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Discussion in 'Discussions on Current Topics' started by Allogeneous, Aug 6, 2014.

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  1. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Which is equal to nonexistent :D
    You will probably rise level before crafting one legendary item. :D
  2. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    Unless you started at LVL 30 and only ever went in when the max level player in the group was LVL 40... you wouldn't even get xp then. But yes, for the most part, you don't see these items any more. It would be cool if you could find ghost items from LVL 30 all the way up to LVL 45, but that would be more work that the Devs would manage to screw up somehow.
  3. Durrendal

    Durrendal Padavan

    aaaah so that was what that "Ancestral Shield" was. It dropped for my DK in OoB. I wondered why I didn't see any of those drops again.
  4. speedslasher

    speedslasher Forum Greenhorn

    those 2 events are really good in the base of drakens that u have a chance to drop about 1k drakens from karabossa but its low , anyway the drop rate of uniques from the boss has descrease as i guess from the release 139 (its my opinion dont judge it) i runned about 14runs in the new moon events with the boss and all good i dropped was 1k drakens and full set of greeen items none uniques...... not to mention the failed runs with bad party and asking lvl 45strong players and teeling them i have scroll and when we reach at boss and i use the scroll he just kick me from party and i go back to the town were my scroll and realm path is gone....... i am new ik the old players know things better then me but this was my words,,.....
  5. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    ....... and why would you need drakens anyway? Draken has no value anymore ... now when all sets are pure crap compared to legendary items.
  6. speedslasher

    speedslasher Forum Greenhorn

    u may not like the set cuzz u have better but for newbie players its good so they can enjoy ^^
  7. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    You will sooner get better legendary equipment instead of X amount of drakens to buy those unique items. :D
  8. Jettemee

    Jettemee Junior Expert

    I've been farming both Varholm and Blackborg recently to stock up on silver essence and fairy wood, respectively. In my opinion, Blackborg needs to drop twice the amount of fairy wood. I find that it takes me about ~30 runs in Blackborg to get all the fairy wood needed, and about 10-12 runs in Varholm to get the required amount of silver essence. Honestly, I don't think we should have to work so hard and long for fairy wood. Time is not a problem for me, but having to farm so long for fairy wood is. Doubling the fairy wood would be a good step towards improving business-player relationship.

    I'm averaging 2k silver essence per run and 100 fairy wood per run. I need roughly 20k silver essence to complete event, and 3240 fairy wood to complete event. Do the math, and you'll see clearly which takes more effort and time. Not really sure how people who work full time can even think of keeping up with both events, though it is feasible. Sure you can pay, but only the minority can and are willing to do that. Well BigPoint, you can do something for the better or keep it the way it is and you'll reap the consequences (good or bad).
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  9. Rhysingstar

    Rhysingstar Forum Ambassador

    +1 to that..... I'm averaging less than 100 fairy wood per run..

    It's bad enough the event offers little reason to do it, but the mind numbing grind just to get enough fairy wood ruins it.
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  10. _G_R_A_M_P_S_

    _G_R_A_M_P_S_ Old Hand

    I completely agree with the above. I dont mind farming silver too much, but i hate to farm fairy wood because it takes soooooo much time.
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  11. Darwarren

    Darwarren Count Count

    Instant gratification is Too Slow! LOL
  12. Muscle

    Muscle Forum Pro

    Short and simple.

    - Items stats should be improved(Do max stats even exist on Vargulf/Witch items?)

    - Fairy Wood per Blackborg run should be increased alot. (Atleast we get 1-2 scrolls in Varholm)

    - Vargul/Witch unique items drop rate increased.


  13. rpfo

    rpfo Padavan

    I believe frags must be a problem for players who need gap and dont have gap all the time to farm. Players that farm in the right places dont have problems with frags. But every sittuation must be respected. What i have to say about the events its all about the drops. Nobody farms in non event maps for frags , ess, kill every monter on those event maps to get scrolls or vials , to kill karabossa or vargulf and dont get a single thing but a gem sometimes. I dont mean that every kill must drop a unique of the sets , but pls my lvl 43 ranger plays since May 2014 and he got from karabossa only the bow 1 single time. He never got anything else. The last event i killed karabossa 7 times and nothing. In the other hand i know ppl who got gap, didnt even shoot karabossa and in 9 kills got the full set. Hey u must at least considere what the player is doing. At least with some gops u would help us. But all the events are nice for newbies and also médium old players , since we do them for drakens thats very important. :D
  14. jayr3d

    jayr3d Regular

    well said i agree everyone has the issue with new moon , and full moon i have no issues with its perfectly fine not to be touch

    i would also like dso to increase drop on the new moon set i did over 30 runs to get my set at lvl 39 and i did like 30 again at lvl 45 got 0 parts now this time im hoping to do same...
  15. Multi-Sev

    Multi-Sev Forum Overlooker

    Having frags can also be a matter of how much time you are willing to invest in farming the same boring areas. Since I'm pretty-much only "farming" Khalys right now, my frag count is dropping. When it drops below 150, I may consider farming some more. (If I still feel like playing these godforsaken monthly events, that is ;) )
  16. jayr3d

    jayr3d Regular

    haha sadly we or atleast some have no choice but look to these events for the only gear they can get decent enough also mainly for draken...
  17. BigPapa

    BigPapa Forum Overlooker

    The set bonus for the New Moon Witch Chaser set is one of the best in the game for damage. The drop rate for the set items has gone way down since it was first introduced, or at least that's the luck I've had last several months. That set is an achievable goal for under equipped toons that can have an immediate HUGE impact on their capability. I have a near max set and don't need Draken, but still run that event in the hopes of getting the perfect set.
  18. Teleportist

    Teleportist Advanced

    The moon events need to be 1-2 days longer.
    I can't play every day of the week.
    So unless the new/full moon coincides with a day I play i miss out.
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  19. Rhysingstar

    Rhysingstar Forum Ambassador

    I agree, frags are not hard to come by. You just have to be willing to go brain dead and grind the most boring maps in the game....

  20. awaroa

    awaroa Advanced

    my humble opinion on new and full moon event.
    Player needs alot of shards to be able to go to the blackborg and varholm maps many times to collect fairy wood and silver ess. and lots of realm shards to be able to go to the event maps on the new/full moons to actually do the event. I play alot so i collect lots of shards but when there are some long events dessert ess event , dragan rising and winter event which also takes lots of time to play in those event maps you dont get the shards so my stock of shards gets depleted. So i suggest that during other events realm shards also drop.
    Also for players who want the set, but dont get the unique drops to make the set complete there could be an option to be able to buy it with draken. Lets say you miss the shoulders of the witches set and have done the event allready so many times that you have given up to get the drop from kaarbossa but you do have 1000-s of draken its not like you want it easy its just that you have been so unlucky not to get the drop, so to stop the unlucky players from getting sad let there be a option to buy it with draken.
    Also could be good to let players save 4 witchs hats and on the workbench be able to make it into 1 hat that has better stats then any of the previous 4 hats. and the new hat can be still part of the set, also same with shoulders and jerkin. and you can keep doing this untill you have the 3 items all with the max. stats.
    summary! 1 - realm shards dropped during other events 2 - event uniques also possible to obtain by purchase with draken. 3 - Possiblity of improving unique event items on workbench.


    and something else as a female player stats is not everything for me items also need to look good. I love the witches set it looks so beautifull. I love the hat from varholm it looks great on me you can see my pretty face and the hat is so shiny. But i dont want the varholm set because the bow is so ugly and so big. I refuse to carry a big ugly item around. Any way tx for the great game.
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