Need advice - returning player & switched character

Discussion in 'Spellweavers' started by Please_enter_a_name, Oct 5, 2018.

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  1. Well this is all very motivating... lol. Looks like I won't even get to enjoy my 2h that I crafted...
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  2. trakilaki

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    I got just what I wanted with a random craft :)



  3. cdeepal

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    Not so fast. Looks like in the test server, now it is back to how it is in the live servers. Gold lines are not common from random crafts anymore. So, the old way of crafting is still going to be valid after the update. Also, another good thing is inherited Crafting costs are down to almost the same levels as of live server. So, not much of a difference in crafting costs. (Note: random crafts are still expensive)

    In my opinion, the new path will be:

    Step 1 - All T6 uncrafted Uniques with the weapon Crafted 3 golden lines and Transferred to Unique.
    Step 2 - Craft everything 3 golden lines (any golden lines) and transfer them into Uniques. Weapon possibly into 4x golden lines.
    Step 3 - Craft everything 4 golden lines (any golden lines would do) and transfer them into Uniques. Work on Weapon 76.2+% and 51%+
    Step 4 - Craft perfect 99.5% or better golden lines and transfer them.
    Step 5 - Craft Platinum lines.

    A platinum line would be a plus in any step 2-4. If you got it be happy, but don't sweat for it until Step 5.

    Oh one more thing, on test server, gold lines are much more common than on live servers. So, going through steps 2-4 would be much faster than currently on live.
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