Mage q7 vs blood staff (my questions)

Discussion in 'Spellweavers' started by Devedolser, Oct 30, 2019.

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  1. DBS-Flamelurker

    DBS-Flamelurker Forum Great Master

    I don't think using potions would save DK 5 minutes, right? lol Considering that he is consuming the same essences as the mage.

    Q6 is the only map where DK can compete, 1 out of 9. The most useless Q, too.

    100 run Inf4, really? 14000 fragments, not bad. You can easily get gold for those potions, especially after 100 runs, essences are the problem.

    You also forgot another parameter, time spent in 100 runs: DK 1000 minutes, other classes only 500. But for "some reason" you removed it.
  2. sargon234

    sargon234 Forum Demigod

    Bloodmage weapon is more fun to play with, it's fast while q7 is slow and boring.

    However they are pretty much equal dmg wise.
    Which is a luxury other classes don't have.
  3. Phyrix

    Phyrix Forum Veteran

    Nevermind that even, they seem to leave out the part where that dk is on block buffs and is using black spider set
    this is something that has become a pre requisite that not all dks has, so nevermind that potion usage, it cant be looked at as real because almost no dk has the block set.
    so hp potions in that video is unrealistic on top of dk taking twice as long.
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  4. elitecrew1031

    elitecrew1031 Padavan

    Blood staff AND q7 set, I think the creator of this thread should repair his mistake. Blood staff is superior, and why because you can still use q7 set while playing with BM weapon. The fun part is that BP made mages only use this combo what a coincidence
  5. DreamWill

    DreamWill Old Hand

    You misunderstood the purpose @EmilyRose linked this video: to show how mages get mana and play with so high attack speed.

    Btw, if you want to talk about the video and class comparing, watch it carefully.
    First of all ranger was weaker than others (watch the CV, is only indicative but >100k less isn't little, especially because rangers have slight more hp than mages and dwarves).

    If you talk the consume of essences, for rangers is so low because in map thicket of thornes is enough to destroy everything, against bosses is more similar to mages and DKs, but still lower than Dks and mages in solo, while in group is the ranger the class that spends the most (20/sec RAs, 18/sec DK during q7 buff and 16/sec mages).

    If you talk about the consume of potions and whatever… That mage never neglected he uses autoclicker, probably is the same for others but… Look when it activates pots: almost ALWAYS when he fights, even if it doesn't need, while mana is more than >50% if not full, indeed you can see the sentence "you can't use this item because you don't need it" all the time… I'm not an expert, if not totally ignorant about this and I don't want to judge others without any prove but… or he has 3 hands, or 2 thumbs on the left hand, or simply he uses macros or something to activate those pots in any moment.
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  6. DBS-Flamelurker

    DBS-Flamelurker Forum Great Master

    Returning to the topic: Q7 beats BM from the bosses even with maximum speed.
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  7. rcch

    rcch Active Author

    Nowdays any wpn with plat stats is fast enough to run maps trough. What takes time is the boss kill. ->Q7 is best there(fastest and least ess).
    I have both but I still prefer BM because I can test other builds easier with that.->means more fun at playing.
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  8. blackassam

    blackassam Regular

    Here, I just wanted to point out the absurdity of these videos, which were previously presented without expended essence and supporting resources. Where everything was set only to the time of the map to the boss.
    How time can be misleading to look at each class without considering the resources spent.
    Hereby I wanted to point out that these videos are mainly created for effect and can then have a negative impact for each class. Especially when you consider that the maps generated for all players are not the same. In any case, extreme deviations already point to a certain gap between the classes, namely the passage time for DK and the consumption of essence DK / MAGE vs Dwarf. Paradoxically, Ranger could be the centerpiece for a possible image balance where the rest of the class should get.

    100 rounds per inf4 .... and why not?

    I missed the course minutes for DK and I admit that there is a great gap to the other classes, at the same time as the consumption of essence DK and Mages- especially the special one, which is then needed to perform events, either buying or farming.
    Just as I pointed out the use of mana in a mages, because in such a way the operation would be too expensive.

    @DreamWill ....Just that much had been pointed out earlier that mages were spamming by the ice world, but no one was more likely to use supporting elixirs. It is entirely possible that this mages can use the autoclick as it may have re-configured the keyboards so that it can simultaneously squeeze them together with another ... like the icy sphere. By re-adjusting the keyboard within the range of the finger it is possible to click two at the same time and therefore this does not have to point to any macro, especially if it were elixirs for the map where no additional timing is needed to start for shooting ... it is not my intention to advocate this mages just to point out a possible combination for this case. That's why I write that this is so good for one round effect, but not for everyday gaming where this translates into total consumption for traffic.
    Yes, there may be other differences to consider by dividing the maps by the boss and evaluating the essence and resources used separately so that the image is not distorted. As if the entire passage map in front of the boss had been completely cleaned up to tell a lot more about the DK class. Like consumption by the ultimate boss. The gap will be great just because comparing the DK against the shooters will always be out of the bowl. Shooters are based on a completely different principle than DK, therefore even a big difference between DK and shooters. As well as the assessment is much closer only purely among the shooters omitting the class DK.
    I will break down the idea more clearly ... players play for how long it takes to run and kill the boss, and all the controversy arises from this time who won the race.
    This is also a major problem for this game, because the creators come from the opposite end, where the individual characters represent a certain archetype, which is presented both in the game and then for a joint game in terms of group playing and individual demonstrations of special abilities. Therefore, there are these great differences in the perception and assessment of the whole thing.
    In any case, it also has a meaningful value from which some joint settlement can be made, so that the costs and time can be brought together to a jointly acceptable limit for all. Which would require a lot of detailed specific analysis which would probably be costly enough to deal with at all.

    Regarding the assessment of Q7 and BM exactly as he wrote @rcch BM is a certain source of entertainment because there is room for other sets and their possible replacement. This is how I approach BM as well. The player is free from the trigger timing for the buff and, most importantly, is not trapped in the Kara set shackles. The BM is ideal for lazy innovators who do not want to be burdened with playing combos, and the Q4 has long been behind the zenith.:)
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  9. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    You all forgot to mention that the bloodmage weapon is bugged :)
  10. blackassam

    blackassam Regular

    So the focus will always be on all the most used sets in the game ... not just BM.
    The Q7 set could have been much more attractive if there was another buff increase in the lit arena of the meteor impact site. Nowadays the Meteor has no other opportunity for the Mages only to activate the Q7 set and the meteor damage to the mana used is low enough to be fully profitable, bringing extra damage that the skill should evoke as a nationwide destruction "and not like firefly ".
    It could be even more fun to be able to use combo-elementary attacks, which could thus link to each other and then as a common stack then amplify in the effectiveness of mutual use. In this way, the kits should fully support the individual skills of the class and vice versa ... to avoid conflicts in use in each class that some weapons are then unusable.
    So the main problem is the individual weapons, which are poorly tied to each class, so that it not fully usable for everyone from their base on which they are presented in the attack of fully used skill. BM is currently so suitable for mages and then a few dwarfs. For other classes, only a good weapon for the collection is transmogification and this is just wrong for the overall gun setup.
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  11. Phyrix

    Phyrix Forum Veteran

    and quite a bug it is, and indeed you wanna see 500 mages quit?
    lets see how this politics gets handled once there is yellow rubies :D
  12. DBS-Flamelurker

    DBS-Flamelurker Forum Great Master

    BM is currently ok, it will be a problem in the future.

    With the new expansion everything could change, so...
    in reality everything will remain the same, only farm will increase, lol All with 3H weapons :D
  13. DreamWill

    DreamWill Old Hand

    you are right, especially because he didn't use the skillbar but only frozen sphere on the mouse, but I accused him because, if I was him, I prefer people think that I'm using macros instead spamming pots without any reason in the "boomer style" like he did:p
    isn't it double bugged? the unique effect and the base stats (1h mace and not 2h sword). If they fix both there isn't any problem and remains a viable option
  14. GarnetMMX

    GarnetMMX Forum Greenhorn

    This is the only solution everybody.. This is what I have planned to do as well.. You will not lose damage. You just need to craft a pyramid gem with dmg-crit-def gem to supplement your low crit rate. With this you can have 3,65+attack speed in group and 80k dmg with q7 set

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