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Discussion in 'Discussions on Current Topics' started by Sunlight, Sep 1, 2016.

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  1. Novadude

    Novadude Commander of the Forum

    With 2 characters (DK, mech) running until completion, I got 2x of the 2% celerity gems from progress rewards. I also go a 4% grand celerity rune drop from the bloodmage on my mech and two 4% grand celerity runes on my DK, all on the lowest bloodmoon map setting - both are 2H builds so the runes are immediately useful. Strongly suggest grouping up so that you can increase your vargulf and thus bloodmage kills.

    Feedback on the March edition:

    1) Enjoyed the addition of runes.
    2) Would like more clarity on the tiering system and crafting consequences as it applies to full moon gear.
    3) No base stats on full moon gear was dissappointing.
  2. .Baraba.

    .Baraba. Advanced

    Same story but not even one rune.... except progres runes.
  3. Novadude

    Novadude Commander of the Forum

    You can get block stats from more gear now, I think including leg pauldrons and possibly rings/amulets

    If you're going for block, glyphing up a level 55 wolf slayer shield and getting warlord pauldons up to 55 or so while using the full warlord set would work with the block skill to get close to max block.

    Sounds like my luck was a little unusual....
  4. Sunlight

    Sunlight User

    Hey there heroes,

    Regarding not displaying tiers issues, check HERE the official announcement on that.
  5. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    It is your call ... whether you will keep them or not.
    That Draken Core item was probably meant for transferring enchantments from non-unique items to unique items.
    However ... Draken core has been removed from the game XD
  6. Dominico

    Dominico Forum Baron

    I've made a piglet-map of Varholm & Bloodmoon. I know it's not perfect but I hope it will help you catch them all. :p


    Good hunt! :)
  7. Ren_Alanera

    Ren_Alanera Someday Author

    Thanks for sharing.
    Are there so many possible piggy spawn points?

    I haven't seen one in all my runs.

    Maybe I'm too blind... (or I don't mind enough about piggy)
    How did you find them?
    You must have an eagle eye!

    (New) Full moon is a very good event, I hope you will take it as an example when you will put your hands on the over-the-top boring (New) New Moon or others event.
    At the moment its only problem is with not lvl 55 adjusted uniques and event rewards consisting of old gem types (not qaizah ones), but i hope you will fix these.

    Still wondering why you rushed such a clearly "alpha" release, 185 seems to me a work-in-progress.
    So much things are missing, so many are still in the development phase, so many inconsistency (like with (new) full moon uniques, why are they not like lvl55 parallel uniques? I'm not talking about the crafting possibility, but at the base stats).
    Last edited: Mar 22, 2017
  8. dkarl

    dkarl Forum Mogul

    Piggies are well disguised; you'll almost only ever see a small part of the piggie, often so small that you can only see it from a certain angle. A snout, or a tail, or a speck of silver back. And they don't all spawn on any given instance. I'd say I average spotting ~4 per run?

    For the most part, the contents are disappointing. For Full Moon, you'll normally get 10 silver essence. However, you'll occasionally be rewarded with something welcome, like 80 main event progress points.

    Once you've located all of the piggies (again, a few this run, a few others the next run), you'll begin to memorize their locations and appearances, so it'll be just part of your routine to check for them along the way (assuming youi're doing a complete sweep of the map anyway for mob kills).
  9. Dominico

    Dominico Forum Baron

    To be exact I still miss 1 piggy spawn point on the Bloodmoon, if you counted there are just 24 pink dots and on Varholm are 25. ;)
    Most of them i found just by slowly walking through the map, some just by luck, when I stopped for a moment and suddenly I saw something white between the leaves.

    I as know there are no piggies on Blackborg.
  10. molnijanx

    molnijanx Someday Author

    AWESOME!!! AWESOME!!!! this ewent now is 1 of the worst, 10 run 0 unikue.... like olways nice chenges...
  11. MikeyMetro

    MikeyMetro Forum Overlooker

    Still a good event. Decent drops. Could use more info on Draken Core crafting; i.e., does a T0 item only need 100 cores? (I'm curious because I got a near perfect T0 Slayer bow from the gold progress chest :))

    Rework of event gear done fairly well. Was all instant melts to me before (for my main, RA) now there is potential use for at least some of the uniques with core crafting. Vargulf set makes no sense now a regular gear. Should have just deleted it from game.

    Uniques do drop. I got three (although two of them were the Blood Rune meltbow :p)

    I don't really get the change of M2 leaders spawn location to random points. But it doesn't really bother me either. I liked the rework of M2 map that removed the choke point just above Bloodmage.

    Luck be with ye,
  12. bruluci

    bruluci Forum Apprentice

    The most horrific NERF of a sheild in game history!

    Almost finished the event and not one unique drop.

    I now have a dozen draken cores... are they back???

    Not sure why they keep messing with this once-beloved event?

    They did however beef up the two-handed weapon which would be cool... i guess... but not really

    On a positive note. DK's can use the the new sheild as a serving tray or decorative center peice to display their beutifull jade acorns :>'
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  13. alchimista

    alchimista Forum Pro

    are new shields bugged or intentionally with no block skills ?
    are new 2H weapons bugged or intentionally with so EXTREMELY LOW min-max dmg ?
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  14. Novadude

    Novadude Commander of the Forum

    The 2H weapons have the potential for a lot of increased damage on this item and increased damage, as you could have 420% or more total increased damage on this item after legendary stat transfer (as well as the .95 base speed instead of .83 speed in the case of the 2H gun). Thus, my feedback on this issue is that it is understandable that the base damage would be lower.
  15. JPDayz

    JPDayz Forum Apprentice

    How to ruin an event 101

    On the past event this event was great, it had a balanced amount of drops for what was necessary to build the entire set. Now you changed it, and I cant even farm the attack speed rune!!! did 90 runs (180 draken cores) not a single rune dropped! This is nowhere near fun! Why we have to spend so much time to get a little reward!!! Yes, I am mad, but it's the reality. How can i enjoy this game when i farmed for hours and cant get a single reward for it!
  16. BigHink

    BigHink Forum Inhabitant

    how did you do 90 runs and not get 2 attack speed runes, 3 gem bags and various legs from the progress bar plus the many gems dropping in both maps
  17. MikeyMetro

    MikeyMetro Forum Overlooker

    Pretty sure he is talking about the 2h att spd rune drop from Bloodmage.

    I forgot to mention this in my earlier post (since I do not use that rune) but I got zero of these also. During the previous two events I got at least one just finishing the progress bar. This has been the case doing the event with my main on day 1 and a different alt on day 2 & 3.

    Which leads me to another thought I had over breakfast. Doing the event with alts below level 55 now makes all unique drops moot. The new uniques are not stand-alone items (they are only really useful with stat transfer core crafting) and they cannot be crafted together to a higher level as before. So as it stands now the uniques are nothing but melts for lower level toons. (Unless those have really crappy gear to begin with.)

    Luck be with ye,
    Last edited: May 10, 2017
  18. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend


    As for the reworked gear ... the Full Moon longbow has a base damage lower than a shortbow :D

    Full Moon Longbow

    The maximum possible minimum damage is 143
    The maximum possible maximum damage is 215

    Ordinary shortbow (the first random shortbow I have got prior to this post)

    Minimum damage 172 (which can get higher)
    Maximum damage 236 (maybe it can get higher ... but even this damage is higher than the damage of the Moon's Longbow)
    Both the minimum and maximum damage are higher than the maximum possible minimum and maximum damage of Moon's longbow :D
    Take into consideration that both bows are of the same tier T0 (no tier).

    It is simply awful ... That crit hit is not worth the damage loss. One can always get crit hit from a quiver.
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  19. dkarl

    dkarl Forum Mogul

    My feedback: Game over; you win; I quit.

    I'll probably check back every couple of months, but for now, I guess I should be grateful: BP just gave me back several hours of every day to apply to more useful, rewarding and/or relaxing endeavors.
  20. EmperorOfThunder

    EmperorOfThunder Forum Greenhorn

    (102-143)-(174-215) max damage T0 item

    172-236 max damage T0 ,T1,T2,T3 item

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