LvL 50 Fresh Meat!!!

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by bLaind, Jun 15, 2016.

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  1. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Yep ... mentor bonus is essential. There are number of threads in the forum how to do it (can't search now).
  2. LudiGrozd

    LudiGrozd Advanced

    Ok so, first of all he is a DK class and 99% of the time he will be asked to tank every monster on the map + boss, so he really does not need damage but armor, life, res and a LifeKeeper (I just so happen to have a DK for a very, very long time).
    Further more SW, RA and especially SM dump's serious amounts of damage on the boss and thus he just need to tank the boss, wich he will be asked to do 99% of the time.
    If he want's a damage build then legendary is the way to go and 2H with ether Witch Chaser set or Black Warlord set, and if you happen to ask why legendary over Dragon Silver, well Dragon Silver is just (excuse me) po*p when it comes to the critical hit value wich he will need the most in a damage build, damage to is way higher with legendary then Dragon Silver. There are 1h build with damage to if he prefers that, but Dragon Silver don't fit any, 'couse it's just a big waste of drakens.

    Players like you, point the new players in a bad direction and that's why his mad in the first place.
  3. wangwang

    wangwang Active Author

    No matter how fast or how slow(not 1 year slow) you reach 50lvl,there always will be a hard time for DK cuz q1 is the most unfriendly map for a melee combat class,all the moonwalking mobs elemental dmg summon skills etc.
    I had a hard time completing q1 myself when my a/c was new,couldn't deal decent dmg couldn't tank either.Luckily i have awared that the defensive gear would be useful when the new skill system was released,i collect quit a few,and that along with random teams helped me through.Once you can reach q3,there will be your high speed developing phase.I can solo fatal q3m1 now thanks to heredur and his drops.
    Actually nowadays DK is much easier to play than the old day when you had to tank and dealt dmg as well.New DK should focus on defensive and keep every potential offensive gear in the locker.
    Since dragan event would be released in 1-2month,i suggest you keep your draken(cant buy anything useful with 2k draken XD),If you have regular teams and you like team play and you cant tank fatal boss,LIFE KEEPER will be the one to go_Otherwise,i would recommend you the Crit Ring of the dragonsilver set to build a 2h DK.I myself have spent drakens in 3 parts of the darkness set to smoothly go through the hard time,these drakens are pretty much wasted but it helped me a lot.
    My point is,use your drakens wisely,buy what you most need,not something end game gear that can use forever but help you nothing in the current situation.(of course if you can play well without wasting drakens in the temporary gear,that is the best).
  4. Rhysingstar

    Rhysingstar Forum Ambassador

    Seriously? Baragain may ruffle a feather or two on occasion. He is quick to argue his point of view. But bad advice? Not on his worst day.

    Sorry, but I have to disagree here. The DK used to be the best class in the game, period.

    Today most of the time a DK is asked to simply stand there and spam the aggro button until the rest of the group kills the boss. Maybe that is fun for you, but it certainly isn't for me.

    I still like to kill things, that is fun. Spamming one skill is just boring to me.
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  5. LudiGrozd

    LudiGrozd Advanced

    Well his advice on this occasion was bad from my point of view, since only axe 1h/2h offer critical hit value by def. and other kind of weapons do not for the DK class, Dragon Silver is a really poor choice of gear since he will not be able to raise critical hit value if he finds a mace, hammer or a sword 1h/2h but with legendary gear he will not only be able to raise critical hit value but damage as well and more then Dragon Silver set can offer, legendary gear is a clear winner here.
  6. wangwang

    wangwang Active Author

    I mean a newbie DK should go defensive.And the fact is it is much EASIER to play when you only need to be tanky without any dmg output.I did not say funny,it is dumb,but easy to start.
  7. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    What a coincidence... so am I.
    A well balanced DK 1H (one that can run a map solo at a reasonable speed) should be able to tank for a team too. And me... I run a well balanced 2H Tank that has enough HP, armor, and resistance that I can tank almost anything with the HP I get back from HP MWS. The only time I run a 1H build is for fatal bosses, and not a well rounded build, but an uber tanky/all defence build, but that is the exception, not the rule. Also, it will likely be a long time before he is even considering tanking the fatal bosses, but that is because he is a young LVL 50. It is simply part of life as a DK.
    I'm sorry, I didn't realize that 25% more crit was "po*p." If you have a pure crit decoration, a good crit belt, and a crit line on the weapon, that 25% can easily be worth 500-1000 crit. Pair that with the 900 HP on the ring and you would be hard pressed to have a better legandary than that. And I am well aware that you can reach higher DPS if you use a different set or legendaries, but it will be at the expense of defence... As said, I am talking about well rounded and versatility and you are wrong if you think that there many better sets for that. Also, you seem to be confusing yourself. First, you were talking about why the new defender's set would be a good choice over the Dragonsilver set. Then, when I pointed out that it would be tough defensively but a wuss offensively, then you changed your tune to claiming that the Dragonsilver set isn't good for anything and that is just about as ignorant. Here is the review that I already wrote about this set:
    And in there I said that the 25% crit is worth at least 2 lines, but it could easily be worth 3-4 lines depending on your other gear.
    Again, you are now totally off from your original premise where you claimed he should go for the Defender's set for defensive stats, but are now arguing that the problem with the Dragonsilver isn't offensive enough... so, let me sum everything up for you, Dragonsilver is much more defensive than offensive driven legendaries and it is more offensive than the Defender's set... Oh yea, it is "WELL BALANCED."

    Deal with it Bearer-O-Death, you are not the be all and end all of building a DK. Neither am I, but I can logically defend my point of view, you can't.
    I'm betting that this post ruffles his feathers again. He is easily ruffled.

    And BTW, Here are my WELL BALANCED 2H stats, using Dragonsilver and a sword. And I regularly solo Fatal at a decent pace, so I guess it must actually work. The resistance is only so low because there is 335 more resistance that I didn't feel like wasting the gold to move.

    So, to @bLaind , feel free to ignore the troll. The Dragonsilver set is very useful and very versatile. You will likely get much more use out of it than spending half the total draken that the Dragonsilver set costs on a single mace (Lifekeeper) that has a very narrow application. The only thing that you will really be lacking with that set will be crit damage, but that is not the end of the world.
  8. LudiGrozd

    LudiGrozd Advanced

    Um .. I know it's in your signature.

    Hehehe ... I'll indulge you since replay is what you want. :)

    First off, Lets get one thing clear, Dragon Silver set gives 300-380 critical hit value on average and not what you are saying as for the ring with life that is on one of the rings in Dragon Silver set, I have better, way better legendary rings.

    Now as for the build you have with Dragon Silver, I have better on legendary and by the way I don't see what gear you had at the time screenshot is taken of your stats so it could be anything and does not prove a thing.

    One more thing, I'am not a troll as you say that I am but just a older player that wants to help new players out (maybe you have an issue with that, I donno), am fine if he don't want to lisen to me at all but I'll bet you one thing, he will regret buying Dragon Silver set if he does.

    PS dude: Relax and don't call people names, that very rude and bad mannered.
  9. bLaind

    bLaind Forum Baron

    This is what I've used yesterday in 5-7 runs in PW Grimmagstone (I'm to new to know/understand the "Q" part/maps[?] Edit: noticed the Qs on the wikia, but why Q?), from which I completed just 2 runs with blue ess within around 10-30 mins/run, with a "divide and conquer" method (more like "lure and conquer")... solo of course. Those purple elementals that block the skills are my nemesis (Dragon Hide once, then I'm screwed).
    Oh... and I used the other pet I have, the Blue ess pet with 2%HP, not the 10% crit dmg chicken (big difference :rolleyes:).
    I'm waiting suggestions. Wisdom, Skills and stats/equipment.
    Forgot to ask...
    Where to farm blue ess? I've noticed DrHorrible's blue ess stack (in the mortis fatal video) and I had to ask this.
    I noticed that blue ess drops in Temple Sector. So, is that a good spot?
    Another thing... there is an altar or something on the map in Grimmagstone, that when i click it, it does different things, last time a "black hole" appeared, I think it was a materi fissure, which I "killed" and gave me some materi fragments, once it was something like monster summoned/appeared but I died and didn't get to see that, and other stuffs... So... Anyone have a list/more information about that?
    Last edited: Apr 2, 2016
  10. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    That is because I farm 99% of my time with green essence and I acquire more greens than I use sometimes. That means that the blues keep building up. The only time I use blues is if I'm carrying a group of three or more, speeding up my kills of normal bosses, or if I'm farming fatal maps and want to run faster. Also, I gamble about 500-1000 gold and 3k-5k ander a week looking for the jester gems, clovers, normal gems, soul stones and maybe the jackpots if I'm lucky. I also only spend those resources on gambling if the gold jackpot is over 4k and the ander jackpot is over 150k on the off chance that I get lucky. Blues and other essence are just a nice byproduct.
  11. Mario_Boss

    Mario_Boss Regular

    This build is so wrong.
    First of all, knowledge wise, you have to put 10 points on behemot (50% weapon dmg), 5 on hp (maybe more) and all other on dmg, remove those deep sea shi(p), too much on att speed (in this phase), and way way way too big resist compare to other things...

    Trie to get more hp/crit rate/dmg stuf...on right side deff on right side att lines.

    On q i can't comment becaus i am on phone now and i don't wanna give wrong info but in global q1 is first map in parallel world where is grimagstone, q2 is where final boss is arhana, q3 heredur, q4 bearch, q5 khalys, q6 mortis.

    And still....
    So so so wrong build...

    Trie to get help from guild mates (new moon is coming and equipment isn't that bad) for faster farming and trie to get some ingame info from good dk.

    Good luck
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  12. Novadude

    Novadude Commander of the Forum

    Like mario says, ditch all the points you have on attack speed and that rage talent. Put them into behemoth (10 points) and hp and increased damage. See how that goes.

    I only point points into attack speed if I am 1 or 2 points away from a basic attack breakpoint. Right now i have 25 points in increased damage%, 14 in hp, 10 in behemoth, and 1 in attack speed (gets me past the 1.33 breakpoint).

    I have a post in the show your dk page that shows my wisdom and gear, but it is out of date as I've swapped out my ring of death for bloodtooth, my 4 slot 1267 hp belt for a new 5 slot 3x crit, 1x crit dam% belt (584 crit/14.65 crit dam%), and my 2x +dam, 2x crit adornment for a new 3x crit, 1x crit dam% (630 crit, 8.6% crit dam%). As a result, my base damage dropped a little but i now have crit chance at 28.7% for about 248% damage (+148%)

    Really hoping to use crafting 2.0 to get an 850+ crit adornment....
  13. Khalizzie

    Khalizzie Forum Greenhorn


    Hi everyone!

    I am extremely grateful for this post and for all the comments, as I find myself in the same situation as Blaind (also feel like swearing, and I've been losing spirits a bit lately, and mainly farming in Nahuatlan). I reached lvl 50 a few days ago after playing for 2 months, mostly alone at lvl 45-50, and had a lot of trouble with the 1st mission in PW (unfinished).

    I read all your comments carefully, as I am lost when it comes to selecting the gear to use and to what to do from now on. What makes it even more difficult is (forgive me pls) all the technical 'jargon' used by experienced players commenting (mainly shortened forms such as hp1, hp 2, etc.) since English is not my main language (but I play in English). I tried to get info by reading many threads in the forum and on the wiki, but I'm still not sure what I should do, apart from finding a guild. However, I have this feeling that in order to join one, I should know how to handle things :)

    I don't use unique items, although I have collected the Deep Sea dagger and shield, and the Legend axe. I use a legendarybattle hammer with reasonably high dmg, but find myself with ridiculously low crit hit rate, and it seems to me that I need to focus on raising that. I also tend to focus on improving atack speed. Not sure where to find a better weapon, nor what kind of weapon I should use (one-hand & shield or double-handed).

    I am posting pictures for you experts to give me advice too. I kindly ask Blaind to forgive me for using his post for this -- if necessary, I will start a new thread with my questions, but I really need support from expert players in order to progress. I thank you all for your attention and for the advice I hope you will give me. I dont want to stay a noob forever :p Also, had I known before, I dont think I would have chosen a DK...

    Looking fwd to a few answers in order to improve, I love this game! Cheers :)
    Last edited: Apr 4, 2016
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  14. Troneck86

    Troneck86 Forum Great Master

    I am not a DK, but that is a pretty nice weapon. You are severely limiting your damage output by not slotting Rubies into your weapon. Plus, since your critical hit rate is so low, putting those little guys into your weapon is not really adding much in terms of Damage Per Second.
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  15. Mario_Boss

    Mario_Boss Regular

    I just don't get all classes... what the hell isn't clear when you see %iwd (increas weapon dmg). I know lot of players that have great maces, staffs, bows, guns and they don't put ruby in it. Put 50 ruby you get extra 46 dmg...and BEHEMOT on knowledg is increasing WEAPON DMG, warlord set is increasing WEAPON DMG not hole dmg. So for example if you have max dmg on weapon 1400 you'll get 1400*(50% behemot +30% warlord set)=2520 dmg

    Now crit is same (well it isn't same but 300 chr don't mean squat) thing if you have 500 or 800.

    Knowledge wise... remove those points from att speed and run speed and put them on BEHEMOT
    make another char on same acc and you just do daily q for knowled and mentor bonus.

    And again with that ENORMUS ressist compare to other lines.

    And for end, again go for new moon equpment for starters

    Good luck

    True story
  16. Rhysingstar

    Rhysingstar Forum Ambassador

    For strictly pve your choices in gear and wisdom point selection becomes easier.

    Most of my gear is average at best. My gems make me look a lot better than I actually am.

    However, here is how I chose to use my wisdom: You'll notice speed is not used here as it is not the most important in pve play. Sapphires in your weapon adornment is better.


    Here is my current gear: Other than my Warlord set, most would be swapped out in a heartbeat if I had any luck.


    Finally my stats:


    Even with my poor gear choices I can easily solo any of the level 1 pw maps using nothing but green ess going 2 hand.

    Now that I have decided to listen to Baragain and Mario Boss, I'm slowly upgrading my worthy gear and looking for the right pieces to swap.

    I would suggest that both of you spend some time reading the 2h thread. There is a wealth of great info in it. If you are patient and follow the advice, it will change your character quickly.

    Of course, we are dependent on the RNG gods, but while waiting for those nice drops there is still much to do, like knowing which gear to upgrade, which to look for, and being patient for the right drop to happen.

    Work on your wisdom, get the right gems in the right gear, and be patient.
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  17. Novadude

    Novadude Commander of the Forum

    One more thing - i notice your base damage is 730-940 which is low even for 1H - what are the stats and gems on that 2H sword?

    You might want to consider farming anders and buying 4 pieces of the toltac set during a gear sale if you continue have bad luck with gear. 7.6K to 9k anders for the 2h sword (60% weapon damage and +125 damage, 3999 anders so i think 3000 during a sale) and 3 other pieces (1999 to 2999, so 1500 to 2250 on sale) might pay itself back with faster ander, gear and gem farming down the line, allowing you to replenish the anders.

    But i would try adjusting wisdom first and see if you can survive with that first.
    Last edited: Apr 3, 2016
  18. gun

    gun Forum Great Master

    hi i just want to share a bit.

    for once i had lvl 46 1h dk & having difficulty playing it in lor'tac and PW(i can access PW earlier because using old account).
    i just couldn't feel the fun. so decided to delete it after reading bunch of thread in the forum.
    and start fresh to be a 2h dk.

    some veterans advices i took was:
    - spend andermant for inventory.
    1st 7 slots about 1.2k, and 21 slots 10.8k.
    i had about 16k andermant from the deleted toon.
    - spend andermant for gems on sale.
    armor, hp, resistant gems are common drop, so i bought damage gems package.
    i got 10k more andermant after raising the new toon, so i got enought to buy ruby package.
    - ignore armor & resistant at first, focus on damage & hp
    left side at least 2 lines for hp, right side at least 1 line hp.
    i got 8k hp when i was 45-49.
    - try to find your self a better 2h weapon.
    they said to TRY, crafting is one of the option, so i did try to craft from green & blue weapons
    luck on my side, i got nice hammer similar to Khalizzie after 2nd craft.
    - plan a head what would you like to achieve.
    i did plan to craft weapons, so i farm gold by killing dragon in stalgard near teleportarium entrance. 7-10 gold per full inventory.
    now i farm gold and do jester for essense.
    - go out kill monsters instead of spending time in city.
    i did this too, once in a while i got better legendary gear to replace the old one.
    - do not GO RAMBO
    i did this too, i learn mobs behavior, especially fire, poison minibos & boss.
    i know when to retreat & go back in full strength. this prevent me to die.
    - play new toon for andermant
    did this too, currently playing SM, targeting 10.8k andermant for the 2nd 21 slots of inventory.
    and another 10k andermant to buy the 2nd ruby package on sale

    this is my toon now[​IMG]
    with this toon i have fun in lor'tac & in PW.
    in PW, just like bLaind i use blue essense all the way & red for grimmag.
    on grimmag 2nd run & the rest use green, blue only for miniboses, & purple for grimmag.
    and i died a lot. but managed to finish the quest & can enter hagastov groto.
    groto was easier, blue essense for miniboses & arachna. manage to finish the quest faster & can enter stonekeep.
    stonekeep even easier, blue essense for miniboses & heredur.

    at this stage i'm pretty much happy that i can farm on stonekeep either for gold or glyph. and of course patiently preparing & waiting for new moon set & warlord set.

    as for me, veterans did gave good advices. i think you just need to listen to them more.
    cheers :)
    Last edited: Apr 3, 2016
  19. Mario_Boss

    Mario_Boss Regular

    That is really nice balanced 2hnd build up... now only 1 thing. I have two setups 1st "fast farm tier 1 maps" and 2nd "live trough fatal but still smash and keep argo".
    This what you have here is 2nd one. You can easily drop 3k hp and 10% armor for chr (i would go for chr)

    This is really nice example of new lvl 50 build up. Keep listening and doing hood work

    Good luck
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  20. bLaind

    bLaind Forum Baron


    Reached Grimmag today... "Too much resistance" you say?! 2 farts and I was dead! Wasted some ander, I have to go thru all that crap again... maybe later.
    I moved the 10 pts from rage to Behemoth and moved some points from speed to attack, but it wasn't a big difference still have to use blue ess.
    You guys say to get rid of the deep sea, but I ain't got any other good stuff, my only other adornment is a Leg. 500 something CHR with only 2 slots (...or was it 3?)... but without the 20% bonus, my armor goes down to... around 2300.
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