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Discussion in 'Discussions on Current Topics' started by Melethainiel, May 1, 2023.

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  1. Mr.Poitin

    Mr.Poitin Forum Apprentice

    Its all about ping. Where you live?. If you live closed to BP Server the probability is higher that you enter map first.
  2. mariusmgm

    mariusmgm Someday Author

    it looks like worst and worst evry year this dragan event,i dont know who is the developers team,because,this event is not what was before,i play for 4 days dragan only,blood,the drop on dragan uniqes is ZERO,well done development team,you are the best!
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  3. ldso

    ldso Advanced

    Hello :) Ever since the big updates to the game, the focus has shifted more towards crafting items, rather than only having to rely on random drops. This can be good news in a way, because there are now different ways to speedily farm up skins/resources and be able to craft the uniques you desire ^^
  4. -kirachan-

    -kirachan- Someday Author

    It's interesting what BP says, we know about the problem and we are working on it, this is what people who have results with you say, they have been missing for 5 years now, for example 35 min it gives me error code 36 and I can't enter the map 1 week has passed since the event yes no we are talking about the lag on the maps for the elastic, the effects for the slow loading, for this during the game the service for 4at is not available and they drop and a number of other things...
  5. DamarèRo

    DamarèRo Padavan

    I do not want to be rude, I play this game for years, and very very rarley(in months) I get a error(of any kind). Maybe the problem are on your pc, you run original windows etc ? I'm not to close to the servers and not to far away, let say I'm in the middle. But idk how do you guys manage to get those error codes. What I try to say is, if this was happend to all of us, yes something is not right, but it only happens to some of us, and this is weird to....
  6. bibere

    bibere Someday Author

    Then don't be rude ;), and believe that the problem is not with his machine.
    I play with "power machine", with wired internet, more than ten years.
    Currently to Raven Castle, Dragan's Great Hall, Battleground and maps 001-004, at best the game just loads slowly, in a worse case I get error code 36. This happens regularly. :(o_O
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  7. DamarèRo

    DamarèRo Padavan

    Those was not the best words I choose, more like I don't want to offense anyone.

    I play with a normal pc(build in 2016) and a weird internet to.

    I will admit the maps are loading very slow(not always) but never get that code 36 error...even if my map loading is in process for 30-40sec... tell me if you can, why I didn't get the error and you get it?!?

    P.s! And I play it each day in late time when the ppl are home and servers are busy for 2-3hrs ..
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  8. Mr.Poitin

    Mr.Poitin Forum Apprentice

    Because you play in late time between 22/23h and up to morning no error.
    Try in middle of the day.
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    FAALHAAS Forum Commissioner

    I play middle of day and during peak problems.
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  10. gintarszb

    gintarszb Junior Expert

    36 error AKA "servers overloaded"( Server hanging due to a high machine load ) a more common on Grimmag server with more players database . Heredur server have less players and errors too.
    And doesn't matter if i play on event map or PW , error 36 still happens .
    Discord full of posts with 36 error ,found screenshot even on steam. But game playable at night ...but not at evening .

    Drakensang Online Error 36 Problem Memes.. :p on Youtube

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  11. Lambrusco

    Lambrusco Exceptional Talent

    Hi @gintarszb i think in that video above everything is said about how DSO works... it couldn't be more accurated...:) Thanks
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  12. bibere

    bibere Someday Author

    That's good news and I'm glad about it, that it works fine for you, I wish you to continue to do so.
    ...but unfortunately for others the program does not run properly.
    Neither you nor I know what causes the problem, it must be solved by the person whose task it is (perhaps DSO?)
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  13. mojomagic55

    mojomagic55 Forum Apprentice

    Why is everything down today? It is 5:50 AM here, just logged in and it says client unavailable. I am one of the pillars who sat through all the changes from day one. I started playing two months after Drakensang became available online. Seen allot changes, some good, some not so much. For the most part I've rolled with the punches, while others complained till they were blue in their faces. They expect everything to be given to them, it is where I draw the line. I have 4 characters, but I use my DK the most, he's not conventional DK. He does all his own crafting gems through potions, elixir's, physics. I don't believe in thing being given, I don't like drops, armor, cloaks, helmets, shields, adornments, etc., etc., can all be crafted if you put the time in and read.
  14. uvozapanje

    uvozapanje Forum Apprentice

    what exacly did u fix with this patch???lag are still here maps cant load are still here and now new bug is here...After u enter Knights battlground u are dead....knights are there even if u just log in mape and didnt acivate start of the fight...Great work Dso just rly ..1 less mape we can play i aploud you
  15. GoddessofWar1000

    GoddessofWar1000 Someday Author

  16. bilybob

    bilybob Junior Expert

    Not a date, but a preview from TS that a YouTuber made.
  17. Mr.Poitin

    Mr.Poitin Forum Apprentice

  18. JarFall2000

    JarFall2000 Forum Apprentice

    Most old player already have dragan set mythic set this why the only thing to do is farm dragan mythic set for my second acount like most of my guild mates this is the reason why you need to add more progress bar and more rewards in mini event also dragan mythic set requires a total of 1200 Dragon bones but this dragan event only give 80 dragon bones in the last progress bar
  19. RedFalcon1976

    RedFalcon1976 Forum Greenhorn

    Hello, where is the compensation for not being able to play for a week due to error code 36 ?

    The least you could do was give compensation for your mistakes
  20. Talaby

    Talaby Someday Author

    Good event! However, some mistakes insist on staying in it. I'm not sure what happens to the developers/technical team of the game. I believe that this year in particular it was the dreamed entry into the steam that did not let them improve the mistakes that are accentuated every year. They changed some things and it wasn't what we expected as players. Drop dynamics remain the Achilles' heel of the game as a whole. Now what catches my attention is the doubt what to do with the drops of pearls in the castle that give progress to the first bar? Since I started playing this event with this one now it has accumulated almost 90k. There should be a way to take advantage of this. sell some and make some gold, make stone dust, rune dust or something that is needed in the game. As for dropping the ingredients to make Dragan's mythical set? You have to play the event about three years to get it, why? Dragan soul only one in progress, does not drop in boss, miniboss none. Not to mention the amount of ingredients needed to make a part, 200 items from each part. It's sad to see a cool game sinking into small mistakes that when you see laymen in programming, at the very least, you can do it with a little goodwill. But, players can't mention something so they have their forum posts edited or removed, some here have even taken up BAN for it. I made an observation about events and maps and connection and errors, modified my post, edited and left it so that I, still believing it would change something, praise. This has to stop. Those who pay for the game want at least to be respected, invest their money in the game, so they want a return. I gave up on the third bar of the Dragan event, I did only 26K. If only the other ingredients fell on any map, it would be an incentive to seek them out. That's it. Good luck to anyone who will lose their rich money and time on something that was once good.