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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by CStaf, Aug 2, 2020.

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  1. CStaf

    CStaf Forum Apprentice
    So in the course of 1 month i managed to improve my dmg from 7k to 16k and my wisdom from 26 to 52 level. Recently im trying to farm many places such as q1, q7 and q9 for any of the uniques a SW needs, on inf3, but noone wants to help. Is there any possible way i could start farming somewhere solo and then progress by a little to the point that i am strong enough to solo inf on PW? Any tip would help. Thanks again :).
    P.S. Im gathering wands to craft a 4gl or 4pl after the CE.
  2. silverseas

    silverseas Count Count

    If you can't find a team for inf 3, you can always farm a lower difficulty and/or farm the scaling normal world dungeons. Despite having the "same difficulty" level of inf 3, I can tell you that the scaling dungeons are much easier to complete. You can also get wisdom runes, so you can build up your wisdom levels faster. Really, there's so much room for improvement it's hard to say exactly where to start, just jump in and get working - gems, runes, GoPs, uniques, gold line crafting, wisdom - in no particular order.
  3. Sayaa

    Sayaa Advanced

    You have only witch set, other just legends you should fight for dragan set/herold set
    and yes nobody wants play with noobs so you must find a friend or better guild with ts/discord where will explain game mechanic.

    Hardly -Farm/craft gold/platinum stats in legends and move it to uniques (4you herald staff [​IMG] )
    like this :
    remeber % increased damage on this item no just increased damage.
    and yours dmg will increase.

    Add Best Rubys/speed runes and dmg will increase significantly:
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  4. CStaf

    CStaf Forum Apprentice

    Just 1 hour ago i got the bloodmage staff t6 and transfered 1 plat line and 4 gold lines (313% dmg on item). Should i still consider the herald staff and gloves as an option or should i focus on q1 robe or q9 necklace?
  5. Sayaa

    Sayaa Advanced

    IF you have best Ruby like here:
    Then its ok, otherwise use Herald (+Meteor skill), Bloodmage staff have half lowest base damage but better attack speed (0.83 vs 0.95)
    When you increase Herald staff to Tier 10 - its base damage increase significantly but Bloodmage a very little.

    instead q1 (only mana) - i use witch, instead q9(CRIT) will use (when got another 4 platinum stats) dragan necklace (DMG).
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  6. TwiliShadow

    TwiliShadow Count Count

    • I see you have the New Moon Black Spider Queen _Adornment_. You NEED the boots to go with it. And the cloak, as you have a generic. Anything T2 or above. Remember you can somewhat easily Tier up uniques (core farming), not so much with legendaries (but is possible).
    • Next, even if it is a low tier, you NEED Ataya's Ring of Life (craft 4 lines of IncHeathOnThisItem).
    • For the other ring, anything with a Crit Hit Rate base line in it (craft 4 lines of IncCritDam) to start with. There are several Unique rings that will do for a begining.
    • For an amulet, Medusa's Amulet of the Krakken -or- Mortis' Amulet of Death (do not get the Mortis Set, stay with the Witchseeker Helmet).
    Not sure what goes with the BloodMoon staff. I've never gotten a decent one so never sought to incorporate it into my build.

    If your not tooooo attached to that BloodMoon staff, the Herald Staff and Gloves would be the way to go as a set to fit into what your already doing.

    Did you get the Scroll of Teleporation? If so, put it on page I in the bottom left slot. If you can get a Universal Map, put it right above that. Those two items will help you leave a map quickly, even if your being beaten to death (which prevents "teleport to town" skill).

    Lastly and _most_importantly_ ... What is your Server and Toon Name? People here will help those who ask that aren't looking to twink. As you are level 55, your not in the twink catagory. But to help, we need to know who and where you are. Time zone you're in and kinda normal play times help as well, as some of us have full lives too.
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