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  1. Dragonnns

    Dragonnns Forum Veteran

    Code is available for three days per their Facebook page. The premium has a timer that starts and it expires in seven days so it looks like you need to use the 3-Day Premium within 7 days of accepting the "box".
  2. Veteran666

    Veteran666 Junior Expert

    MERRYXMAS2K18 is a promo code for DSO,usually this type of code doesnt have expiration date but i cant confim that for sure.I have used similar codes in the past without any problem.(5 years old account)
  3. Chandler333

    Chandler333 Junior Expert

    The code MERRYXMAS2K18 is different from the code MERRYXMAS2018 or is it the same?
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  4. Different. One has Premium, a polished gem, and a legendary. The other has Deluxe, two buffs, and 10 lucky spheres.
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  5. Στε44

    Στε44 Forum Apprentice

  6. Chandler333

    Chandler333 Junior Expert

    Thanks a lot YouWinOrYouDie!

    I noticed a small hourglass in the Premium and it says that it will last for 3 days and also that it will expire in 6 days. Does that mean that we have to activate in the next 6 days at the latest and it will last for 3 days? Or if we activate it now it will last for 6 days? Also, if we do not activate it in the next 6 days, it will become red and not usable?

    Thanks again! :)
  7. Iselda

    Iselda Advanced

    That's correct, so use it within 6 days, you'll get the prem for 3 days. If you don't use that prem within 6 days, it will be useless.
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  8. TwiliShadow

    TwiliShadow Forum Baron

    If you already have premium, use it anyway. Adds to your total days.
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  9. Chandler333

    Chandler333 Junior Expert

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  10. Sciamachy

    Sciamachy Forum Greenhorn


  11. ghostmagicus

    ghostmagicus Forum Pro

    If somebody is so kind to tell how much times codes are avalaible, thanks.
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  12. Chandler333

    Chandler333 Junior Expert

    Hi ghostmagicus, logically only 1 time, like all the other codes. You can use both of these 2 codes but only 1 time each. :)
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  13. Dzungla

    Dzungla Forum Inhabitant

    1st have 7day limit from when you get it, 2nd is standard ...
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  14. Chandler333

    Chandler333 Junior Expert

    Hello everyone, here is a new code (credits to Drakensang Wiki)! :)

  15. Στε44

    Στε44 Forum Apprentice

    1 morre code moredmg

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  16. Mal3ficent

    Mal3ficent Guest


    IKILLGIANTS Active Author

    B3MYV4LENT1NE :)
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  18. TwiliShadow

    TwiliShadow Forum Baron

    Is that a bonus code, or are you knocking someone off the forum table???
  19. jelbeat

    jelbeat Someday Author

    It's also posted on facebook, guess it's valid:

    DSO is wishing you a Happy Valentine's Day with this lovely drawing from 2018!
    Our #valentinesday gift for YOU!
    ➡use the bonus code: "B3MYV4LENT1NE"*!
    *Code available until 17.02.
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  20. MikeyMetro

    MikeyMetro Forum Overlooker

    1 day freemium (7 day timed), 2 secret lair pass, 3 alerted crescerite
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