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  1. Foxkrak

    Foxkrak Forum Greenhorn

    After this update, 2 strange errors appeared in the game, I don't know if it's the devs' knowledge, but I can't use the blacksmith to destroy stones and I can't even enter Atlantis with my warrior, I tested it with another character of mine and entered Atlantis normally. only the warrior who can't do it. It made my progress stop and I can't play anymore!


    I hope they can resolve this as soon as possible, as I bought a premium account to play with this character and I was very excited!
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  2. Foxkrak

    Foxkrak Forum Greenhorn

    After investigating my problem with loading the map a little, I discovered that it had nothing to do with the Atlantis map, but rather with an item that I had just acquired, the world map, every time I used this item the map I was going to gave error. I managed to fix the error when I deleted the game folder and ran tests until I discovered that the problem was in this item.
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  3. ABC

    ABC Moderator Team Drakensang Online

    Great! Glad to hear the good news :)
  4. BoBoss1st

    BoBoss1st Forum Greenhorn

    i have the same nebula error when i try to melt gems on spellweaver.. what can i do to fix this ?
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  5. RafGan

    RafGan Forum Greenhorn

    I also had a NEBULA ASSERTION error when I tried to melt gems yesterday. I still get the error even after re-installing the game...
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  6. ConnorDaKing

    ConnorDaKing Forum Greenhorn

    I've also encountered the same error. The moment I place my gem into the blacksmith's slot to melt it it crashes.
    I have so many gems now that I can't even do my quests, so I am just praying for a fix.
  7. gmatek

    gmatek Forum Greenhorn

    I'm getting the same error too. I deleted the game files and reinstalled them, but it didn't work. There's no clue on how to solve this problem.