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Discussion in 'General Forum' started by jinkeyzz, Jan 9, 2020.

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  1. Phyrix

    Phyrix Count Count

    Yup went pvp once around April 2017 and maaan I will never forget it, it was a mage and he 2 shotted me we were both lvl44? and he was OP
    Anyways I hate cheating in dso because I have spent so much time getting my build to where it is now.
    Twice since I moved servers
  2. plopman

    plopman Forum Greenhorn

    What a surprise is the program ...
    Now I understand why some youtubers when they play pick up green, blue, purple objects, etc. without fatigue, even having gold above 300 thousand, now I understand why they ask for more inventory, now I understand why they are newbies when they use pve skills.
    There is no doubt that the program helps too much when collecting objects, selling and opening objects, simply by pressing a key, in the pvp if it is the capacity of the program, verified and rectified, those who say it is the ability of the fingers, as it is false, with this program I am a gold millionaire in a short time and I have the luxury of searching for the best spells, click on automatic click.
    The disadvantages of using this program in pve are:
    - delay the group
    -consumption of excess time per day
    -generates some delay on the screen by the click speed x second.
    - In the pvp everyone already knows.
    Youtubers sold themselves, now they know why they hide their pve skills, now they know why they use the left click distance skill with God's ease and to top it all they have the luxury of criticizing DSO game
    Now they know why the game changed in their events, etc.
  3. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    You really confessed your cheating and now you revealed you were a filthy twinker.
    Man, you should have really kept your mouth shut.
  4. elitecrew1031

    elitecrew1031 Regular

    Yea and this is why I've written on my support before i respond here and this is their response about the ''key biding'' . Not the best translate but this is as much as I can .

    [content removed - DO NOT disclose discussions with support officers in public]

    So every program that program your mouse button to do function X is concidered a macro (including programs such as Logitech Gaming Software) and this time this is not asumption .
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  5. medeiros21

    medeiros21 Forum Greenhorn

    So, as the title speaks for it self, i've found a video teaching how to use autoclicker for selling items and i'm wondering if it's allowed or not because it seems to be very useful to me since i'm playing with high latency (300+ms).

    The video:

    [video removed]

    Thx in advance.
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  6. adil1101

    adil1101 Forum Apprentice

    Hi, I send 2 or 3 time video to support about a one player who use illegal program and why are these plyers not penalized despite being so clear ? In my opinion, a preson's justice must be superior to his mercy. I say to this guy EDIT "You will be banned" he just laughed at me
    -_- PAY TO WIN
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  7. vkillerx

    vkillerx Forum Pro

    People are not banned these days and even if they were banning in this game worked like (buy premium you are unbanned) unless it was something really serious
  8. elitecrew1031

    elitecrew1031 Regular

    I gave up writing on support for bugusers/autoclickers after they responded me 7 moths after i reported an autoclicker wiith proof how he is using it in his own computer.
  9. akostorrao

    akostorrao Someday Author

    Hi all,

    There is a clan named EDIT , that when goes pvp after 10 minuts no one else is registering anymore.

    I dont say they use macros, autoclickres,douball clickers or what ever, by the same reason i say the sun goes around the moon or the moon around the earth, cause i dont see.

    Im a dk, and i have dragonskin every 60s, that cool down time can be reduced by hiting oponent, thats the only way to reduce waiting time to have dragon skin availabel again.

    Well there is a war in this clan, that has always dragonskin availabel, even when i just run, so he dosent hit me. ITS SKILLS IM SURE:

    Last day he was pvp and took the enemy flag and went from 1 flag to the other with 5 members of oposite team hiting him without dying. SKILLS FOR SURE.

    Shame on this clan that goes every day to pvp breaking arena with ALL THEYRE AMAZING SKILLS.

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  10. Erik

    Erik Forum Apprentice

    maybe this can help you

    [video removed]
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  11. Mal3ficent

    Mal3ficent Guest

    It really helped a lot, thank you. :)
    I would suggest reading the Terms of Service carefully.

  12. akostorrao

    akostorrao Someday Author

    Well, im back, im not wellcome i know...

    One simple question:

    Why players make videos where use external software to sell fast, they put videos on youtube and here in the forum, and they are not banned?

    I understand they dont show scripts they use to pvp, but isent this a clear violation of terms?

    Change the gamme and allow all players to sell fast too, or must everione know how to make a script?

    Total impunity...
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  13. Mal3ficent

    Mal3ficent Guest

    Here on English forum? Could you provide me a link please?
    Regarding the 'sanctions' part of the question, you should contact the game's management, we are not able to answer your question.