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  1. March Roadmap

    Release 162

    Feature #1
    Quick Slot for Spirited Stones

    We are finally implementing a way to use your Spirit Stones without opening your inventory.

    Feature #2
    New Cloak: Kaylin Lefrye’s cloacks/banner

    We will add an amazing new cloak as loot drop for slaying Nefertari.

    Feature #3
    The Lor’Tac costumes created by our community are here!

    We will include them in the loot lists of the 4-armed Guardians in the Lor’Tac temples.

    Feature #4
    Better looting opportunities in Parallel Worlds

    We have heard you and improved the loot lists, drops and quality for items in Parallel Worlds.

    Feature #5
    Higher tier gems will drop through the world of Dracania

    Feature #6
    New Premium membership

    We are implementing another variant of the Premium membership called Deluxe that brings improved features and benefits.

    Event #1
    The Dark Dwarves are preparing something bad again and it’s up to us to stop them! This event will come with some new rewards!

    Event #2
    Gnob is coming back to Kingshill with a new assortment of items. He quite likes this city so maybe he will stay longer this time. ;)

    We are also bringing a great deal of bug fixes and more minor improvements.

    Stay tuned for the upcoming patchnotes with more details!
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