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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by ahmedhelmy12252, Oct 10, 2020.

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  1. ahmedhelmy12252

    ahmedhelmy12252 Forum Greenhorn

    i'm new to the game and i love mainly the archers in any mmorpg, but while trying the ranger i think he is kinda weak but balanced so i need any advice about what to do i'm currently level 24 i also need skill build for farming and arena PVP + which bow is better for which ?
    thanks in advance
  2. jelbeat

    jelbeat Regular

  3. ahmedhelmy12252

    ahmedhelmy12252 Forum Greenhorn

    i literally saw every post in the rangers section but still dont understand a thing also what should should i invest my andermants on + whats a q7 set ? i dont understand these shortcuts as well as the builds
  4. dkarl

    dkarl Forum Duke

    Bearing in mind that the Content Expansion coming in late November (set for release on 11/24 … at least for now) may completely change everything, I would recommend you just keep playing, testing and discarding pieces of equipment as you stumble across them.

    The game is currently centered around damage, damage and more damage, so focus on damage-related options in the Wisdom tree. (You'll also want to shift points into the Peddler option as soon as it becomes available. That allows you to sell junk equipment on the fly while you're in the wild, killing mobs.)

    Spend andermant on expanding your locker and backpack, nothing else. The first time you add a row in your locker and the first time you add a row in your backpack inventory will be at an introductory price. Take advantage of those. Then try to save up 10,800 to buy a 3x Inventory Expansion option in the Shop. If you're desperate, add another row or two to your locker; do not buy single row expansions in the backpack after that first time.

    Most real-world unique equipment sets are mediocre, and you'll probably never complete a set before moving onto the next area of the world which will have its own unique set.

    As for the style of bow, there are three: Short bows which have higher speed, lower damage, but include some critical rate in the base statistics; long bows with have average speed, average damage, no crit hit rate, but do include a 20% reduction on concentration costs; and, 2-handed siege bows with slowest speed, highest damage, no crit rate, no concentration reduction. Oh, and the short- and long-bows are 1-handed, meaning you'll have an extra "off-hand" slot to equip either a shield (if you need more defense; you will ;-)) or a quiver (if you're confident and want to max out damage capabilities). End-gamers definitely go with the siege-bow, but I recommend long bows for your stage of the game.

    I personally like the Bow of Destruction from the Myrdosch area … you won't get there until you're at level 40+. It's a hybrid bow: Has higher speed and includes crit hit rate like the shortbow, but is technically a long bow, so also has ok damage and includes the concentration reduction. It's not a guaranteed drop, and you won't keep it forever, but you'll probably hang onto it well into the next area past Myrdosch if you ever get your hands one.


    As soon as you have a handful of Realm Fragments, find event item vendor Thabo (he's in every town) and buy a pass to Varholm. That's a map which has two modes: Day time (when the monthly Full Moon event isn't running) and night time (when the event is active). Follow the quests there in Day mode initially; eventually you'll be stuck waiting for the Night mode to continue the quest line; then there will be another delay when you have to wait for Day mode again to finish the quest line. All in all, expect a couple of months before you're ready to tackle the event. There are a couple of unique item sets in the Full Moon, but you aren't likely to use them. However, you'll get a chance to earn Runes of Celerity which you can add to your bow for extra attack speed (you'll need plenty of this).


    Just a few hints to help you get started. Have fun!


    EDIT: I noticed that you posted more questions while I was composing this message …

    The Q's are Parallel World quest lines. Basically, alternate, more dangerous versions of the dungeons you're just getting familiar with now. You can't get to the Q's until you've reached level 50, so don't fret about them for now.

    And, as noted above, the CE is likely going to change the kinds of special equipment you can drop in those Parallel World Qs. So, again, don't worry about that Q7 weapon: It's both out of reach and likely to be obsolete in a month's time.
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  5. jelbeat

    jelbeat Regular

    The smart thing to do is to combine ur expansion with the daily deal, for instance this one:

    In that case u get ur inv expansion and as a bonus some extra's. That's what they call a "win-win" deal.
    U have to do some calculation though to see what items u can get for the amount u want to spend in comparison to the the expansion u want.
    And if there's is nothing in the daily deal u like u can always look the next day or the next (every day they are different).
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