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Discussion in 'Creative Corner' started by Redkiller12, Nov 6, 2020.

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  1. Redkiller12

    Redkiller12 Forum Great Master

    I's about time for new jewels to be added.The latest jewel we have is the one on new years event on January which is a lot time ago.And since then we get the same jewels all over again.So I'm gonna suggest some ideas:):
    (The green-blue stats are for the uprgraded versions of the normal jewels improved-magic accordingly)

    • Lifestone
      • Gives damage.
        • Lifesteal:Heal yourself for 0,5%-0,75%-1% of your missing health every time you hit an enemy.Critical hits double the healing.
        • Socketable amount ->1

    • Stoneheart
      • Gives armour.
        • Stone shield:You get a shield equal to 10%-15%-20% of your health points that blocks enemy damage.When the shield breaks,it explodes dealing 100%-200%-300% physical damage and stunning all enemies for 2 seconds in 5 meter radius.You also get a buff for 10 seconds which increases your armour by 8%-16%-24% and your movement speed by 6%-8%-10%.
        • Cooldown ->20 seconds
        • Socketable amount ->1
    And one a bit creative.:D
    • Goldgem
      • Increase coin drop chance by 25%-50%-100%.
      • Increase coin drop amount by 50%-100%-150%.
      • Monsters have a chance to drop silver coins.
      • Monsters have a chance to drop gold coins.
        • Moneyhunger:You heal yourself for 100%-200%-300% of the coin amount you get from loot.(eg.7 silver 50 bronze coin drop will heal you for 750-1500-2250 health points accordingly when you get it)
        • Socketable amount ->1

    If you want you can post your own ideas here.:D
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  2. dkarl

    dkarl Forum Duke

    Lifestone -- is this good for melee as well as ranged attacks? For AOE attacks? As a dwarf, would I start spamming those tiny little hand grenade explosions to remotely steal HP? Or as a ranger would I go back to using the mushroom traps to do the same? I'm not shooting this down wholesale, just want to make certain we've got a universally useful item.

    Stoneheart -- shield and armor? Plus damage? And movement speed? We call this the kitchen sink approach: Throw everything into the mix. You're basically cutting damage received in half? Feels too generous (but I'm only a barely-better-than-newbie level cap player, not ready to tackle even Inf2 in PW; maybe you need this for Inf7 runs?).

    Goldgem -- creative, mixing coin drop advantage with healing buff. A couple of observations: Unless the devs are going to increase the coin cost of consumable and/or gem crafting, in DSO2.0 gold is much less valuable (in the current iteration of the game, we need tons of gold for equipment crafting, but DSO2.0 equipment crafting uses only glyphs of power). On the other hand, aren't you being overly generous again with the healing buff? On magic level, the gem will cause mobs to drop gold = 100x the 7s50b in your example, meaning you'll be healing 225,000 HP with the mob coins drop? If the devs enable this jewel, they'll at the same time dramatically nerf coin drops so it almost never activates.

    Sorry to be such a naysayer. I am perfectly open to being told I have no idea what I'm talking about :).
  3. TwiliShadow

    TwiliShadow Count Count

    Actually, the "Goldgem" is a bad idea. Quite some time ago we got them to stop dropping things we are just going to sell anyway and instead drop the coins we'd get for the sale.

    Adding this "gem" would cause them to reverse that change and instead of getting the gold that takes no inventory space, we'd get the items again and have to stop and sell all the time.

    So, No thanks. I remember when there was very little gold dropped and lots of white and green items on the ground. Definitely no thanks on going back to THAT.
  4. Redkiller12

    Redkiller12 Forum Great Master

    It would give you hp per hit.For example, i shoot an explossive arrow which hits 1 initial damage and 5 with the explosion so i would be healed 6 times.I suggest this one because we need some sustain and not spam potions all the time and it is not that op.

    Lets say you have 100,000 health points.This jewel would give you 20,000 point "shield" which takes the damage you would have taken anyways,it doesnt "block" like shields we have in game.So if a monster would hit you for 10,000 dmg instead of dropping your hp it drops that shield amount to 20,000-10,000=10,000 points.When shield points drop to 0 then you explode dealing damage like some bombs we had some time ago.But most importantly,the explosion would stun monsters for 2 seconds.It's a jewel that helps not die instantly and react accordingly especially at inf7 where monsters just drop you like you are nothing.
    I said 100% not 100x.And yeah,we don't know what will happed with the ce,but i think it's very likely they'll do something with gold because then they would be no reason to sell items afterwards.
    Well obviously, i meant that nothing would change in drop and the only thing would be adding this jewel to buff us.I undrestand though your implications because they'll never buff us without nerfing us at the same time,eh?:oops:
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  5. Dzungla

    Dzungla Forum Expert

    I could agree with first two only with one restriction - it can be used only by a DK :D (I think it's obvious why .)

    Gold-ish one would be obsolete before implementation.
  6. Phyrix

    Phyrix Count Count

    Love that youre creative, as you may notice I have posted quite a lot of uniques and many of them sometimes sheerly and utterly broken.
    I would however like to point you in the right direction, by proposing a few slight nerfs to your proposed jewels and I will show you why.

    Average players that is mid to end game, lets say they didnt use a tonic has about 100 000 - 120 000 hp
    now lets work on 100 000 hp and a white jewel.
    0.5% = 500 hp and you can attack on a 15 frames skill at 3.333 attacks speed 5 times per second which = 2500 hp per second
    ooof this is a tough one because that doesnt seem like a lot.
    The thing is though and this is especially important to ranged players is aoe damage ratio.
    Let me explain, take your build and go stand at the herald on painful and see how much damage he deals when right at his eao explosion.
    Do the same again, but this time be about 5 meters away, and the 3rd time do it at the edge of his explosion.
    This healing factor is 1000% OP for ranged but mediocre for melee players
    I mean I would be doing 6 smashes a second with q7 and I have 192k hp with buff and in group and well
    0.5% x6 would give me around 6k hp per second, but dragon hide gives more, bws gives more too, and I need more so I will take it

    Someone has been playing LE, this looks a lot like ring of shields
    In my Opinion this is too much, 1 it auto generates every 20 seconds
    2 it literally blocks damage.
    well no matter the % you will deal x% of your base every 20 seconds, thats about it.
    you take a 100k hit which is very realistic in dso, its gone, and thats it, theres nothing special about it.
    If it was up to me I would say:
    Every 10 seconds this generate a shield that has a 50% chance to block incoming damage, after 3 seconds the shield explodes dealing 300% of your base damage.
    armor and movement speed is too much just the block and explosion is enough.

    as for the gold jewel, just no, NO
    Stop it