 dmg 560 crit (60% base)
    Salvado of heavy shot 360 860 crit one shot (97% one shot)
    My stats are 800 dmg 1.75 speed 55% 210% critical.

    Iron dwarf seems to be working fine. 600 hits and 1.2ksh crit

    Luckly lvl 40 pvp skill works perfect 2.3k with 600% base and 4.6k with armor reduced.

    Conclusions presuming turrents work as expected (which I doubt), bomb doesn't take away nearly as much armor as supposed to while sharpnel shot is heavily bugged. (heavy shot 97% base so heavy shot *3) It's supposed to hit at 1-3k imo.
  14. nasowas

    nasowas Junior Expert

    People need to stop spreading misinformation. Read the event guide. We get ONLY 4 boxes, each one containing one piece of the advertised rewards. 900 tablet parts is all you need to get the 4 chests. You can farm more tablet parts for future use if DSO ever decides to do another event requiring them, but who knows if and when that may happen again. DSO has their plate full with getting the expansion game ready and more expansion related events will only create more bugs until the expansion has minimum bugs and is playable with no serious issues.
  15. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Where did you read that?


    "Each chest contains one of the following items: (4 items on the picture)"

    20+ days for 900 tablets? It make no sense.
    We have been told by the TS admins ... each chest is giving one random item.
    I wasn't talking with them in private ... all the players were reading the chat and asking questions. And the admins were answering as much as they can.
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  16. Armando

    Armando Forum Connoisseur

    Do you really believe that, after all those random factors and event drops implemented in the past? Like "Each of the circus bosses drops one part of the doll"? You ought to know better by now how BP's sentences have to be read.
    Nothing in the event guide says that there are only 4 boxes to be traded in. It says there are 4 set parts to be obtained, and every box you buy will yield [any] one of them.

    I have to admit that my maths is fallible, because it is based on the assumption that all parts are equally likely to drop from the chests. If that is not the case (as e.g. with the drops of the bosses in the essence event), you would need way more boxes than I said.

    Anyway, please consider your own feedback and do not spread misinformation and even attack others based on your assumptions.
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  17. Armando

    Armando Forum Connoisseur

    Well, obviously not enough people are asking the same questions in order to include some extra FAQ.
    From my point of view, most things are actually pretty clear by now... but that may also be due to the fact that I am "at home" in the German forum, where the feedback thread for this event and R154 contains already 38 (!) pages - and moderators there are quite active and trying to answer people's questions.
    As mods here in the English forum seem to be too few or too busy to reply to questions, I'm afraid you might have to rely on fellow users.
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  18. Orange_George

    Orange_George Padavan

    What event mine does not work...Cannot interact with Chocilatl... Chest's? Have not seen one yet... and you can open them??? REALLY ???
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  19. multitoonz

    multitoonz Forum Great Master

    YOUR point of view. If and or When an ENGLISH mod or admin decides to answer the questions regarding the event rewards, then "Your point of view" is speculation. This isn't the German Forum btw.
  20. Armando

    Armando Forum Connoisseur

    Chests can only be exchanged for tablets/fragments in Yaltepetl, i.e. once R155 is on the live Servers. No one has seen any chests yet apart from in the event description. ^^
    Interaction with Chocilatl ought to be working again after tomorrow morning's hotfix, but is not really necessary for the event (which basically only consists of farming those tablets).
    The quests from Thabo are only needed for the new event achievement and title.

    :-D I was just trying to say that many questions have been asked and answered by the community already - maybe just not here. I will gladly share any knowledge I have, but if you prefer to wait for an official answer of an English moderator, your choice.
    As for me, I am also reading forums in other than my native language, because sometimes I can find some interesting information or ideas there.
    I am also not saying that all those 38 pages of the thread in the German forum were very informative - there's a lot of spam there as well, and meta-discussions just as this one here. I just mentioned it to show you that if some people feel there's not enough activity here, you might want to tap other sources. But thanks for your friendly reminder. ;-)
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