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Discussion in 'Technical Support' started by flodder, Jul 27, 2017.

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  1. flodder

    flodder Regular

    Ping is 700 + normal i have 30-31 ms so i can't play!

    New release new problems.. like always :(
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  2. Javah

    Javah Old Hand

    I have the impression that more detail (often also superfluous) they add to the gameplay, the more the situation gets worse.

    In the latest times I always have great problems playing using the wireless connection of my notebooks: I have more than one, so I have excluded that could be a system issue. Also it really seems to be game-related because this is the only game that brings to me a so huge latency.

    Particularly devastating seems to be the coupling wireless + high graphic detail. Playing with a cabled connection (and graphic detail enabled) usually gives no problem.

    It would seem that there are times when the game transfers amounts of data enormously, uncontrollably or incorrectly: my router even drops down the wireless connection at some point, and I have to hurry to take the cable (which I hate to have between my feet in the middle of the house). I own a Synology RT2600AV, which is a hardcore gamers gag, so I would exclude even that from the possible causes.

    Would be nice if the devs would finally add some tool to check and report in real time the "ms issue", when it occurs. Since how many years the players complaining about the latency? You can not say that it is a new topic and you are not aware of.
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  3. Falk101

    Falk101 Junior Expert

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  4. Javah

    Javah Old Hand

    The problem I have explained is much older than that. It is due to a high latency that randomly appears in the middle of a run, while what you report is detectable only (if i am not wrong) when you access to a map (escpecially a city map). And it always go away (to me) after 8-10 seconds of delay.

    Of course, all these additions may not help the smoothness of the game, and they could raise doubts when they are announced without being explained (as in this case) and nobody is able to notice them (while we SHOULD be able to do it, since we are being asked for a feedback). Might them got stucked somewhere, stranding even more the flow of the game?
  5. Lazycrazy

    Lazycrazy Forum Apprentice

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  6. If you are experiencing extreme high latency, please state:
    - The server you are playing on
    - What your latency is, when it changed, and what it generally was before it changed
    - Whether you have checked other DSO servers and, if so, whether it is the same for you there too
    - What country you are in
  7. iNeXoRaBlE

    iNeXoRaBlE Forum Great Master

    Generally my ms is 70~80 but since the 195 i have some problems. (Not frequently)

    First i was at q7 Map2 And after i tried to go inside to the boss room i was stuck with the error "trying to reconnect" and couldn't reconnect for about an hour.

    Now about the MS issue, i was at q3 at the end of the boss, after i used the Gate to teleport to Cardhun i started to lag (about 300ms). And after that i got the trying to reconnect to the server.

    Didn't try to login again due to limited time at that moment, so after i lagged and tried to reconnect with the retry button, after it failed couple times as usual, i closed the game.

    (all the connection problems occurred at Qs, trying to get in and get out)

    -I play at heredur server
    -Average ms 70~80
    -I don't play at other servers
    -My Location is Greece.
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  8. flodder

    flodder Regular

    It started on July 18th, but yesterday it was extremely high, it went up and down the highest ms 1700+ it started at 18h belgium time on server heredur I do not know if it's higher then because I stopped playing. I send mails to suport for this problem, I still do. Speed test is very good - ping test is good - DxDiag.txt computer is very good. I dont play at other server.
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