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Discussion in 'Creative Corner' started by Naikon, Dec 1, 2019.

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  1. Naikon

    Naikon Forum Greenhorn

    Hello, I`m Naikon from Heredur. Played this game when it was 40lvl, 50lvl, now enter again on 55. Game still dont have simple things, every time i wonder why they not improve that moments, cos they are too simple to understard after few days of playing, but game is a lot of years old... and nothing changes in that way.
    I dont say that all be Exactly as i show, its just Example of way to improve, but this things must be in game, cos most of this uncomfortable problems have NO REASON to be in game.

    (1) Max lvl 40 Gone from game, Identify of items is free now, so NO REASON for this "?" Icons on it. People need to loot item, and just see, what they need to sell, or hold, this Clicking on every item to see stats totally have no reason to be in game. (items from CUBEs are already identifyed, and thats how gonna be from items from floor too)
    - Just mark new looted items(or looted from CUBES) with "new" icon (2 examples of how it can be).
    - And mark items with Platinum lines with some GoldLines on Icons like on Example.
    All items with Platina with same view lines (any platina line). Or if you want, you can mark items for each Platina Line that item have (like on screen 1-2-3 platina lines). Its all for you, nevermind how it can be, just give ppl VIEW that item have Platina Line, with out CHECKING every item.

    (2) Next we need COMFORTABLE SELLING of items that we dont need, and Holding items that we need for Craft later.
    -1 First of all, this is NO REASON to click "S" (open skills), than click "wisdom" Skills, and than Click on "TRADER/Craft" Icon, to open Vendor or Crafting. Just add this buttons in some of Places on EXAMPLE, it will not looks bad, it will be Comfortable. (and we already have some button at Left side of Amulet and Cape, just add a few more, easy..)
    -2 To make item NOT NEW, we have 2 ways. Move item to another slot , it became not new anymore. Or Sell item to vendor and BuyBack, it moved, so its NOT NEW. So from "(1)" we have all items already identifyed, and we see which of them have Platina, and can easy MOVE Platina items to other Bag to make them not NEW, or we can Sell and BuyBack Platina items, to remove them from NEW status in few clicks. (open and close bag will not remove items from New status to old, cos it will be uncomfortable)
    -3 We need to Sell all trash items that we dont need fast and Comfortable. Just add button that will SELL ALL NEW items on 1 click (from all BAGS, or mb just from 1 BAG that is Opened right now). If it from 1 bag, ppl will just click on Bag 1-Sell All, Bag 2 -Sell All, Bag 3- Sell All. Easy...
    And probably Message can have ( "V"- Dont Show it Again ), for example if it will Sell items from ALL Bags, ppl can turn ON/OFF this Allert if they dont sure that they dont mistake on fast selling. Or it can have Choice "All bags"or just "Opened BAG" - its just Example... you can do it as you want. But ALL players will be Glad to see that comfortable Selling, and Checking items.

    (3) Comfortable LOOTING in Group. Last Patches add a lot for party skills, gems and so one, but looting in group is not Comfortable because this WINDOW, that is Totally NO REASON to be at all... Ppl tired by Ignoring,Adding Friend, Whispering by missclicking.
    Just move this Window to ALT button for Example... or give players choise in Settings, to bind it by themself. Or in Town it CTRL like now, and in locations its on Alt, or on Locations it Disabled at all (can be setting Choise too).
    - to Whisper (way easy for ppl just whisper from Party window "F")
    - Add friend , you Already add button near nicknames/hp or party members to adding them friends.
    - Invite to Group, in group.... looks reasonable =) (on world pvp, invite by ALTing player will be not problem too, its button changes from CTRL)
    - Ignore .... if it some situation when ppl wanna ignore, think its because of messages? so, its easy for all ppl just click on CHAT NICKNAME and Ignore.... who need Ignore by this window?

    (4) Next is SHOP. I know a lot of ppl and situations when ppl BUY smth from Andermant SHOP, just by MISS CLICKING.
    Can be fixed by this way for Example - Add choice in Settings, which will Allert you, about buying this item, or you just missclick.
    If player want to buy TONNS of cheap thing in SHOP, and wanna click it a lot, he can Click "dont show it again", and it AutoTurns to OFF in settings.
    But usually Players dont buy every day smth from SHOP, and usually BUY smth EXPENSIVE and Needed, and it not so hard to Accept Buying 1-5 times a week/month, or even a day...
    Who dont need it, turn it Off, but most ppl need it, and turn it ON.
    Ofc you want ppl to buy as much as they can from SHOP, but MissClicked Buying, dont gives you additional Orders for Andermants for sure)

    (5) Its not important thing at all, but a bit strange... You add some additional potion slots. its cool. but Why not just move a bit HP BAR, to save FULL BALL, and good looking and more informative HP on Screen? (mb you like that Design, its possible yes, but you can add choice for players in Settings (full HP bar, or Half as now).

    Thats All for now) I dont tell anything about Balance , items, skills and so one, i understand that its YOUR GAME, and YOUR VISION of how can it be, balanced, items and so one.
    But things that i notice here, its just COMFORTABLE, its dont makes any changes of gameplay, it just make game comfortable, and enjoyable to play. Its near No Reason, to not have this changes in Interface of Game, cos its turns game to only be better. And all players will say you THANK YOU, and will Enjoy game more)
  2. DreamWill

    DreamWill Forum Commissioner

    Everything will be good to me, I have only one doubt:
    Isn't enough and easier a right click with the mouse like now for this? Or as third way.

    With the rest I agree totally:)
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  3. Naikon

    Naikon Forum Greenhorn

    Probably yes, doing smth on 1 click to remove item from NEW is good too) i just though that if item already Identifyed, Right Clicking is = Equip this item :) but yeah, the ways can be different as they want) here it was just my Examples, if they wanna do some changes, think they will Discuss it and get best Decisions )
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  4. ZeroooSkill

    ZeroooSkill Forum Greenhorn

    Big plus from me, all of these changes would make the game much more fun to play, because you wouldnt waste the extra time doing these kind of stuff!
    Very nicely written.
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  5. TwiliShadow

    TwiliShadow Count Count

    The only thing here I can agree with is adding the peddler and bench buttons to the inventory screen in either way shown in the examples. As many times as we are trying to sell on the fly whithin a group, that would be something to help out players.
    It should be noted that those should be 2 click buttons; once to open peddler/bench, onse again to close peddler/bench.

    The other major change, which is not listed above at all is that the "Shop" window needs to respond to Esc key or clicking the next item in left column and close as all other windows do.
  6. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Forum Ambassador

    I'm in two minds about the "sell all" button... it could cause too much mess by accidentally selling items it wasn't supposed to. While I see the reason why some people want it, I'd rather reduce the amounts of junk (explained countless times what it would mean).

    The rest looks fine.


    1 - could be ok
    2-1 - could be ok
    2-2 - not sure
    2-3 - no
    3 - big yes
    4 - big yes
    5 - yes
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  7. Athiae

    Athiae Active Author

    Absolutely agree with you. Very nicely written, and I see you put a lot of effort in the "example pictures". Respect for it.
    I hope BP will use at least some of these suggestions.
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