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Dear forum reader,

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    Greetings Drakensang Online players

    Since the beginning of the year we have worked hard to make significant improvements to the PvP gameplay in Drakensang Online. New arena competition modes, leader boards, and re balancing, the weakening of essences and an AFK system allowing for fairer fights with active competitors where your skills can shine through. Our design philosophy has always been to provide players with interesting decisions by the choice of skills and talents allowing for an individual playing style and design in the light of individual strengths and weaknesses to each character class archetype.

    With the upcoming release 93 you can look forward to many gameplay improvements and re-balancing as a whole

    We present you with a small preview of some of the upcoming changes

    • We will improve the execution time and the degree of almost all control and movement skills significantly. Thus you will be able to control your hero with greater speed and precision to make greater use of tactics in the arena
    • We have improved the input logic to give keyboard and mouse movement more precision
    • Projectiles now hit the exact spot targeted by the player
    • IF the execution of a skill is interrupted, an info text will inform you of this
    • We plan to adjust the maximum range of all player projectile attacks, across all archetypes and reduce by about 25%. (Accompanying this change, we will also reduce the maximum range of many monster abilities.)

    All the changes we have implemented over the last few weeks are important preparations for our big goal: Fixed PVP team, called "guerrilla groups"! Since these are the foundation of PVP and the key to a fair and fun fight.

    We wish you fun with the upcoming release! The Dance of Blades

    Best regards,
    Your Drakensang Online Game Design Team
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