Mission in Tywyl Dall

Discussion in 'Quests' started by fnkl, Feb 14, 2023.

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  1. fnkl

    fnkl Forum Greenhorn

    Hello, does anyone of you know how to defeat 500 choppers from twisted forest faster I mean how to find them and not walk around all the maps in circles just know where to go kill a few and reset the map to be able to kill them further ?
  2. anil611

    anil611 Forum Greenhorn

    Do not even bother yourself with side quests. Just accomplish the main quests and that's it. Side quests are not quite rewarding but if you're really going to do it then yes, you have to walk around all maps circling around sadly
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  3. fnkl

    fnkl Forum Greenhorn

    i thought so thanks

    FAALHAAS Forum Commissioner

    It's one of the most tedious quests in this game, but I finished it not long ago. (just wanted to get done with it)

    If you go to clearing map and leave theres 1-5 mobs that spawn on small map. If you click the tree-stump directly south of the entrance to clearing you can keep going in and out of the small map by using the clearing entrance/exit.

    Very boring, but think this is the most efficient way.
  5. fnkl

    fnkl Forum Greenhorn

    thank you i will try that option


    Quest complete after few hours kill the mobs with FAALHAAS help thank you guys.
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