Need help to build my dwarf

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by Dragon-Warrior10, Jun 3, 2018.

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  1. Dragon-Warrior10

    Dragon-Warrior10 Forum Apprentice

    Hello does anyone can help me teach me to build my dwarf , skills and the onthe things?
  2. Saved_81

    Saved_81 Forum Master

    Standard skills setup

    Standard skills bar setup


    Against bosses, standard skills setup


    Against bosses skills bar


    Wisdom talents setup (@ lvl 58)


    Thumbnail rules for Wisdom points settings:
    - start with 2h aspd talents and set them untill you reach 2.00 or 2.307 aspd (including you equipment)
    - max 2h dmg
    - max crit rate/crit dmg (untill you cap CHC)
    - max HP
    - what's left goes into %DMG or steam (according to your moods, i preferred %dmg but sometimes I swap them for fast runs)
    - follows with steam or %DMG (see above)
    - def & res
    - whatever you like

    Standard equipment:


    Alternative setups can be found here, for now, ignore the part about bloodrune rifle since I still need to test it.

    That's the base, some changements could be done based on which equipment you have and so on.
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  3. Dragon-Warrior10

    Dragon-Warrior10 Forum Apprentice

    Thank you so much for the helping!!!!! :):):)

    --- MERGED ---

    Sorry for asking but where i can get the AMULET and the SHOULDERS??
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  4. Shiro

    Shiro Padavan

  5. Dragon-Warrior10

    Dragon-Warrior10 Forum Apprentice

    Thank you so much!!:):)

    But what about the ring "bloodtooh"? only from gnob?
  6. Shiro

    Shiro Padavan

    yeah, but it's kinda annoying, because you need luck to get it with high base stats, plus after that you need to increase its tier
  7. Dragon-Warrior10

    Dragon-Warrior10 Forum Apprentice

    Hello sry for asking but it's possible to send the photos again cause I can't open them?
  8. Night-Elemental

    Night-Elemental Forum Apprentice

    @Dragon-Warrior10 This is what I'm using:

    Alternatives for each slot:
    Amu: I'm using Q9 for crit and resistances.
    Use Q2 for more speed (shouldn't be necessary) or Kranparus for even more crit

    Cloak: Actually I'm using the beat the unbeatables cloak (because I'm lazy+love mount speed) but Khalys gives speed and dmg so it's better. Buy a desert cloak for bone coins or get a newmoon cloak if you can't find a Khalys cloak yet

    Belt: I'm using witch's belt with pauldrons for the 11% speed.
    Use Q4 for extra crit boost

    Rings: Mortis for speed, Dragan for the set.
    Use Q4 or fullmoon if you want more HP

    Adornment: My 2nd fav set: Q8. Use it with high crit for even better results.
    If you don't want Q8 use newmoon+cloak for more crit

    Weapon: Q7 because the set is fun to play.
    Q4 or bloodmoon 2hand are alternatives but i don't like them (less dmg potential)

    Helm: Dragan because the set gives a big 2hand boost.
    Use witch's set if you want steam and max. dmg (dragan will still give more dmg tho)

    Pauldrons: Witch for speed + dmg.
    Use Q5 for a bit more speed and less steam cost

    Torso: Q8 because the set is bae.
    Witch's torso if you are using the set

    Gloves: Q7 if you are using the set.
    Dragan if you aren't using it and want a free helm/ring/shoe slot

    Shoe: Dragan.
    You can also use newmoon/Q9 shoes for the start or swap them if you're using Dragan gloves instead.
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  9. Novadude

    Novadude Commander of the Forum

    In transition with my build, but At the moment, I'm using:

    T6 Dragan hat (4x crit, 3 gold)
    T6 Dragan boot (uncrafted)
    T6 Dragan ring (4x crit damage, 3 gold)
    T7 Sigris torso (3x gold damage, 1x armor on this item random)
    T7 Sigris adornment (4x crit on this item, 3 gold)
    T7 bearach belt (4x damage, 3 gold)
    T7 khalys pauldrons (3x armor 2 gold, 1x resistance, gold)
    T7 medusa adornment (4x crit damage, 3x gold,1x supergold)
    T6 Herald 2H (3x old gold for 237% idoti, +114 damage - stats from old level 50 2H gun and gun is at level 60)
    T6 Herald glove (4x speed, 3 gold)
    T6 bloodrune ring (uncrafted, next item to go, intend to replace it with a t7 cube ring with 4x crit damage as soon as I find a t7 cube ring, as of a few days ago I was using bloodrune amulet-belt-ring combo)
    T6 white spider cloak uncrafted

    All items are base level 55 and glyphs up to level 60.
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  10. Fitzchevalerie

    Fitzchevalerie Forum Apprentice

  11. Dragon-Warrior10

    Dragon-Warrior10 Forum Apprentice

    Thanks guys they are very usefull but i want to ask one more thing. It's possible to post also what craft in each equipment would be good to have?

    IKILLGIANTS Active Author

    dont you have any desire to discover things by yourself? there is no pleasure if you just follow blindly some other guy instructions,dont worry if you understand the game you will end up to the same result
  13. Dragon-Warrior10

    Dragon-Warrior10 Forum Apprentice

    I prefer to have help from someone to teach a bit how do i ahve to build it and then i decide how i build than to go in blind and build it wrong.
  14. Novadude

    Novadude Commander of the Forum

    It will depend on your gem and rune situation.

    In general, for 2H mech, these are optimal core crafts:
    Weapon: 4x increased damage on this item
    Gloves: 4x increased attack speed
    Torso: 4x increased damage
    Belt: 4x increased damage

    After that, the other core crafts are:
    Rings, Necklace: 4x crit damage unless you reach 5.00 crit damage, in which case you can substitute increased hp% or to on this item% for a line.
    Adornment (or bullets for mech): usually 4x crit on this item
    Pauldrons: either uncrafted if using witch pauldrons, or mix of armor% and resistance%
    Boots: usually either increased travel speed or increased to on this item, or mix of the two, depending on your play style.

    Cape is uncrafted.
  15. maldan

    maldan Forum Greenhorn

    I cant see these photos can u send again? Or how can i see
  16. Bigdan889898

    Bigdan889898 Forum Apprentice

    Reaylly thkx all, its will very help me
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