my mind after a long time without playing

Discussion in 'Speakers‘ Corner' started by ptitjed, Apr 21, 2020.

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  1. ptitjed

    ptitjed Forum Apprentice

    hello all

    in first, sorry for my English, i'll try to share my view after a long stop

    i play a little (one or 2 months) and after i 'll stop often (i come, i play a little i stop i come back etc etc); because the game is nice but the same : we do the same , only by different level (level normal, infernal etc.)
    it's not bad to give us challenge, but at the same time it's Always the same
    then why not in the future evolution, change a little that : for example, the new dungeons (if bp 'll do new level and dungeons) can be do only by people who have a x number in their Equipment. after no change is bp like the different level (normal, infernal 1 2 etc etc).
    this dungeon are at the same time an option in altera nova, then there are strong because they need on normal level a minimum in equipment

    in fact, what we needs now, it's not only new dungeon with different level (normal infernal etc) but a way which need a minimum of equipement.
    these new dungeon have Always 2 boss : one like now in a special room (like gorga, medusa, etc etc ) and one on the map ; and they give Always a legendary item (because to enter we have a rule : minimum of gear)
    that will change a little

    in fact, i Don't know of my idea is good, but triying to change a little the way we have : not a dungeon in normal mode and different level after, but a dungeon which need equipement to enter. Bp play on the different level of a dungeon to do news ; i understand that because not Always easy to find ne idea and to do it.
    Then bp try to do Something with difficult (then use your different level) but a at the same time give us challenge at the begining

    second things after a long time without playing : we have less alterium when we farm : if i have 2 times or 3 times a day, i'm happy. Before we had more. same time on event moon (the 2) we can have less money to enter : ok you put and event , but the days to make more money to enter is during the event. Sorry but events are your game in fact; then let us enter, and do event more difficult if you prefer, but let us enter
    for example the spring festival now, it's stupid (sorry for that). why put egg (then a way to enter on each map) ; this just make more difficulty to players who just want to do dungeon and have a final boss (not normal mode). When we want to enter, we do a small dungeon (for example at level 55, when i want to enter in the egg's map, i do the desert ; we are near the egg when we enter). On each level , i think it's same. Better would be to have a special map to do the egg (in this case perhaps more add) but be can play for people who Don't want to do the event.

    in fact i saw less money for moon, less money in alterium and event which put more difficulty
    bp you have a nice game , but perhaps less player put money because they have do all ; then find and do ne level with more difficulty (not only on normal, infernal etc etc) but with condition to enter ; different boss on them (a few in dungeon, a few in special map)
    same time, i Don't play pvp on this game (i tried on this game, i Don't want to explain but only i Don't like ; it's not because i losed, because i won). but i think there is a lack ( un manque , desole pas le mot a ce niveau) ; need Something more but i don't know what , i Don't play pvp here.
    perhaps create a event : for example, 3 side : when we enter we have no choice, the game put us in one of the 3 ; and after a period of subcription, we have 2 or 3 challenge : one to make point (have to defend tower like now if i Don't make mistake), a second challenge (farm item : then in each equip, some must defend or attack, some must farm ressource) , a thirs challende only a free pvp with save zone
    and all we have rewards, but the first more than the second and the third.
    subcription will be only alone and not team (sorry for guild, but like that to hope to have equity in team)

    there are idea
    but give us Opportunity to enter in event more easier (make difficutly on event not to enter)
    try to find solution to have challenge to do dungeon, not only by the level and we have the same
    find idea for pvp (i Don't play up to now but if we have Something well , why not)

    sorry for my English, if necessary and if a moderator want i will can explain in more detail in french is the moderator can speak well in English (more easy to explain for me in french and have someone to translate after)
    i Don't use a vote (un sondage) on that because it's not one idea but a feeling and hope some can give best idea or built these
    thanks all
    and sorry again for my good english
  2. Dragenstein

    Dragenstein Padavan

    For the last couple of years, I've mainly been logging in to check out events. Since I used up my 4 slots on Heredur, I started a couple of new chars on Agathon. I wanted to see if it's still fun to level up. Is it my imagination, or do the unique items never drop? I made it to level 40. I got Roshans gloves and boots several times, but things like the Durian, Norseland, and Atlantean set items very seldom dropped. Very few of the purple items that dropped were useable. I did quite a bit of farming on painful and that didn't really improve the items that were dropping. I'm using a two-hand staff, so unique orbs dropped all the time. Since Agathon is deserted, it has been much more difficult to level up. I remember farming Gorga for hours on end to level up and get equipment. MMOs don't work very well when there aren't any groups. I won't be sorry if this game goes away.
  3. Talaby

    Talaby Someday Author

    you can enter a normal map with a maximum player level or 50 times more than yours and get better items. that's what's going on. characters with level 14, 15, 20 with weapons and items level 50 or +.