Feedback Lor’Tac: The World’s Heart (Level 50)

Discussion in 'Discussions on Current Topics' started by teddy.bear, Mar 16, 2015.

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  1. fourtwenty68

    fourtwenty68 Board Analyst

    haha,i need 7million gop to upgrade my level 50 wep to 51,and i get 5 more damage,and 10 crit.this is a joke.
    take the greens n.....:rolleyes:
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  2. Hannai

    Hannai Someday Author

    Yes i saw that, hence why I mentioned it!
  3. jayr3d

    jayr3d Regular

    costs me 134mill gop to lvl my wand from 49 to 55
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  4. TerryPenrod2

    TerryPenrod2 Forum Apprentice

    If they do not fix the crit% and accompanying self-healing rate in the next update, you can count me as one more of the BP customers that was FORCED to quit the game. As a DK, both are essential to surviving against bosses and other strong enemies. As things stand, the game is worse than a grind. It is an exercise in misery.

    Games are supposed to be FUN and you RUINED it for us.

    PLEASE listen to all of our many pleas before we ALL leave for good.
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  5. Novadude

    Novadude Commander of the Forum

    I don't think crit adjustments are essential (and dk's do get a weapon class that gives 12.5% crit hit rate, so with an axe and one good crit item, you can have 25% to 30% crit rate) but i do think that the DK needs 1 more healing skill and that 4 second stun immunities need to be reinstitued for pvp. Chain stuns are a problem if you're a melee class.
  6. TerryPenrod2

    TerryPenrod2 Forum Apprentice


    My character is a very good, level 50 DK that took a year of long daily sessions to build.

    I have finished all quests in LorTac and am awaiting the new/reworked parallel worlds in October.

    Until then it is back to farming and helping guild members level up as I do not participate in PvP.

    This I am happy to do while continuing to pay for a premium account.

    But after that, if the crit % and self healing are not restored, I am gone.

    -- MERGED --

    Please see my second post above. It explains that I do not participate in PvP.

    For live human comperition, I agree with you that DKs were too strong.

    But that should not affect PvE.

    Against AI, we NEED that crit % and self healing.
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  7. Novadude

    Novadude Commander of the Forum

    My damage build (red ess set) is not having much of a problem in PVE. My main problem is healing. If I had my dual healing/ dual stun break from dragon hide and furious battle cry, I probably would almost never die in pve except in boss battles.
  8. -{Gabriel}-

    -{Gabriel}- Active Author

    So you done a hotfix for Cradle of Frost ?
    How come groups are still bugged ?
    3 of us in group all in seperate instances !!!!!!!!
    This has been happening for 2 weeks at least
    Are you even attempting to fix the bugs o_O
  9. TerryPenrod2

    TerryPenrod2 Forum Apprentice

    Restoring our crit % would automatically take care of healing.

    Mighty Swing would do more damage on average and heal faster. Plus our damage would return to pre-expansion levels.

    We all worked VERY long and hard to build up our crit and to have it cut by 50% to 60 % at a time when it is needed more than ever, is just plain bad.

    The PW world enemies all level to 50 now and they are harder to kill. So WHY in heaven's name is our crit being stolen? It makes absolutely no sense and it dooms this game to the graveyard for all DKs.

    PLEASE restore our crit % for PvE. If you need a separate solution for balancing DKs in PvP, then implement one. But for PvE, fix it! now, please!
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  10. jayr3d

    jayr3d Regular

    it took me for ever to get some items with decent stats though there are players who played MUCH longer then me and had a chance to get better. so it really sucks that we had to grind endlessly to get some decent gear just to see all that effort being flushed down the toilet we all have hopes that this crap game wil gett better we as the player base keep telling that itll go down the drain at this rate yet no one listens sad.
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  11. rpfo

    rpfo Padavan

    Well , its time to say something.
    1 - Wont say nothing about PW till developers put the updates live;
    2 - We all ex-lvl45 players learned to play with crits. Means we used to put our dmg set and go like a pro killing everything in 1/2/3 hits. I see a lot of players complaining about the weaker class they think its the weaker. Of course im not happy , my ranger cant run HOD like he used to, also, i dont have the same old feeling when i run new lortac maps (its not just to put my dmg set anymore, actually with my dmg set I die ahahaha). Guys the game has now a big expansion and all this bs we read about classes is ridiculous. Are u all thinking ur gonna run maps at lvls 46+ as if u were going to kill Heredur at the Crypt with ur lvl 45 char? Pls guys , a lvl 46 map for a lvl 45 char means its harder. Soon we all will kill like we used to.
    3 - The new system is a big jump for this game. I think better than when they drop cots. It really helps to bring more balance to the game, including PVP. Sorry if u cant see that, but sure some immortals are now mortals ahahahaha
    4 - Though i didnt do all maps yet , the expansion is awesome! There is a new way to play, all u must do is accept u must change ur char. After i started putting armor / block rates and resist , my ranger survived all the maps up to fyrgon. Just dont forget to fit the skill system to ur needs.
    5 - What happened is that we are running lvl 46+ maps even when we go PW. Also new mobs have new habilities, better speed and big dmg. So why not work instead of just complain?
    6 - I just expected something different than spend my time killing X mobsA, Y mobsB for quests, also i had to pray for some specific drops. I think its time to build new things for quests. But im not here for the creative corner!!!
    7 - I heard DK cant heal , if this is true , it was a big mistake and it really must be fixed. A ranger knows how important are our wolves or that tree.

    This is my first words about the new expansion.
  12. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    No man ... "ex-lvl45" were also "ex-lvl40" too. We were playing only with the base damage as a requirement in the past. No one was paying attention to critical hit and critical damage.
    And seriously dude ... DO play everything before giving feedback. It is like saying "This drink tastes good ... because I like the label" ... but you never tasted it.
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  13. Novadude

    Novadude Commander of the Forum

    Trak is right - the lvl 40 game was not crit oriented for everybody.

    The crit game really exploded with introduction of glyphs for low level crit gear witch chaser sets after the level 45 expansion - followed by dragonache set. With those pieces and the existing dark helmet and keens/yachaks/roshans/sparks, it was possible to 55% crit hit value too cheaply. I'm not F2P, but I put virtually nothing into my alt dwarf except occasional premium and I still was able to get mid 40%s crit chance with wolf shield and mid 60%s with my jackhammer offhand thanks to witch chaser and sparks.
  14. jayr3d

    jayr3d Regular

    a suggestion to the devs since you guys do everything for $$$$ to solve a problem with drop rate i recommend this to support before now i guess ill TRY here. make a scroll like scroll of insight which can increase drop rate also which can be stackable to a certain amount of % problem solved u guys make bank like u guys always want anyways p2p game
  15. rpfo

    rpfo Padavan

    Im sure lvl 45 expansion started 1 year and a half plus since its the time im playing this game. As Novadude said

    So for more than a year most players was into NewMoon set + crits. Sorry not undertanding u guys but it looks like in the end u say no to what i said but agree with what i said. I learned that newmoon set was the best with crit rits and crit dmg. Though i neveer used since i always had good stats legs items.
    And I can say that most of the DK, SW and Ra were doing the same.
  16. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    I care less about what the crit rate is, only that it is fair across the board. Right now, the OP legendaries are still very OP. Not until they have done something to equalize these numbers so that new players and old player can have the same expectations (with time and luck) when it comes to crit will I be satisfied with with their "balancing" of crit hit rates.
  17. BigPapa

    BigPapa Forum Overlooker

    Sorry Baragain, but I have to disagree with you on the LLL's, I don't see how they are a problem in the short or long term, and I keep seeing people say how unfair it is. And btw, not because I have or use them.

    Anyone that played the game prior to R139 I think it was, that includes you and I, had the opportunity to farm for those items. And with some effort could get whatever they were looking for. The information on where and how to get them and which levels were best to look for were all on the forums and publicly talked about. It was no secret. I did a short period of runs looking for them and found a few that were good. I soon trashed them as the cost in glyphs to level them did not seem worth it to me in comparison to the extra 200 crit or 30 dmg I might get over a solid 45 leg. At the time, the benefit to those leg's was not that you could get slightly higher stats when leveled, it was that you could ID them with minimal COT's. That was their true value.

    That being said; the fact that those items exist now doesn't make them unfair or suggest the system is broken. It is no different than the crit/spd gems we got from Sargon events, or a few other items that are no longer avail. Will we hear the same arguments in 6 months when vet's are using shields and gloves with crit and quivers with armor that are no longer available? New players can't get those, but it's not unfair that we have and use them if we choose to. We earned them and veteran players should and do have things new players don't have access to.

    On the resolution side of it, I look at it like this; LLL's use is a temporary boon. If you have a LLL, good for you, it will be useful for now. But, now your locked-in to your own detriment. Your build is situated around those few items. All those other new cool leg's with % bonuses and unique sets won't help you with a build centered around LLL's. You'll keep opening items and melting them because you've removed the flexibility to modify what you have and, until you do, you have limited your potential. Soon, you will be like the guy wearing dark armor after the last level cap increase. You'll be scanning the forum wondering how everyone else is hitting 4k dmg AND 50% crit with decent armor and HP, cause you can't figure out how to do it. Suggestion 1: melt the LLL's
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  18. Darwarren

    Darwarren Count Count

    About PvP:
    Is there any military that wants to be limited to the abilities of their opponents? No, everyone wants to be better.
    Is there any prey that wants to be weaker or slower than its predators? They are called "extinct."
    The purpose of competition is to reward excellence. Otherwise there is no need to keep score. Even in training and kid's games, the individual is tested.

    Balancing is another word for handicapping, giving weaker players an advantage to make the game appear more even. PvP is supposed to be tournament level. If you can't take your lumps with the best, stay out. There is some sorting by level, but there are plenty of schemes around them.
    BP touts balancing to keep players interested, but they also serve as arms dealers, supplying gear and skills for money, and time invested. DSO is a game of acquisitions. PvP is only unfair as the rules and the programming allow it to be.
    BP's wanted enough players for the matches to run. They tried crippling everyone, to give the weak an advantage. The result is that the matches have dried up for lack of players. Some human elements they must have overlooked. Hm?

    Now that they have burnt their bridges behind them, is there anyone that expects them to pull off a miracle, and do the right thing? Usually they do as little as necessary. LOL

    "Even a fool knows what he can do; only the wise know what they should."
  19. Enaggelion

    Enaggelion Forum Apprentice

    Feedback on uniques and prices on items:

    1. With this new expansion, all uniques should be scaled up and have extra attributes inorder to be better than the current drops. So far stats wise the uniques are not worth pursuing and that really kills the game because any hack and slash game is about pursuing items.

    2. Ander prices on items are too expensive and ander drops are too stingy, please drop the prices to make it more affordable and increase ander drops so that it doesn't take you to level 50 just to earn 10k. With this, pls increase the amount of ander reward on quests to make it worthwhile because there are many quests that gives less than 10 ander. Even a random drop from game play is higher than that and this doesn't make sense.

    3. If you give 25% discount sales on items, please allude this to items that could be purchased by gold coins too such as Emilia's stocks.
  20. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Play the normal maps ... you can collect tons of XP there in short time.
    I hit the level 50 in 3-4 days only using Tome of Insight and the guild bonus.