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Dear forum reader,

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    Dear heroes,


    With this contest we want to merge one of the boldest and funniest facets of the broad Internet with our Drakensang universe. Do you have what it takes to bring meme creation to the next level? Then join our DSO meme contest and prove it! We have interesting prizes for the winners and surely great doses of humor ahead of us. So keep on reading!

    Official contest dates
    Contest starts: 7th of March, RIGHT NOW!
    Contest finishes: 13th of March, at around 12:00 noon CET
    Announcement of all winners: 15th of March

    Rules of this event
    IMPORTANT: If you want to participate, make sure you FOLLOW THESE RULES. You may get completely disqualified if you do not comply with them! Also, by reading and submitting your meme to this contest you are agreeing to all the points here displayed.​
    • You can participate with ONE ENTRY per GLOBAL ACCOUNT.
    • You cannot participate in more than one national forum. If we find out that you have participated in more than one national thread you will be disqualified automatically. You do not necessarily need to write in your mother tongue if you do not want to!
    • How to participate: it’s as simple as it gets! You only need to produce a meme (see example below) and post it in this thread, along with your account number, character’s name and server!You can use some pre-generated memes (a good resource page is Meme Generator) or even create your own Drakensang Online particular one! There are no limits to your imagination, as long as you stick to the meme world! ;)
    • The meme needs to have a relationship with Drakensang Online! Any memes produced which are not strictly linked with our game will be disqualified.
    • Can I submit animated memes (videos, gifs)? No, please stick to images for this contest.
    Example of a submission:​

    • Please keep a good resolution in your submissions!
    • We are not picky about fonts, but please use one that is legible. Avoid Comic Sans at all costs!! (Joking, of course, you can still use Comic Sans).
    • You can edit your submission/post as many times as you want, provided that all these edits happen before the deadline of this contest. In the end, you should participate with one final meme.
    • IMPORTANT – Content of the meme: since this is mainly an entertaining contest, a fine level of humor is required. Mild trolling is accepted and you probably know the subtle line between that and disrespect. ;) Any meme that contains racists allusions, hate-speech, pornographic content or goes blatantly against a community or a person in a rude way will be immediately disqualified.
    • The moderation and CM teams reserve the right to disqualify and even apply temporal/permanent bans to those accounts that are not following the fore-mentioned rule. They will also ensure that the thread stays on topic and free of non-serious participants.
    • Please, do not plagiarize copyrighted content – if we believe your creation is not completely new we will disqualify you immediately! Of course you can get inspiration from other memes but there is always a big difference between inspiration and plagiarism.
    The jury and final decision
    Once the deadline of this event is over, the moderation team along with the community managers and other Support personnel will get together and select the final three winners, which will be announced on the 15th of March. We will judge the submissions especially by originality and overall humor. By sending your design to this competition you are agreeing to this particular point in its entirety.​

    Three final winners: 10.000 Andermant + 15 days of Premium + 10x Laughing Fit + 50 Draken

    Possible finalists
    The moderation team reserves the right to concede a different number of finalist prices depending on the level of quality of the overall submissions (no more than 3 finalists per language in any case). These will receive a package composed by 999 Essences of War + 7 days of Premium.​

    Memes, memes everywhere!
    Kind regards,
    Your Drakensang Online Team
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