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Discussion in 'Discussions on Current Topics' started by Sunlight, Sep 1, 2016.

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  1. Tilwin90

    Tilwin90 Padavan

    I tried that once or twice and wasn't necessarily impressed. Since I have many more silver essences I stick to killing the bosses on the first map. I actually farmed it quite a bit after the event was done in search for the cursed amphorae to get a few drakens I still needed for the Black Warlord Regalia cape - still needed 4400, I have now 4410, so I'm happy.
    But it's a good piece of advice. For gems it can work out.
    I now stick to Q3 painful for heavy glyph farming and I get quite some andermant/gems from there too :) So I guess it depends if people are eager to waste their time farming silver essence...
  2. Morinphen

    Morinphen Forum Overlooker

    Surprised? They just cannot make worthwhile higher modes for events. Posts 77, 78 and 79 here are in the same field: falling onto Excru. by mistake is not something most would want as it's just not worth it, hence the preference for mode 1, which is indeed the best because we don't really have improved odds or possible T2/3 drops listed. trakilaki has a point on killing stuff on your way in the Bloodmap because this event has indeed beautiful general drops, but if you're really low on the special essence with still some runs to go, better skip and clean for drops in Varholm only. Depends on your stock.

    Also, yeah... the unique gem craft is rather normal as far as values are concerned, as with normal ones, but the ones needed versus drop-rate is just pure bonkers. Least for me, Bloodstones drop more often... which isn't good given that the Moonstones are the ones you need more of. Nice craft concept... bad droprates.
    I'll cut you some slack, unlike trakilaki, though he wasn't wrong. Admittedly, it's best if one picked pebbles, wolfsbane and kept Vargulf claws event before coming close to unlocking the Bloodmap via quests. Yes, there was no in-your-face indication for those, but now you have all the info you need, on the forum and Wiki, so this one's kinda on you for not being info-prepared.
    I don't fancy rushing much either, TBH. Gathering essence for the normal map isn't hard... you just gotta farm, so cleaning the 1st map isn't a preference to be accused (especially for those who are still working on werewolf kills and again, because the general drops are good), but in the second... it's advisable to at least only clean the shortest paths between the three minis if not plain running with 4 stops, as the special ess. takes quite some ingredients to make (as said, no biggie for those who stocked up from the start, but not everyone is in that situation).

    As for DKs not using essence... to be completely honest, if one is there just to tank, what difference does it make?
    A pure tank build will not do much damage anyway - offence/defence mixed 1Hs and 2H DKs, that's another story.
  3. x_Dragon_Slayer_x

    x_Dragon_Slayer_x Someday Author

    It's my favourite event, a lot of glyphs, anders, gems, junk items for the workbench, easy for all and only need some time to farm ess.
    Completed the T3 amulet only in this event and the T3 shield, i'm happy for this...
    I only did lvl 1 runs to get the uniques and fill the progress bar easily, started with 10k of silver ess and 2k shining ess and now have 15k and 100 :p did ~70 runs and got ~2m glyphs
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  4. sebastian_fl

    sebastian_fl Count Count

    Event is nice of course, besides of completely useless uniques and some issues with random drop of stones. some got 6 yellow stones in 1 event, some got zero in 4 events (over 100 runs at least). I couldnt think of probability that would make it work mathematically.
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  5. dkarl

    dkarl Forum Master

    How can you possibly create two Tier 3 items in one event? That's 32 Vargulf kills at a minimum if you get 100% drop of exactly the pieces you want (my drop rate is along the lines of 40%, spread across all four items). Progress bar only provides 7 Vials of Wolf Blood. I think one or other of the various repeatable quest rewards chests >may< drop a Vial, but I only get one or two per event from those. Do the free amphorae or mini-bosses drop Vials? How the heck did you make 70 Vargulf kills?
  6. Tilwin90

    Tilwin90 Padavan

    If you play in groups, that's 35 vials minimum. Plus if you are doing the daily quest to kill Vargulf each, that's an extra 15 vials (3 daysx5 players). Not to mention vials sometimes drop in the chests you receive from the repeated quests.
    I have 20 vials stacked already because I don't do more Vargulf than needed to get to the Blood Moon map (faster progress).
    Supplementary, you also get a guaranteed unique and one possible unique from the progress chests.
    And keep in mind you also need a bit of luck to get that, so that's a factor too.
    But seeing how low powered these items are, it's a waste of glyphs - I'd rather melt these 32 uniques and get close to a million glyphs.
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  7. x_Dragon_Slayer_x

    x_Dragon_Slayer_x Someday Author

    One of my friends had 40 vials and we "helped" some players to do the event...
    Already have 3 T2 and 1 T1 shields, got 14 T1 shields in this event and i'm keep them to do another T3 if an expansion occurs...
    had 0 amulets and got all in this event with "a lot of luck" for all those runs...

    PD: The amulet with the bonus, gives me more hp than my 27% hp and 418 hp amulet...
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  8. dkarl

    dkarl Forum Master

    That's my first problem :) I play solo, have an erratic schedule (I may be logged on at 10am, 4pm, 10pm or 4am on any given day), and can't commit to playing x # of hours each day. Maybe I'll branch out a bit next event, try to snag a few partners. When you go as a group, the mobs and bosses increase accordingly, right? So with a group of 5, Vargul would do 5x the damage and have 5x the HP? And, regardless of the average level of the team members, the mobs/bosses would be scaled to the level of the most senior member of the group? So, a group of 40, 40, 40, 40, and 50 would end up fighting mobs/bosses 5x Lvl50 strength? (Forgive the semi-off topic questions.)

    My toon has been Lvl50 for only about 3 months, has no gold lines on any item, so the Varholm set is a major upgrade in offensive capability for me. Crafting-wise, I'm still at the stage of desperately trying to find green/blue raw materials, have only crafted one or two 2/3 exo items. I need everything.
  9. Tilwin90

    Tilwin90 Padavan

    You don't need to login for hours to get a quick group. Start by searching for a clan, befriending people by randomly grouping with them... stuff like that. I have times when I am online for one hour only but doesn't mean I have to play solo (though I don't mind it, it's much faster). Hit me up in game (check my signature) and I may be able to provide some support or just chit chat. :)

    Yeah and no... I noticed the mobs do increase in strength but I'm not sure it's really that linear. I noticed that in groups indeed monsters have more life (not sure about damage to be honest, I didn't notice dying faster in a group).
    And also yes, mobs are adjusted to the highest level of your group. This is why I recommend people looking for people closer to their level - you don't want to get block XP because the monsters are more than +-5 in level than you.
    However, keep in mind that groups allow specialization as well as more crowd control.
    Imagine farming alone as a dwarf or together with a warr. The warr can pin down the monsters and "keep them busy" while you as a dwarf let the turrets do their work.
    Or imagine five spellweavers constantly freezing the opponents by rotation (of course they would need to be extremely synchronized and that doesn't really happen).
    It's not only about multiplying power, but about synergy between multiple characters and multiple classes.

    As I said, contact me ingame. I might be able to offer some quick tips for some growth. Since you are already level 50 it shouldn't be that difficult. Getting above Vargulf set is easy (yep, the set is just that bad).
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  10. alchimista

    alchimista Forum Pro

    ( it is just a personal comment and expecially referred to full moon event )
    Finally , once a month , the enjoyable event is back.
    Farming during the days off are quite funny ( while searching for the amphora ).
    The progress bar is fast/balanced even without extreme or OP items. Rewards are well balanced for the effort.
    8 blood ( in full moon ) and 8 scroll ( in new moon ) are same : BUT WE CAN HAVE GROUP and share summoning blood!!!
    Mod2 and Mod3 are extremely extreme even for OP players. GREAT!

    BTW : montly ( during blood moon ) I buy a 3 days premium account and I enjoy once again this game.
  11. ViriatoRex

    ViriatoRex Forum Greenhorn

    Hello i have notice that the full moon was anonced for this weekend but i see no base added to the new items.They wil stay this way with no base added?
    Also i want to know if the items can be combined at the workbench with the lev 50 ones.And if we are at this point why dont we have some bonuses for 2 or 3 pieces and legendary magic transfer.
    Thank you.
  12. Guitarman

    Guitarman Forum Master

    what is with the tier and non-tier uniq drop in FM ? wil crafted non-tier item bcame tier 1 item ? I just craft a blood rune amulet using 3 T1 and a new non tier and what do I get ? Non Tier amulet... [EDIT]
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  13. MikeyMetro

    MikeyMetro Forum Overlooker

    I guess you did not read the fine print in the r185 patch notes (oh wait, my bad, there wasn't any... hardly any regular print either.)

    Anyway tiers on pre ef185 event uniques are meaningless now. When those are put in the resource drainer (a.k.a. workbench) check the stat range of the output item b4 crafting.

    Luck be with ye,
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  14. dkarl

    dkarl Forum Master

    So, yet another event ruined? I can't make progress without better equipment, but I can't get better equipment without making progress.

    Can no longer solo PW bosses efficiently or at all.

    Can't solo Vargulf Painful --> can't get Tiered uniques --> can't build my toon.

    Yes, you politely remind me, I can buy my way into better equipment. But, how soon will you nerf (without warning) the value of said equipment?

    You really want me to take a break from the game, BP, don't you?
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  15. gyyf

    gyyf Forum Greenhorn

    This [EDIT] cannot be true, I have most of witch stuff on tier2, waiting for next event to build tier 3. wolf stuff a lot on tier 2 too.
    Now all of that is rubbish. Also dragan event etc apparently.

    I think now time for leave this [EDIT] game, thx & bb. Nice farming for nothing.
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  16. MikeyMetro

    MikeyMetro Forum Overlooker

    It is not impossible to craft a better event item with the new ef185 system. The catch is that it is possible craft a worse item (you know those silly fun loving devs... always with the practical jokes at the players expense :rolleyes:)

    The thing to watch for is after you put your items in the resource waster (workbench) look at the stat range of the output item before crafting. If that is higher than any of the ingredients then you have a good craft. If the max is higher but the min is the same or lower then you have a gamble craft. If the range is worse than the best ingredient then you have 3 melts and one to save hoping for better luck next time.

    Somewhat off-top but related: I also checked my alts that have T1 & T2 old Dragan Regalia. They are still ok. squires still make knights, knights still make warlord, output level is still player level and stats are as before although they all come out as T0. I do not have any of these on toons above lvl 50 (those toons are all parked since ef185) so I do not know what happens to these items above that.

    Some other event feedback: I do not like that kill Geitir the Summoner comes up as the first unchangeable boss challenge on some of my toons. I used to be fine with this before the ef185 nerf since FM used to be fun to play even if just for a run or two. Now it is just a pointless hassle.

    Additionally once again the total lack of testing/QA by the devs strikes. Fix the darn gem bag rewards for toons over level 50!!!

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  17. edrogers58

    edrogers58 Active Author

    Why can't you guys in the Development or Quality Testing get anything right before you release it ?? Seriously getting beyond a joke

    Finally go to make a final Tier 2 to make it into a tier 3 but nope goes back into a tier 0

    Would it hurt DSO Development Team to inform your playing community EDIT you are doing instead of pissing off more and more players with your blatant dierespect and disregard for us ???

    Can we get an official response from one of the developers that actually knows what is going on please ???

    Are all our Uniques Pre 185 now unusable with the Uniques with 185 realease ??? So PW Uniques Tier 2 can not be used now ? Are the Witch Uniques Pre 185 going to be the same as the Uniques of the Wolf event non compatiable ???

    So players that have Tier 1 or 2 Uniques and have farmed Pre 185 have pretty much wasted there time ??

    Why was none of this communicated with the players ?? Or is your goal to drive the last of your playing community away ?
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  18. gun

    gun Forum Great Master

    Before 185. I have 3 pcs tier 2 & 2 pcs tier 1 of Wolf Slayer shield. This month event I got 2 Wolf Slayer shield.
    So I crafted 4 pcs tier 1.. I'm surprised, expected to be tier 2. But the result have no tier. And the stats not good.

    I put 3 pcs tier 2 & the new crafted one to work bench.. the stats on up coming result on the work bench is the same with stated in event window.

    Stats on event window:

    This is my new Wolf Slayer shield after craft 3pcs tier 2 & the new crafted one:

    It does not go wasted. The stats become max, it just not have tier anymore..
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  19. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    You will need Draken Core to craft event unique items.
    How? I don't know ... because it is not yet available. This kind of crafting should probably be available in the next releases.
  20. bruluci

    bruluci Forum Apprentice

    Was so happy to clean up some inventory space, i didn't realize it happened the first time...
    the second time I combined a lvl 55 unique with 3 lvl 50's i watched as the level 50's jumped to the next tier and then DISAPEAR!
    was left holding a NO-Tier levl 55 only... the 3 lvl 50's are just gone...

    IT ATE THEM???

    The biggest complaint I have about 185 is the lack of info we're being givin. Having to "Find out the Hard-Way" is extremely disappointing.
    All that work and hording uniques was a big waist of time. It leaves the community with too many questions that aren't getting any answers:

    Can I combine this?
    Is this worth anything anymore?
    What will this do?
    Should I still play this game?

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