New Moon Spider calling

Discussion in 'PvE Players Wanted' started by jamakoo, Aug 7, 2018.

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  1. jamakoo

    jamakoo Forum Apprentice

    Hey there. Since there are lots of people leeching others on new moon i thought i'd post the obvious perfect way to do boss runs on new moon:

    1 - Get 5 people, 1 is the killer (he has 200 wood), 4 others have each 200 wood
    2 - You do 4 runs where just the killer activates the buff while each run someone calls
    3 - everyone spends 200 wood in total and gets 8 spider kills with 4 scrolls
    4 - ???
    5 - success :p

    Anyone in? I can kill 2 spiders on inf1 in 1 buff. If i get together 4 people with 200 wood the party can start =)
    Also i urgently need the brown broomstick, so i will just do white spider runs.

    If you want to join please contact me ingame (Jamako, Server Heredur) or leave a message here.
    Oh and please have the decency to call atleast 1 time if you join for 4 runs. Otherwise it is just unfair and you're leeching everyone.


    man, i feel like this forum is dead
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  2. Shine2

    Shine2 Board Administrator Team Drakensang Online

    Dear jamakoo , first off , please refrain from writing consecutive posts- it's against the rules. Now, while it is perfectly understandable that you may be very eager to get hold of some really cool items from New Moon event, please keep in mind that many players are making efforts to test new content on Test Server. Also, many others are probably still farming Draken Cores and other goodies in Creepy Castle:) Please be patient and perhaps soon some players will show their interest in forming a party for New Moon with you;

    thank you,

    kindest regards.
  3. What server do you play on?
  4. jamakoo

    jamakoo Forum Apprentice

    Sadly there aren't so many really cool items from new moon for me anymore. Just the broom for collecting reasons, which doesn't drop :oops:
    Yeaaa, I know it's "illegal" to write multiple consecutive posts :p But my post was there since last event and didn't get any answers, so I had to revive it :confused: (which worked apparently)

    I play on Heredur, i'll add that
  5. heror

    heror Forum Baron

    i dont think that newbies want inf 1 tho....
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  6. jamakoo

    jamakoo Forum Apprentice

    Update: I can also do inf3 with 3 people (but then i'd be leeching so i won't do that)
    i don't care about the mode since i just want the broom. So newbs can also ask me for fatal or even normal. But it seems people dont look in the /s or /a chat since i just successfully spammed them all on every possible chat room :/ yea i got time...
    but 2 people whispered me and then reconciled or needed to do black spider rather... sad. i think i need to farm immense amounts of wood or just spam the scrolls away with just 1 kill.