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Discussion in 'General Forum' started by FAALHAAS, Jul 3, 2021.

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    FAALHAAS Forum Master

    I saw certain changes were made that were a big reason for me to quit last year after DL patch. (im dwarf that hated how the mine/flamethrower worked and thats working pretty good now)

    But after trying the game again for couple hours I still run into a wall. I can run normal dungeons on low difficulty like pain/excr , but only things that drop are some green items/low gems/low materials. So its not really helping towards making progression.

    So i tried running PW...infernal. The first 2 maps were doable, its tough, but doable and then the boss was simply impossible. I tried it for awhile, using a bunch of potions/mighty spirits and eventualy gave up.

    In these couple hours i made aprox. 2.200 gold (since i mostly found green items)
    But I used a total of 31 steampots, 26x healthpots and 7 mighty spirits. Which totals to almost 20.000 gold and about 1000 ander, hence making a huge net loss from only gaming a couple hours.

    I tried looking into changing/upgrading runes/gems, but they cost insane amounts of gold and thus not an option.

    When I quited last year, I really thought some of the skills were the biggest problem for dwarfs, but now they changed everything I asked for, i still run into a wall. I dont see how I can make any progress in this game. (like getting higher crit/attack speed, which seems the most important stat nowadays). Everything costs insane amounts of gold/ander and theres no way to make such amounts. The only way you can make some is by doing the bloodchests it seems, which I cannot do offcourse.

    If im missing something, let me know...otherwise this comeback was of very short duration :)
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  2. Nostalgiac

    Nostalgiac Advanced

    Unfortunately going the "long" way of solo farming lower modes to get stronger and enter higher modes is so inefficient it's not really an option.

    Your best bet is to find friends/guild, or simply freeload in random groups, and run high difficulties with them. I run Q5 merc every day and often carry weaker players (incl. reviving). If you are level 100, you have many group options where to farm. With bloodchests it may be tougher, but some cata group not hellbent on getting 5 chests can maybe help you.

    From bloodchests you can easily get gold, ander and gems to get stronger and eventually be able to clear the maps yourself. PW merc runs get you less gold and not so good gems, but are free to entry and you get infernal frags, multitools and possibly even a jewel. Path is long and grindy but this is DSO so don't expect otherwise.

    I however fully agree on you regarding cost of upgrading gems/runes, of potions etc (and don't even talk about jewels :D ). It is more recent update, and especially with runes I don't see how weaker players can amass those sums. Us older players got lucky we upgraded most or all of our runes before the cost increase.

    FAALHAAS Forum Master

    Im not really the kinda player that likes to be carried, but on the other hand; ive helped 100s of players myself, so maybe its ok to get a bit of help for once.

    So far ive been trying to get into that lingerin map in brigavek, but only found the portal 1 time outof 50ish runs....kinda crap. Anyway thanks for info


    Ok I was a bit foolish :) Seems my wisdom was reset and didnt notice till i leveled it up....

    Still some questions (to fellow dwarfs):

    *How you deal with mobs stunning/freezing turrets? Its so annoying and no matter what i do, like possition myself to opposite of screen. (nothing helps and since i dont get healing, i die allot which pisses me off)

    *Any better distribution than this? :

    and lastly: Any friendly guild on Heredurrr who got place for an old cranky dutchman?
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  4. Dragenstein

    Dragenstein Padavan

    I got my main char to lv 100 by joining random groups in the Great Desert, but it was more like a job than a fun game. I also bought experience boosts all the time.
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  5. Satanicmorbid

    Satanicmorbid Forum Apprentice

    This is the game is to play as a team. It seemed to me that he had considered that he could also play it alone: it's horrible that he can't do it

    FAALHAAS Forum Master

    Well before the DL update i was able to solo inf4 (i never bothered upgrading crap to tier10 tho...stayed inf3/4)
    ..., but yea now im forced to teamup and so far its not going well. Cant find guild, finding a group thats not asking for OP players or who ask for HELP EXP PLOXXX is really hard nowadays.


    Well, Cant even kill Mortis on FATAL.
    Used 100s of potions, red essence, revives and after 30minutes not evenhalf his HP was gone so i left and stopped wasting resources. He 1 hits my turrets and almost 1 hits me..
    His attack is so wide in order for me to dodge it i leave the circle of my turrets, so they despawn every second if they not destroyed allready. What a complete utter let down has this game become.

    I used to play inf4 solo with ease and now i cant even play any PW bosses on infernal or a dumb mortis on fatal....

    Great expansion where im not even able to play old content anymore.
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  7. Satanicmorbid

    Satanicmorbid Forum Apprentice

    I think it's good that it has been updated to play in a group: they should also encourage the community to join with other players, especially new ones.

    PS: There is little information about the gameplay of the characters. I realized that just by changing my skills I improved noticeably, even so I cannot kill infernal boss, when before it was possible.
  8. EriduSerpent

    EriduSerpent Forum Apprentice

    Loads of players will not join a group if you ask, just got one or two that I look for now.
    I LOVE playing but I do not understand most of it, I just do what I can.
    I will probably not get much higher than level 50.
    I just want the battle bore or pug :) so only another 3800 draken to collect :p
    AND of course cool armour and a huge battle axe!
    The game is unfair, they do not give a toss, so we are all fighting a losing battle in the end.
    But it will be their downfall, if they keep changing the rules, changing everything so we the players
    cannot make progress or afford to buy the bits for quests etc the game will end.
    They seem to have no loyalty to the players or care, they never post anything in response or
    even to dispute that fact.
    I think they rely on new players such as I, but after we grow wise to their indifference we leave
    or stop spending. So in time word will get around, they will have no new players soon.
    What a shame, it's fun, or should be. All I have read are posts from frustrated players!
    FAALHAAS and the rest of the loyal long term players deserve MORE respect!
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