low levels cheaters

Discussion in 'PvP (Player vs. Player)' started by CODE542, May 28, 2020.

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  1. CODE542

    CODE542 Forum Greenhorn

    hey everyone,
    have u ever seen an 23lvl character getting 300k points in one day?
    There's a problem in the grimmag server with a guild called EDIT or something that has players 21-25level and almost all members has the lava dog (!!!!!!)
    In some point i got into a game with my low lvl char in fortress and these guys were in enemy team.
    In my team were 4 guys that they were afk hitting the air in the spawn for like 10mins (red side).
    Its clearly that these guys using several accounts or bots just to register into their games , they do not kill anyone(clearly for no exp) and get those juicy points in a few seconds by carrying the flag etc
    I mean , there is a guy 22 level with no mentor bonus who has 4m pvp points (its impossible with no mentor bonus -ingame name : EDIT )
    Plus about 5mins ago there was a guy 20lvl with the last costume of the flag quest with novice knight rank.
    I mean EDIT noone is bothering banning those ppl? where is the community? game is dying and many ppl abusing those things and BP cares about doing events with coins.

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  2. rjrichards

    rjrichards Forum Pro

    Sure. There are many here on Agathon that are low level (20 -26) that are Marshal rank that multi log for the different pvp modes. There are also others with the 1000 Clover S.O.I mounts that are level 10. When support is contacted they ask that you provide proof of the abuse so they can investigate...BS. What is there to investigate? It is obvious they are manipulating the system to gain rewards and titles. Even back in the games heyday they didn't do a damn thing about cheaters and those using bots. It took the community here to get them to do a one time ban but they still exist. It also took community outrage to have the bug abusers banned from a prior anniversary event where runes & gems etc. were garnered. I believe most abusers received a temporary ban when it should have been permanent with account deletion.

    BP simply doesn't a flying you know what.
  3. Abizu

    Abizu Forum Greenhorn

    All true, Heredur server has same issue. I am playing low lvl character also, but I use the system as it is, farming a lot, playing with no autoclick (so many players use it mags, dk's), to play by dwarf is a nightmare vs those scammers. There is a lot of problems in that system and the best example are players who have access to all maps (because they are old players, and in old times that access was not forbidden). They do the farm time to time lvl 50 maps to kill the minibosses etc, and the glyphs what they get are anormous. Is it fair ? Huge profit for them VS new players. So no surprise they are lvl 55 items with their lvl 20-25 chars (LOL LOL LOL) What would you do with them ? banned ? maybe is better to clarify ALL for ALL players. All the PVP system should be fixed again?
    Another story is reporting all those issues (like dead chars on capturetheflag or 5vs5 arena), the support wants "the proof" to every case and every complain. They don't know about those issues ? They don't know what is going on in the game ? Developers are blind or they do not consider those unfairness as a big problem is DSO. So many questions with no answer...
  4. vkillerx

    vkillerx Forum Pro

    You don´t need autoclick to play as some play just some kiting skill
    You literally play the best low lvl class...
    Those give exp so eventually they lvl and you can reach 55 items even normally...
    Well i guess if low was alive pushing mechanics like this wouldnt be neccessary and secondly not as possible but low is dead me and few dozens of friends (aka 4 guilds) make most of the 35-49 pvp chars...Overall maybe 180 people on one of the most populated servers
  5. aklone

    aklone Forum Greenhorn

  6. aklone

    aklone Forum Greenhorn

    again and again, now pvp is only intencional feed on drakensang onl
    just turn it off at a low level as they refuse to punish offenders, level 15 players making 1kk 2kk medals of fame a week and find nothing strange?
    because I have a level 22 account, I cultivate the account well but it is simply impossible to do pvp legally because there are only feeders independent of the server.
    it is useless to alert, print who does this because you are not there,
    that's why the pvp in this game is dead
  7. FrenchWine

    FrenchWine Forum Apprentice

    new pvp event back this days and cheaters too ( fast click, aim, bot and macro )^^ prices became interesting ^^ poor fair players, they gone to an others games when they see that ... DSO like players who cheat and pay ^^