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Discussion in 'General Forum' started by doctormaz, Dec 10, 2020.

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  1. doctormaz

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    it is clear that the expansion was introduced too quickly and has numerous bugs. The goal is what you know: to ruin the gaming experience for players who have been playing for years and once again you have succeeded.

    Moving on to the bugs:

    - old cloaks cannot be set gems even if they have slots available

    - the normal crates present in the dungeons are sometimes present and at other times they disappear completely from the map

    - description of items and spells sometimes reported only in English (not translated)
    - icons of some items appear completely white in the inventory
    - numerous crashes for nebula error

    - the explosive arrow breaks the armor only to the enemy hit and not to the group of enemies in the group near the first hit
    - the premiums in the rewards (blue purchase crates) have been stolen or stole
    - the hunting trap even if placed immediately in front of the opponent does not always explode correctly. Even there I don't know if the effect is wanted but it breaks armor only to the enemy who activated it even if present in the group
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