Suggestion Minimum requirements for dungeon difficulty

Discussion in 'Creative Corner' started by MademoiselleCaramel, Aug 8, 2018.

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Do you think there should be minimum requirements for dungeons?

  1. Yes

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  2. No, because...

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  1. KingKrazy1

    KingKrazy1 Active Author

    The situation you are describing is post 3/4 craft, so not exactly a new lvl 55 player, but I see your point.

    I have a suggestion that I think would solve all the issues being discussed on this thread simultaneously without providing any new frustration. Instead of PW bosses dropping gear and weapons, they drop tiered item parts (this would also apply to the vendors). That is, to get a tier 6 q7 weapon, one would need to obtain say 4 weapon parts from farming or buying from the vendor. The price would be 1/4 of the materi price per part and the drop rate would be 4x as often as the gear currently is. Then, the player could go to the work bench and craft the weapon. If they had 4 pieces of tier 1, they could craft tier 1, and if the crafted mixed tiers it would be random. However, there is a catch. In order to craft tier 6, one would need have the four tier 6 parts, but also have to defeat the boss on tier 4 solo and buy a cheap blueprint (100 materi frags). That is, you can craft two tiers above the boss you can solo, and you can only buy the blueprint after you have finished the quest for that PW. This way, a new player that can kill the painful boss could at most craft a tier 3 item. You could still group up and go into tier 6, but you couldnt craft that weapon until you would be strong enough to solo tier 4.
  2. Akageshi

    Akageshi Forum Duke

    Well let's try to use the same setups, but let's change the weapon enchantments, so the weapon is not crafted:

    instead of 140% idoti + 60% id,
    let's use 60% idoti + 20% id for both players:

    Player A has 6995,
    Player B has 9844.

    Player B has 30% more damage.

    Yes, with worse enchantments, the difference is getting lower. But it's still significant.

    I can't really say I can see all consequences of this. It could be good, but Idk.
    Do you remember the times when we were crafting tier2 by combining 4x tier1? Your suggestion is very similar to that, ofc with more to it.
  3. KingKrazy1

    KingKrazy1 Active Author

    This is what I am seeing.
    Consequence one: Newbie lvl 55s will not ask to be carried on tier 5/6. The most they would be carried on is probably tier 4 and then they could maybe solo tier 2. This would satisfy MademoiselleCaramel's request, and it would also smooth out the endgame progress, which was part of your request.
    Consequence two: It does not restrict group play, the main concern silverseas brought up with respect to Tegan servers. If a newbie lvl 55 wants to go in with a much higher group and do infernal, they wouldnt get much stronger (they could still use the legendaries, which would make them stronger, but they couldn't use the actually powerful sets).
    Consequence three: It could simply make the grind to get new sets more enjoyable because instead of killing a pw boss 100x and getting no gear, then buying the gear, one could get a couple gear pieces, purchase the other two and craft the gear. (Maybe more gear could be modifiable like the dragan weapon to do different elemental damage. I would really like this)

    I don't see all the consequences, sure, but I definitely don't see any downsides. Someone please enlighten me if there are!
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