Feedback March/April 2024: Events Feedback

Discussion in 'Discussions on Current Topics' started by Melethainiel, Mar 13, 2024.

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  1. petrov8605

    petrov8605 Forum Greenhorn

    in 3 days i did the achievement 5k eggs 500 bosses and 200 entrances and not 1 brush thanks for the game so you really lost me already
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  2. SimbaTheBully

    SimbaTheBully Someday Author

    Easter event:
    I like the event itself, gameplay, progress bar, rewards, addition of community coins as drops from the boss, overall I'm satisfied!
    I'm not very satisfied with some of the new dynamics... For example, I wouldn't have wanted the merchant with community coins, I would have preferred a special Easter currency. Lucky bags (like other resources in the past) I find really frustrating and too gambling based. Unfortunately, falling brushes only reward luck and not the player's commitment, like many other things in the game.
    I really appreciate the new quest to find trolls on the map!
    It would be nice if:
    _The event merchant instead of community coins, sold items by accepting a new currency, fake event eggs
    _Make it feasible to purchase multiple brushes with that currency.
    _Adding a Daran brush finishing the advancement
    _Possibility of finding brushes also by opening amphorae and eggs
    _Insert a quest that gives a brush as the final reward.
    _Adding a brush in the progress bar of the anniversary event in the Easter bar (same as the Christmas one)
    I hope you might like some of these things listed.

    Personally, I got everything I could get from the event, I would like to see my friends face the event with serenity and certainty of obtaining prizes and not with frustration and bad luck.
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  3. Javah

    Javah Forum Veteran

    What can I say, always the same events for years... what feedback do you want I give? And when some good variation is made at least regarding the rewards, you end up doing it in the most unfair way possible.

    This mechanism according to which someone (anyone, even the casual player that will never enter the game anymore) can get its drop at the 2nd run, and someone else (the vast majority of the addicted to the game, it seems) not even after several thousands of attempts, it is frankly unjustifiable and senseless in an event that occurs only once in the whole year. It may be "understandable" in maps that are always available, and perhaps even in monthly events like Sargon... but in annual events it's something that just can't be seen.

    It is what already happens with the weapon at every Anniversary event: and one would already be enough, in my opinion. Sure, the case of these runes is much less "serious" because they are not a game changer, but it is "serious" that it was decided to apply the mechanism of drawing the lucky number to more items that are however useful to almost all players. I fear with the idea of repeating it in other events again.

    It honestly seems to me that devs should rethink at least the rules of their RNG: because if it has to be random, the number drawn CANNOT dance in the range from 2 to the infinity. Or, alternatively, it should be recalculated within a few hours or at the end of the day at the latest.

    As a general consideration, and I'll end it here, I don't really see what thousands runs in painful mode have to do with the idea of "fun" that a game should give to its players... but certainly nothing, I'll answer myself.
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  4. joe989

    joe989 Forum Greenhorn

    I maxed out the Easter event with 4 characters, I couldn't get a brush in any of them. My only option would be to buy, but unfortunately the end result is random, so it's not worth it! I ask the makers: what is the point of this? It just discourages the players!
  5. oOKellueHazeOo

    oOKellueHazeOo Regular

    5 runes, Next to 0% of a drop chance, one shot per year... Did any of you think this through before you added these runes into the game? Not a single one on the progress bar? Not one for the 500 daran kill achievement?...... Some of my friends are coming up to 1k runs with 0 brush in sight, meanwhile some random dude had 5 brushes in 149...

    my proposal
    Have 1 brush at the clover shop for around 999 Clovers, To encourage newer players to use their new gilded clover jewel
    Have 1 at the end of the last progress bar
    Have 1 for comm coins (for people who want to buy it)
    Have 1 that is awarded after 500 daran kills
    A chance of it dropping from the lucky bags and from daran

    This way, there's at least 3/4 guaranteed for people who don't feel like gambling or taking a shot at the infamous DSO RNG item drop slot machine...
  6. G3dd

    G3dd Someday Author

    From about 300 something runs i manage to drop one from daran :) Im obviously not goin for another one. They added new runes but they also added new bags/chests in the shop so you can spend money and obtain community coins so u can gamble , thats their goal. I think thats why the drops are so low. They r makin us spend more and more money or go insane tryin to get it by farmin it :)
  7. jelbeat

    jelbeat Regular

    Is there an overview where all the egg are in Kingshill and do they always give the same loot?
    B.t.w. i see a lot off players in Kingshill "floating"in the air with a specials kind of cape and a weird hat with many colors. Has this something to do with this event?
  8. Javah

    Javah Forum Veteran

    One next to the jeweller, one next to Emlia, one next to the cooking station, one at the entrance to King Harold's hall, one... well find the other two by yourself, don't be lazy come on :p

    Impossible to say if one of them would grant a "better" drop than the others, we don't have enough Spring dust to test all them exhaustively... but I see no reason why there should be an egg that is more "generous" than the others.

    The carpet with the disquieting costume can be obtained exactly from these eggs in a version that expires within 3 days as in my case. Or, if you are a paying player, you have the chance to find the perpetual version by purchasing the "Fool's ride bundles" from the game shop.


    The developers are perfectly aware of all these systems to provide additional opportunities for obtaining any item... but the fact is that they don't want to :)

    It would already be something if they at least improved the amount of community coins droppable from Daran, to give players the chance to open a few more Spring festival lucky bags.
  9. jelbeat

    jelbeat Regular

    Well it's sunday after all, the laziest day of the week :D

    To pay to have a chance ... :(
  10. evayuma007

    evayuma007 Forum Greenhorn

    and truly absurd is the limited discovery of the brushes, from the spring lucky bags about 500 +++ lucky bags 1 brush -- ((LUCKY BAGS ACCORDING TO ME LUCK FOR THEM CERTAINLY NOT FOR US PLAYERS )) -- borders on This drop is a scam. It's shameful in my opinion. I don't think I'll spend another cent on it if this is the new gaming method they propose to us.
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  11. MrCrowley1234

    MrCrowley1234 Forum Greenhorn

  12. joe989

    joe989 Forum Greenhorn

    This brush remains fool's gold...
  13. brcserenity

    brcserenity Forum Greenhorn

    Instead of going around the same map a few thousand times, I would prefer to go around the same map for a longer time but less with a higher drop rate at a more difficult level. In fact, the game time will be the same, but it will be necessary to spend more time on the same map instead of constantly teleporting.

    It is necessary to adjust the DROP rates according to the difficulty level. For example, in a level 1 map the drop rate may be 0.01, while in a level 6 map the drop rate may be 0.1.

    It's a choice between spending time on the same map or touring the same map dozens of times.

    My personal preference would be to go around a more difficult map, spending more resources and time, instead of going around the same map dozens of times.

    Isn't this choice really weird? Spending 5 minutes in a bloody? Do 10 laps in 5 minutes on the normal map?
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  14. cigarbennett

    cigarbennett Board Analyst

    So rumor is you are going trough with the changes to DTU. LOL really? You expect players to kill four end bosses to get the drops of one. In what universe does that make sense. Four times the resources to get the same thing they could get just doing every day maps that are available. The developer has turned one of the most popular events into something players will show little interest. BP has NEVER understood the concept of risk versus reward.
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  15. -dravin-

    -dravin- Someday Author

    If i can remember correctly..the last time this event was going.. the chest was dropping outrageous amounts of jems and players was abusing the drop rate of all 4 chests.. so now players can't just sit and farm an abundance of jems with little to no effort.. i myself don't like these kind of players that abuse a flawed mechanic.. the new DTU will eliminate the players that just hit 100 or new players to just boost there way up the jem ladder without having to work for it.. and most players should have the jem jewel that gives 5 gems per boss kill by now..
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  16. JarFall2000

    JarFall2000 Forum Apprentice

    You're Funny lets hope after the event is active DSO players increase by 1% its 2024 even EDIT is dying this game is old my boi you think DTU is that much of important get a life
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  17. -dravin-

    -dravin- Someday Author

    Well actually WoW SoD that went live in November 2023 has increased the current members to over 5.2 million.. FACT look it up.. so honestly that's far from a dying game..and you can't compare a small MMORPG like DSO that's never come close to even 200K current players in 11 years at any given moment to a well established game like WoW that's been active for almost 30 years..that argument is hilarious and a understatement..
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  18. Talbor

    Talbor Active Author

    It's like all the other games out there that take advantage of peoples addictions, especially gambling. It's the same way casino's work. The RNG here feels more like a weighted-RNG (I think it's called) instead of true RNG.

    I thought DSO went back and removed the rewards from the accounts that abused that bug or maybe that was a different event I'm thinking of.
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  19. Omarius77

    Omarius77 Forum Greenhorn

    In bloodthirsty and relentless killing bosses on the map circus moustrorum, I dropean all normal gems, where are the trapezoidal, sacred, dazzling all boses gave me normal gems and not slow to kill them, it's a mockery this.
    Luckily I don't dedicate much time to this game.
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  20. Talbor

    Talbor Active Author

    The drops for Bloodshed can range from Normal to Refined Trapezoid. It seems like you'd get some from the upper ranges though. I don't know if other things factor into the drop rate like doing it solo vs in a group. If you're in group maybe the amount of damage you do factors in to keep players from just joining in & not doing much to receive the better rewards?

    I have to do it on excruciating because I get killed too easily on the higher difficulties because I have too much lag. On the bright-side, you should be able to move through the progress bar quicker to get those rewards!
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