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Discussion in 'General Forum' started by anubi555, May 28, 2020.

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    Hey everyone,

    So basically im really loosing the interest and the focus in this game and ofcourse there are many reasons for that. But one of the biggest reasons is the missing competition in this game and on the servers. The Pve and PvP Seasons are ofcourse a good start but not good enough since they are starting rare. Me especially as a DarkOrbit player (also a Bigpoint game) i really miss in Drakensang the guild involvement. Guilds are a huge part in this game even tho guilds have literally nothing to offer or to give. My suggestion would be a Guilds Ranklist Hall of Fame just like Hall of Fame for single players but more different. This should be implemented in the Ranglists Tab when you press "L". Ofcourse there are now couple of options and different methods how exactly you list the guilds of their value. But first i want to explain it a little what i had on my mind. As i said you should be able to look at a ranglist of all guilds that exists on the server you playing. Different as the single player Hall of Fame list, the guild hall of fame ranglist should show on the further left side the Guild Name of the guild. More to the right it should tell you how many players are currently members of this guild displayed like this 47/50. Next to it, it should say if the guild is "Recruiting" "Recruiting with Requirements" or is "Closed". To these Tags i just wrote i will explain more to them in a second. And more further next to it should show the "Overall Rankingpoints". Every player, doesnt matter what Level he is, should be able to see this ranglist. Now, if you as player are interested in one of these guilds or want to learn more about them, you can click on that guild ranglist bar and this bar should expand downwards so the graphic has more space to show more infos of the guild like as example the Name of the Guildmaster, the Recruiting Status again, or maybe even the current officer Names. Also there should be a option as player to send a application via this tab to this..

    This application and tab window is already a well used design and system in DarkOrbit. This application should have a text field where you can write in your message and present yourself more as person towards this guild and also there should be a "Apply" button to send this Application to this guild. In the guild only the guildmaster or the officers of the guild can look into the applications of the guild and accept or decline them. Now more to the tags. The "Recruiting" Tag you can choose as guild, says the players that this guild is currently normal recruiting every player without any certain Requirements. Nonethenless the guild has still the right to decline players when they applied if they dont want them ofcourse. The "Recruiting with Requirements" Tag you are able to choose as guild, tells the players that you are recruiting and searching for members BUT only for certain players that have certain Requirements the guild created. These requirements could be looked up in the already explained downwards tab if you click on a certain guild on the guild hall of fame. Every guild can write their own requirements into the guild info. And at the end the "Closed" tag means ofcourse that the guild is not interested or looking for new guildmember and its not possible to send any applications as player to this guild.

    So its mostly similiar to the Darkorbit Clan System but still rare from the Design and Overface of this Ranglist or Hall of Fame. Wether you want to call it. Now im coming to the critera of the Overall Rankingpoints you get as guild which me and other players are still debatting which we prefer and which would be the most fairest for PvE or PvP players in this game. Ofcourse the Devs of Bigpoint or Drakensang in particular would probably know in this case the most effiecent and fairest way in this case. But Players, Friends of mine and me thought about 2 possible fair Ranking options on how you rank guilds and how you can see what guild is actually really strong and high ranked and which not. The first idea i had was to make a guild ranglist for PvP and for Pve. That means there is one Ranglist Tab where you click on and then you can choose on a dropbar if you rather want to get displayed the PvP Guild ranglist hall of fame or the PvE Guild ranglist hall of fame. This option could be fair for every player since not everyone is playing PvP. The problem in this case would be, what method would you use to create these Overall Rankpoints for PvE. Out of what does these PvE Overall Rankpoints even exist. That would be ofcourse a problem to think about, maybe the Devs have in this case a idea. The other more easier and similar option (DarkOrbit) would be to make only one Guild Ranglist Hall of Fame. In this one Guild Ranglish Hall of Fame the Overall Ranglist Points for a guild will be the sum of all PvP Rankpoints of every member in this particular guild. That means as example, a guild has 10 member at its current state and those 10 members have a total of 25 million PvP Rankpoints, this sum of all of the pvp points is equal to the current Overall Rankpoints of your guild in the List.

    So now since i refered to the guild problem in Drakensang Online, the guilds have to get ofcourse little more complex then what we have at the moment. Guilds are a huge feature and a big part in this game even tho you cant really do anything with your guild. Since now you as Guildmaster or you as Officer of a certain guild get applications of players and so on, it would be good to add more buttons below the name list of the guildmembers. As example when you get the officer rank, a button for the applications should appear. Or if you are a guildmaster you should get buttons like "Change Guild Info" or "Change Guild Recruitment Status". These names are ofcourse only examples but this would make guilds more interactive and fun. Anyways now im getting to my last big point and suggestion that would be a huge improvement for competitive players like myself. Let Guilds able to own a Diplomacy. For that you dont need special ranks like "Diplomat" in the game. I personally think a Officer rank should be enough to look into the diplomacy and if its wished, to change the diplomacy of a guild aswell. I thought of two or three diplomatic status you can have with a other guild. The first Diplomatic status you can have as guild with an other guild would be a "Alliance". That means the guildnames that appears under the names of players would turn into a green name. The second Diplomatic status you can have as guild with a other guild would be a "War". That means the guildnames that appear under the names of players would turn into a red name. Also the third Diplomatic status would be the "Neutral" status which you have automatically from the beginning with someone. That means the guildnames that appear under the names of players would look exactly the same like they guildnames are looking now.

    Let me know what you think. I appreciate your feedback and opinion. I personally would love to see this feature ingame soon.
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  2. Imрerfect

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    Hello sir, I do find your suggestion interesting and I really hope new changes to the guild section can be implemented. Simply because any new player or even returning players can see a new vibe to the game itself. Right now the only thing you can do in your guild is chat. It would really REALLY make the game better if they re-designed the whole section from the beginning. That includes aspects from your suggestion, as well as others like guild participation in events, guild vs guild, or even guild strongholds. Although in the PvP side of the new would be guild section should be revamped as well, with some kind of balance between guilds. These are long future plans though, firstly if I was the Dev I would certainly change the whole guild concept, making it more interactive and fun, as you said.