Lost Andermant

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by bojsha, Nov 27, 2013.

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  1. bojsha

    bojsha Someday Author

    Hi, I accidentally buyed color, lunar silver when I wanted to buy dye remover, I did send a ticket to support and got nothing in return, my 600 hard earned Andermant is stel lost. Is there anything I can do to erase that color and get my 600 Andermant back? Please help. :(
  2. Biztart

    Biztart Exceptional Talent

    If Support was unable to help, then, unfortunately, not much additional assistance can be provided. You can always sell your dye if you still have it in your inventory.
  3. bojsha

    bojsha Someday Author

    Yes I can sell it but not for andermant, unfortunately, a few coppers that is all. BP should make dye's sell for andermant if someone makes a mistake like me, He can get back lost andermant.
  4. daywaker2

    daywaker2 Forum Demigod

    Its just 600 Andermant its not so much guy... farm 2hours and you got it back...
  5. DarkDynasti

    DarkDynasti Forum Apprentice

    Yes for U.. u pay very much for this game. U aren`t the best War. Play without paying THEN u are the best. Noob. Paywaker2.
  6. partycrasherforever

    partycrasherforever Forum Apprentice

    stop making personal comments man.....ur just jealous,.....and 600 anders csnt be farmed in 2 hours thts for sure
  7. daywaker2

    daywaker2 Forum Demigod

    Dont be angry guys. Its just 600 ander... no reason for a thread...but well ok.
  8. bojsha

    bojsha Someday Author

    more like 3 days farm so yeah it so much for me.
  9. dragonlordz

    dragonlordz Junior Expert

    lol 600 anders is really not much, a run of q3 gets over 100 anders lol, farm in a few hours and get it back, and dont say it will take days, my friend can farm 3k in a few days -_-
  10. daywaker2

    daywaker2 Forum Demigod

    correctly thats what i mean:D
  11. Mercyomega7

    Mercyomega7 Forum Greenhorn

    hehe I agree learn how to play naked without gears then we will see who is best.

    Anyway if you aren't at parallel world it may be hard to get 600 andarmant. So how do you know that he plays at PW or a lot? Because he said it's hard for him ofc it's not hard for you but that's not interesting.
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  12. bojsha

    bojsha Someday Author

    3k andermant in few days? :eek: no way

    prove it you can do that with the dwarf - no pw.
  13. TheInfamous

    TheInfamous Board Analyst

    I have done that with the dwarf. I got over 6k andermants in about 8 days. Just start a new character and do quests. (including the PvP quests that reward andermants. you can skip the 100 wins because it takes too long to be worth it) Anyways andermant isn't all that hard to get when you do quests, but it gets real boring quick.

    P.S: I play at a fast pace. In those 8 days I reached level 30 with dwarf. (well, its technically 8 days worth of work... but it spanned for about 10 days because at the beginning I couldn't really play much. Only made the character and got to kingshill)
  14. ~IceAngel~

    ~IceAngel~ Junior Expert

    sorry about your loss, just try to be more carefull i once put andermants (18k) onto my account and accidently bought a 6k merchant item on a dummy account because i just happen to click while looking at the stats. You learn from making mistakes right? :p
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