Suggestion Make Drakensang Great Again (pvp)

Discussion in 'Creative Corner' started by zelda2008, Jun 3, 2019.

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  1. Phyrix

    Phyrix Count Count

    I have just been reading through this.
    I am by no means a pvp expert, heck I choose to stay awaaaaaay from pvp as much as possible.
    I have so much better things to do like working on my build getting all to t8 lvl60 <- which is a build turning 60 days old on Saturday 8 June.
    I have to say however:
    So mages are complaining about dks running away and healing?
    Ok but we have established already that all classes are weak vs mages regarding dealing damage.
    So now mages are moaning because their hapless victims are resorting to healing tactics? <- stop running and healing you little fry I want to roast you...
    I might indulge in pvp in a few months maybe next year this time. <- used to spawn dead on Lagathon...
    I will say this, you dont have the right to moan if you can run and heal and win a match.
    Even less you dont have the right to moan that your victims are running away since you deal the most damage.
    You cannot win as a tank if half your hp is gone before you reach your target.
    So what does one do?
    You nerf ranged fighters range to 5 meters and you remove healing for all.
    There problem solved.
    This allows a fleet footed dk to reach his target and still have some life <- he would have to be nifty at maneuvering.
    This would also allow a ranged fighter to kill their foe as long as they keep moving and weaving.
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  2. zelda2008

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    "specialy at 6vs6 where 1 player warrior/mage/dwarf were able to win it solo in public match"

    Writing that i mean pre r214, right now nobody is able to win 6vs6 solo anymore :)

    I can agree with ranger is was not able to kill towers alone that fast as other classes, best for that was dwarf.
    Mages were nice to "suicide" running at main towers using - MC>Meteor>Meteor>Laser and turret was destroyed
    Warriors - Wings(1.5k dmg to turrets), mighty wild swing(1.6k), vulcan(400 per sek/4sek)
    Dwarfs - everyone know how fast they could and can destroy turrets

    You do not need to fight to win at red team at all now or before, you just need to use your CD's smart and not every time when someone stunned you :D Thats why warriors are better at it, we're used to fight most fights with no antistuns (battle cry 30 sec CD, skin 1min CD)

    I know most players are not used to fight warriors 1vs1, cause most time they're fighting vs ranged classes that just shoot and move to left or right side then shoot again :)

    "best dps = if he catch sb = kill in 2sec" - rangers are best for that and it is hard to talk about DPS in pvp :D
    i can even make a bet with you if you want ofc, find me a maxed warrior which is able to kill any class with shield also with maxed stats(easiest are dwarfs propably with 27k hp 72% armor) in 2 sec's at any arena :D i'll give u for that 10 euro, time start's from first hit he don't even have to use his antistuns :D but i already know that even with CD's you're not able to kill anyone in 2 sec even not in 5

    "if ppl want dmg in team they could take mage = ppl dont have so much resistance as armor so mages do always good dmg = but they die in few sec" - ressist and armor don't matter if you're in pair with warrior and ranger, they make you 0% ressist and 0% armor, they are best burst 2 man combination in game (warrior's head=stun/armor breake+smash, Ranger's marked EA 250%+250%+armor break) and yes i can agree that warrior is a good chaser and protector, in most premaded fights now or before at 3vs3 warriors always played as a chase enemy ranged heroes and to cover our's, that's OK.

    "so much better are tanks whos need to catch sb = it takes a moment = but if they catch sb its easy win"

    Well did you ever played 3vs3 before r214? Did you ever try to "catch" a mage with 1h and 90k hp, jump every 5 sec and MC? Or maybe a ranger with 100k hp jump every 6 sec, and adrenaline every 9-10? Ofc i'm writing about players that work for their chars many years and have maxed runes to CD's.

    Warrior gameplay is different then other classes, that's the reason why everyone is calling them OP/broken
    They are first class that you have to learn movement of your hero, i know players which have played many years as a Warrior, then swapped class to ranger/mage and they just rekt other players that played their class for same amount of time.

    But Let's not continue arguing about which class is most broken right now, cause whole PVP have some issues. In my opinion and even people that i'm playing with the 4 points from my original post would help the game a lot.

    Also if u want to have balanced warrior, then remove regen from Outburst and bring back Superhuman Regeneration(from lv 45) not from lv 50/55 where it was broken
  3. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Forum Ambassador

    Bring back the versions of the other classes as well as 4s immunity for all classes, too.