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Discussion in 'Creative Corner' started by nvmind, Jan 3, 2020.

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  1. nvmind

    nvmind Forum Inhabitant

    The events are going in a wrong direction, that is one or two maps the players have to do over and over, hundred of times in order to move on a progress bar.

    The way I see an event is a world made up of a minimum 4-5 maps, with a multitude of quests in each map and with a boss at the end.

    As an example, let's imagine Lor'Tac is not part of the main game, but is an event. Lor'Tac world comes with a series of maps, lots of quests and ends up with killing Balor (which was quite a challenge first time it came out). To complete the world, it takes one or two weeks, the length of an event.

    This is how an event should be:
    * lots of quests in different maps, quests that the player only has to do once
    * a main quest plus extra side quests for extra prizes, for players that go faster.
    * no progress bar, the prizes should be given after the completion of each quest
    * the event should end with killing the end boss which drops the big prize.
    * to complete the event, the player only needs to do once all quests and end boss.

    If something similar to Lor'Tac world would only be available as an event, once or twice per year, that would be something I would look forward to, every time.

    The only event somehow close to this idea is Dragan, but even that have a lot of repetition in it, doing the main map over and over again and then the two bosses hundred of times. Then the minievents, same idea, one map ~100 times in one day, over and over again until you get dizzy, forget where you are and what you do... wrong direction.
  2. Javah

    Javah Forum Veteran

    It would need even less than that, because the problem of events is not their structure in itself. But I'm not saying it's easy anyway.

    The current situation is caused by having made the maps trivial, and the monsters non-existent in terms of damage and survival ability, even in the highest infernal modes. This is for the sole purpose of making people feel like "scourges of God".

    Nothing bad in itself, indeed apparently it suits everyone: the people who take refuge inside a computer to have virtual revenge on the real life that's often unsatisfactory, the BP that thanks to their loyalty continues to live.

    Unfortunately, in practice, all this translates into childish maps, ridiculous difficulties, ultra boring way of progress, and consequently the need to prolong the agony by forcing hundreds of brainlessly runs in maps that are and remain tiny, compared to those of the most successful ARPGs.

    It would be necessary to increase the general power of the monsters making them, above all, less similar to stupid zombies. Introduce behaviors that show some "intelligence", for example starting from the fact that the blows they are able to inflict are not performed cyclically and at regular intervals (last legacy of RPG logic) but in a random and much less predictable way.

    From this starting point, evolve them always further making them more capable of developing "strategies" that can somehow surprise the player, and not make him yawn as it happens now. All this simultaneously increases the time spent on the map and the fun for the player, because there is more variety of challenges against more tough enemies. And allows to proportionally decrease the number of runs to be done in every map.
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  3. Rocky2.0

    Rocky2.0 Forum Greenhorn

    Great idea... if only the devs listened to what players say

    --- MERGED ---

    I mean, this would be simply amazing: imagine falling in an ambush while wandering all alone in a dungeon. This alone would save the game
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  4. DCH

    DCH Forum Greenhorn

    here is a problem in the first place not only do you have to change the events but the game in general if you change the events and not the main story along with the evolution of the evolution of the character will be the same as there are currently the players who are checked out they will get boring and ask for more difficulty (which the development team does not know) but here the game mode comes in and it is a complete game if the game is a game and you ask for difficulty as you are supposed to go quickly to get the items or things you need if the bugs are heavier than difficult to beat and what happens with the difficulty currently there are 10 difficulties and the objects vary from tier depending on the level you go to the map therefore what kind of rewards will come out and what happens to the only these They would switch from random to fixed bases, because waiting an event for more than a year to get an article in which their probability of success is random is harassing that satisfactory. And trying so much for nothing or little generates more stress and a video game is for fun not to give you a mental illness as its game dynamics does now that you spend hours and hours to increase your stas and I say this because I have already experienced investing two hours a day and another in which I invested more than 6 or 8 hours a day the difference is quite obvious and also being 6 hours in a row or paused on the computer is not healthy at all, damaging both your physical and mental health and speaking your social life for that now they take out events that you spend a lot of resources that to get them you have to invest a lot of time which does not make me wonder why people use bot for this type of game in the subject of spells should not vary
    I wonder who has taken the time to pay attention to the history of the game and it is that they do not understand the development team in its first Drakensag game had negative criticism both in graphics and in history and dynamics apparently they have not learned anything with it As time goes by being honest, the story is vague, it does not hook you at all, nor are there any cinematics to get emotion, and because I say this, the story can consume quite a bit of time as you put into the game, it is difficult or not, which you can combine with events that They are carcinogenic like some that are currently in the game (that is, you spend hours and hours in the event to get few things or nothing) these events that you propose if they would take the dynamics of the game
    Because I imagine to do this type of events the players will go on the lowest difficulty to go fast if the rewards do not vary according to the difficulty and you only need to complete certain missions either to collect a certain item or eliminate monsters from certain areas or even from the boss the game becomes lazy since there is no difficulty for the players who are checked or not, you just have to fulfill what the mission says and if it is like Lor'Tac's world I already tell you that I was never in high difficulties to finish The missions and I had to go several times to finish them, so going once without difficulty takes away all the excitement, becoming dizzy at the current levels, they do not add difficulty, only annoyance since it is the same only with more life without phases or changes of style does not make you vary in strategy to defeat them or anything like that and I say this because with a configuration I do all the maps and events
    Postscript: If there are spelling mistakes do not criticize me for learning to write well I know they are wrong but it is not worth correcting them since the community does not bestially support these ideas that some are good others but not in life there is everything
  5. TwiliShadow

    TwiliShadow Count Count

    Longest sentence in the forum and impossible to read.

    Please edit it and add punctuation and paragraph breaks.
  6. _G_R_A_M_P_S_

    _G_R_A_M_P_S_ Old Hand

    I like the idea. Have been saying this for quite a while. No more boring grinding. More quests, more storyline. The game itself is one big grind. Events should be different from that.
  7. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Forum Ambassador

    No, you got it wrong. It all should be different...