Macro usage in the game

Discussion in 'General Forum' started by jinkeyzz, Jan 9, 2020.

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  1. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Double click and macro/script are two different things.
    When you kill a bug (ant in example) you don't go to jail ... when you kill a man you better pray you go to prison rather than on electric chair.
    When citizens take someone's life they are murderers ... when soldiers kill another soldier they are heroes. Those are the double standards of the human civilization :)

    Macros and autoclickers are forbidden in all games ... that is an universal rule, it is not something that only applies to DSO.
    Just one example from one of the ubisoft'sgames

    Here is one disabled player who is using fingers only when nose-picking.
    Without macros, autoclickers and other crap ... with 5 euro broken mouse and 15 euro broken keyboard :D
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  2. Zardast

    Zardast Forum Apprentice must have a big nose cause your win rate sucks :p
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  3. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    You're still wrong, kiddo, facts don't care about your feelings.
    Again, not everything you mentioned can be interpreted as cheating, infact most of it can't be interpreted that way.

    The fact that you're trying so hard grasping at straws to defend cheaters seems very strange.
    Well, he doesn't cheat.
  4. elitecrew1031

    elitecrew1031 Regular

    Lol chill you can use macro just buy a better mouse atleast this is what a moderador thinks.
    So if you have a mouse that do macro is ok,but when it's 3rd party program it isn't :confused:.
  5. potrs250

    potrs250 Forum Greenhorn

    Jesus, this community comprises narrow-minded people only.. just learn to kite, it aint that hard. But you prefer to jump to conclusions about non-existential hacks/cheats/macros..
  6. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    I have many other big body parts ;)
    heart big as mountain
    Rate doesn't bring you rewards. I had 70% win rate in 6v6 playing for years ... until it was deleted with the new leaderborads.
    I was playing for years without cheating and without even leaving a single game (unlike cheaters who abandon matches for win rates XD) ... I have been playing always alone not in a strong group and playing in random groups against preformed groups of strong players who are farming honor points ... still my ration was high. Where it is now? Gone with the wind :D
    A typical cheater's reply ... all the others are stupid but them ... because they cheat :)
    Non-existing yeah right ... I can give you at least 20 apps right away that players are using in the game. But hey they don't exist.
    When you quote you better quote the post itself with a link instead of posting a screenshot.
    For a start ... they said "their opinion" which is assumption.
    Secondly, key binding and macros are not a same thing. Double click is not same as "rapid fire" ... the first one is click that can be enabled in the OS ... the later is a cheating script that fires rapid fire (clicks) with a single click. That is easiest thing to detect in the world ... anyone who have programmed any basic program in any programming or scripting language knows these basics.
    Last but not least, all macros no matter if they are from the hardware manufacturer or not are 3rd party programs.
    Legal programs are only programs that are developed and distributed by BP and the DSO Team OR programs that are developed from a legal partner that has a legal contract with BP. One example would be any 3rd party websites who have their own web application framework that allows players to play the game on their own website ... in example aeriagames and the others (regardless if they are still partners it is just an example).
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  7. potrs250

    potrs250 Forum Greenhorn

    So, you are basically telling me that there is no such thing as kiting, and everyone who does it is just a cheat using numerous additional tools (i.e. macros,..)? xD
  8. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    No I am telling you your posts are misleading.
    There are players that are kiting without cheating ... but a large number of players are using macros.
    Also before making such comments go read the older threads and posts it is all there. ;)
  9. potrs250

    potrs250 Forum Greenhorn

    And where do you have it from that the number of players using the afore-mentioned programs is large, and the number of players kiting normally is small? Because I am pretty sure it is the other way around..
  10. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    And where did you get it from your statement is correct but mine isn't?
  11. potrs250

    potrs250 Forum Greenhorn

    I asked first.
    If my answer was a "typical cheater,s answer", then yours was a "typical DSO-guy-making-conclusions-based-on-either-no-or-little data answer".
  12. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Then you answer first ;)
    I told you read the old posts and threads.
    I am well known to the community especially the devs. My reports are always precise and not based on feel but on facts ... that is why my reports have been spot on 100% and a lot of cheaters have been banned ;) because my methods are not based on "witch hunting" . Yes you hear that well - BANNED. Devs don't ban players without concrete evidence and proof and usually more than few at time.
    I tend to have certain biases on some topics ... but this one is not one of them.
    Trakilaki is a trademark for a quality report.
    On the other hand we have you ... on a new account with 4 posts all of them in this thread.

    So based on your vague question, who do you think is to be believed? Someone who has been proven over and over again in the past 8 years or someone that no one has heard of them before with a "I swear this is the truth" kind of evidence.

    So yeah ... my BS answer is only answer to your BS question.
    But fortunately what matters is the proof in the reports sent to devs ... with all exe files and links.
    I like those kind of reports because I don't have to explain too much ... just see for yourself and make in game protection for it. Based on that players can be detected via script ;)

    I don't see players who are kiting without cheating going around and arguing ... they don't care they know they are playing fair and that is all that matters.
    Those who cheat are going around and try to brainwash others. Why are they posting videos of apps and where to download them an use them in public? So they would drag as much players with them in a hope the great number of players involved with cheating would save them ;)
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  13. Veteran666

    Veteran666 Active Author

    History is repeating itself,indeed.I have lost track of how many times i have seen similar discussions,about cheaters in this forum.
    BP does a ban wave,things are calm for awhile and then same problems again.Cheating is a serious problem in PVP,i haven't set a foot in
    arena for a long time because PVP has become an annoying experience.
    If BP does more random checks on players with suspicious behavior via a script and ban waves more often,maybe then we will have less
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  14. potrs250

    potrs250 Forum Greenhorn

    yeah, 4 contributions and don't expect more, I was just told by a friend that there is a bunch of threads on the forum with whining kiddos complaining about the most ridiculous things concerning PvP.. so I wanted to check myself and here we go, the famous trakilaki here so I had to reply..
    Jesus, look at yourself.. you just a snitch and tattle-tale, I remember you lobbing against low-level community for sooo long, you did not hesitate to ruin a game for hundreds/thousands of player, well done. You simply dislike something about this game and you start to complain about it and start to push for so long that the bored devs just rather comply..
    I wonder how many innocent players were banned because of your reports..
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  15. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Ah ... a cheater and a twink :D good
    Snitch? Nope ... I openly talk in public every cheater I can prove they are cheating they will get banned. End of the story.
    That is my duty ;)
    You freaking cheaters first scared away new players coming in game with your filthy twinks then you think you would cheat without getting punished ... depleting the game population day by day.
    Not in this lifetime :)
    All of them were guilty as charged.
    You would be surprised how many honest players are contributing and providing evidence ;)

    Now we know you are a cheater enough has been said.

    PS - you cheaters won't even notice me playing with you ... and you will fall as all the other cheaters before you ;)
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  16. piteris2

    piteris2 Regular

    Damn some of you guys are still arguing about this... I literally just logged onto the forum for the first time in months and am greeted by a discussion on one of the very things that made me leave this game. For those of you who, like me in the past, think this game is redeemable I have some excellent advice for you: just quit. There are plenty of games out there that will offer far more enjoyment than DSO right now. I for one have been having a wonderful time playing EDIT recently, and boy has that game changed from launch. That game has absolutely redeemed itself unlike Drakensang. But EDIT is just one example of many, and I recognise that many of you aren't into EDIT like I (quite obviously) am. The point is, just get on with your lives, do what Baragain did. I'm sure he's having an amazing life now that he doesn't have to worry about this crap anymore. I sure am.
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  17. cigarbennett

    cigarbennett Board Analyst

    Nice example,, proves how balanced PVP is. This guy is number one and has less then 50/50 win lose ratio.
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  18. Ariandrake

    Ariandrake Forum Apprentice

    I am sure that many people think that this is honorable (I include myself among all of them)
    I think that nothing is further from reality, who ruins a game is who cheats for the simple fact of winning or laughing at others in his face. You should ask yourself how many hundreds and thousands have stopped playing because of the cheater players im sure to be surprised
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  19. Dемои

    Dемои Forum Pro

    That why I said, better ban all 'moonwalkers' for clear game than try do something more ridiculous like rework pvp again
  20. piteris2

    piteris2 Regular

    Or they could actually use decent anti-cheat software like literally EVERY OTHER GAME out there.
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