LvL 50 Fresh Meat!!!

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by bLaind, Jun 15, 2016.

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  1. bLaind

    bLaind Forum Baron

    Got another wisdom point (46) and here's my setup:

    Removed all my GoPs from the cloak and pauldrons... but unfortunately the weapon upgrades only one lvl more, and also opened the last slot on the axe (1000 ander) :

    So my new stats are:

    Moving 2 points from HP to ATK...
    [​IMG] like using green ess:
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  2. gun

    gun Forum Great Master

    Congratz with your progress.
    With no or less %damage torso, I will have fun playing your toon.
    I would buy speed gems & try to craft speed glove to pump up att speed to 1.3+ break point.
    How about Witch Chaser set? Consider the bonuses. Just for farming PW lvl 1 would be more fun. But your armor will be lowered tho, perhaps 45-50%.
  3. bLaind

    bLaind Forum Baron

    Well.. You can't. :p And I'm working on a dmg torso (exo).
    I use these:
    I'll try to craft some better exo ones, but I kinda like the resistance on these ones... and the slots.
    And I have 4 polished sapphires.
    I have the torso... but considering the reworked version I don't expect to complete it anytime soon, and honestly, I don't really like the set too much.

    I've started using the CHR adornment posted a while back (i couldn't find a better one and only managed to craft only a 2 gold line exo so far).


    Boosted my critical/DPS, but I loose some resistances that I had from the defender wpn adornment and the previous belt. I do get some back from the Karabossa cloak (tier 2) tho.
    But hopefully, with the anniversary event, I'll be able to get better on the gem side. (not a chance)

    I now have 25 point on ATK... and I got a similar weapon adornment, but instead of a damage line it has a 10% crit dmg one.
    Also... used my 47th point on atk speed just because I already have 10000 HP.


    My evolution in a week (or so):



    Note for mods: It's been a long time since my last post (edit actually), but if you're gonna merge this one too...
    So... I'm here with an update after I crafted myself a damage exo torso:
    DPS improvement:
    I'm thinking of changing back the belt, but I'm gonna lose ~300 res.
    What would you choose: ~300 res. or ~200 DPS?
    Another question: Would you even consider using Mortis' Ring of Death? I got one on my first Mortis kill (solo, no deaths... used blue ess on the dragon and red on Mortis).
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  4. Mal3ficent

    Mal3ficent Guest

    Merging and making this "bump".

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  5. gun

    gun Forum Great Master

    I prefer your legendary ring. With Bloodtooth 420 crit rate is 500+ crit rate, and with the current armor.. 788HP can sustain 1 hit from minion monster.
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  6. bLaind

    bLaind Forum Baron

    No further improvement on the damage side... yet, only a new 14,9? crit dmg line on the ring to boost my DPS a little:


    Misc: I finally got 10 clovers and got myself an armor gem from Zumpe.
    Also... I maxed out my wisdom points, and I'm using the classical: 25 dmg, 15 hp, 10 behemoth.
    Oh... And I started farming Q3M1 on fatal some time ago, and I got more gold lines items in a few hours that on a few weeks on painful, even tho they weren't the kind of lines that I'm waiting for... so I'm currently just farming that on fatal because the other Qs are harder than Q3 on fatal. No fatal bosses entries yet... just started to work on the excruciating achievements for Heredur and Bearach, the Arachna one is done. :D

    Now except for crafting legendaries like a 3 increased dmg axe and torso, which is pretty hard especially on the torso since I only have 3 lines to work with (another 2 lines already lost in previous attempts), the only thing that's gonna boost my damage would be one of the dragan sets, and since the Black Warlord Regalia is years away from my reach, the new set is the most plausible goal to go for... But heck, I really don't like it because I'll lose some defensive stats and atk speed. And it's not that bad playing without unique sets anyway. :)
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  7. Troneck86

    Troneck86 Forum Great Master

    If the next Dragan event is similar to the last, you can accumulate quite a bit of Draken if you farm the two bosses until your eyes bleed. Nice progression :).
  8. gun

    gun Forum Great Master

    Last Dragan event, I was doing normal Dragan about 110 runs. It gave me total about 1.500 draken, 5 helmets, 4 gloves, 3 boots.

    I saw a video a guy spending about 14k+ draken making Black Warlord Set, from buying the 300 draken lucky sphere and some tier to complete 16 pieces each part.
    And I made some code to figuring out min-max amount of draken would be spend with his method. Did 1000 rolls, the result are:
    Min: 14k+
    Max: 17k+
    Common: 15k+

    Let's just say the cost of making Black Warlord Set is 17k.
    The 4 mini events in the next Dragan event would give in total about 1680 draken (400, 480, 440, 360).
    And those mini would give 4 lucky spheres about 4x300 = 1.200 draken
    By doing 4 mini event the cost would be reduced to 17.000-1.680-1.200 = 14.120

    Next Full Moon would give 400 draken, and the New Moon would give 500 draken
    The cost would be reduced again to 14.120-400-500 = 13.220

    So that's it, if your draken now near 13k, Black Warlord Set is within your reach on next sale.

    If you plan to do it from Lucky Sphere, it is good idea have about 26.400 andermant to add some slots to the cloak using Baragain's method.
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  9. bLaind

    bLaind Forum Baron

    "Lucky Spheres"? No thanks!
    You mean andermant not draken, right?
    And I tried that method on my Karabossa cloak and ended up wasting 4800 ander. So... No.
  10. gun

    gun Forum Great Master

    Ah yes. Andermant. Wrote it incorrect.

    So you spent 2400x2 which result 1 additional slot for next tier.
  11. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Except "Baragain's method" is not working with unique items :D
    Well don't read what has been said ... it is not working :p
  12. gun

    gun Forum Great Master


    :D very very unfortunate :D
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  13. bLaind

    bLaind Forum Baron

    Current stats:
    No big changes, just gone from T2 Karabossa cloak to T3, a ~5% better crit dmg line in the belt and upgraded the axe to 55.
    Still waiting for the last bearach pet part to see if it's better than the chicken for my DPS. Then I can finally save drakens for the Regalia.
    Still trying to craft a leg axe, torso and adornment... without success so far.
    I'm gonna have to rethink that. I see that the spheres give a part for sure.
    But you're calculations are too "ideal"... I play New moon only till 1500 progress and dragan offers only 2 spheres per event.


    I need a bump here! TiA!
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  14. bLaind

    bLaind Forum Baron

    This episode starts from miss-clicking (again) my last bonus code with premium deluxe during my PvP DQs.:confused:
    Firstly I'll post the most recent stats of my previous build::D
    So I was planing to get my 4th and maybe 5th lucky sphere from the challenges, but because I got the deluxe activated by mistake.... I thought I should get the Regalia now thinking that maybe I have enough glyphs to get the Pauldrons to lvl 55 (and I was lucky to have enough for that:cool:).
    Now, with 3 lucky spheres and 17 000 draken I was unsure whether I would make the set and still have enough left for the last future part offer for my Bearach pet... I was lucky:
    When I got 4xT2 shoulders enough for a T3 I already got ... well... see the picture above :rolleyes:... from the spheres and after I bought the remaining parts.... I still got around 2700 draken left... Lucky me :D.
    Finally got my hands on the Black Warlord Regalia! Yay!

    So, I knew that my critical and armor would drop... Anyway, here are my new stats:
    I'm a little disappointed by my new DPS:
    Just around a 150 DPS gain.
    I'm gonna have to raise my CHR back up. By the way, both builds use the Arachna pet.
    And because I had a feeling that I die faster with the Regalia build, I did this:
    It looks slightly better with the Regalia even tho the armor/res/HP are lower.
    But... Man I love it when I hear the block sound on my new 2H build!

    Still no further luck with crafting, yet.

    Note to mods: If you merge it (/them), please bump the thread.
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  15. Mal3ficent

    Mal3ficent Guest

    Copy/paste it again I will delete the previous post.

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  16. gun

    gun Forum Great Master

    Congratz with your new BW set!

    You are right the dps does not raise significantly because the crit rate drop.

    I knew it's gonna happen with by build. Since I'm going to drop my crit helmet. Plus I'm using hammer with only 1 crit bonus line.
    Therefore before I got 2h axe with crit bonus or hammer with 2 crit bonus, I replaced my crit dam decoration with grimmag tier 2 wep decoration to back up my crit rate.
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  17. -Skyfire-

    -Skyfire- Someday Author

    I followed this thread since last fall and I have finally almost caught up to you in terms of dps :) (sw, 7438) I'm also planning on getting the warlord set after the next mini. I think my dps might actually drop because I'm using lvl 3 dragan helmet (the only part that drops plenty for me) which has good offensive stats, I'll lose attack speed from my cloak, and a couple good dmg lines on the pauldrons, but I want to try it for the mana increase.

    My biggest concern right now is crit since it's only 29% and even if I do get lucky with crafting and get a new amulet or belt, replacing either one would drop me to a little over 6k hp (currently 7781, replace both, I go under 5k lol). Other than crafting a new weapon with a crit line from the blues I have which would probably take about 6 months, I don't see anything I can do in the short term.
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  18. bLaind

    bLaind Forum Baron

    Finally crafted myself a 3/4 torso (and a better CHR belt):

    Also dropped a Polished Sapphire inside Castle Ravenclaw (painful) and made my 3rd Radiant Sapphire.
    So my DPS improvement is:
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  19. gun

    gun Forum Great Master

    Your character is a perfect example of what 2h pink weapon capable of when upgraded to lvl 55.
  20. bLaind

    bLaind Forum Baron

    "Perfect"... Yeah right :rolleyes:... considering my F2P gems:
    Even tho I haven't managed to craft a second 2/3 exo yet, I'm not that eager to craft it into a legendary one :oops: because I don't think I would be able to upgrade a legendary weapon that much, considering my glyphs (and gems), and I would have to remove the glyphs from the warlord shoulders too :confused:.
    That's why I was keeping the deluxe bonus codes for. I hope to get my hands on some more deluxe freebies.... now that I know how to save the bonus code in case of miss-clicks.:D
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