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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by teddy.bear, Aug 6, 2015.

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  1. RockSentinel

    RockSentinel Forum Greenhorn

    I don't have much to add before I actually test those new skills myself, however, I would like to voice my concerns about what these new changes might mean to a free player like me.

    Being a free player, I have limited resources (Anders, gylphs, gems) which I have invested in a single character. I chose this class because it was the best class for a free pve player with ability to do little pvp (going to be 30 fame soon at level 30 char level). I was happily doing my routine when the makers of this game decided to change the game itself. From the posts in this forum, I can clearly see that the class I am playing would not be much attractive after the new skill system is put in place. I would rather play some other class than playing my current class at any rate.

    Does it mean that I have lost all my work due to change in gameplay? The answer is yes. All my gylphs and gems would be in unwanted character's inventory as soon as the new skill system comes.When I started the game last year, I had no idea that this game will change so drastically, otherwise I would have selected some other class :(

    As a free player, I am doomed.
  2. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    One key difference. Deadly blow is a single target, were as Smash is AoE in front of the DK.

    I'm not arguing with the post as a whole; I agree that this release is making RAs the most OP class in the game and is the most game breaking change since the changes to 2H weapons that made DKs the undisputed gods of the game.
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  3. DSO_Fan_Boy

    DSO_Fan_Boy Forum Greenhorn

    Yes and no. Ranger in melee fights will first fire explosive arrow to break armor + 2 precision shots or 4x precision shots to bring most mobs around it (the ranger player) to low hp, then preceed to deadlyblow for full concentration and hp recovery.
  4. sdknightno1

    sdknightno1 Advanced

    I don't feel like this thread is meant for debate, but since you started it, I will go down with you.

    1. I don't know where you get your statistics from. Do you have a database of all the players and their classes?
    Do you use the rankings? Because its not an accurate representation? I really don't see how you can make this claim or even have the evidence of backing it up.
    Even if you see a lot of rangers running around, how many of them are truly endgame rangers instead of beginner players who picked ranger because it is a easy early game class to play.

    Equivalent? Let's count the differences shall we?
    1. Smash is Aoe, deadly blow is single target.
    2. Smash does 240% upgraded, while dead blow damage is only 100%, 200% when enemy is marked.
    3. To deal decent damage with deadly blow, the enemy must be marked. This means that extra actions have to be taken prior to using deadly blow. Unlike this, DK can do smash and immediately deal its full damage potential.

    Plus, ranger is not really best suited for close range combat, even less so now that you have to separately spend points on %HP in wisdom tree (I think most rangers would pick dps/mobility related talents)

    This is just too funny and wrong on so many different levels. Have you ever used wolf pack during a boss fight? Mortis? Destructor? The wolves die in 1 or 2 hits...
    And "equivalent to DK dragonskin"??? Are you serious??? I don't think the rangers get a buff that reduce an insane amount damage and get immunity to stuns. In fact, in PVP the wolves are most frequently use by DKs to heal themselves.

    Again, I think most rangers, SWs, and SMs would pick dps/mobility related talents.

    But then most people would understand that each classes have different play styles.
    DKs and SWs all have stuns that are easier to use than ranger's.
    Now DKs get a debuff move on jump, on top of the stun immunity from dragon hide.
    Rangers have a jump move that has a cd that is shorter than the jump moves of other classes with better stuns, so what?
    Plus rangers got a BIG nerf on their adrenaline, which now reduces attack damage by 40% for the entire duration. Not to mention that without spending 5 points to upgrade it, adrenaline gives 0% movement speed boost...

    1. The stat rolls on the weapon + quiver + gems = still less dps increase (be it dmg, crit) than a single 2h weapon from other classes. Go figure.
    The best damage range from a bow i've seen is around 400-500 while other 2H weapons can go beyond 1000+. Now i don't even want to know how much damage 2H staffs can go up to.
    Simple math for you: what is 50% of 500? Compare this to 50% of 1000?
    Where is this imaginary "HUGE margin" you are speaking of?

    Well let's see:
    1. The worst stuns.
    2. Longbow is the worst weapon in DSO.
    3. Skills are dependent on the mark to deal their full damage potential.
    4. DPS falls behind SW and 2H DKs.
    5. Limited concentration pool and regen. SW have always had a large pool and better regen. DK gets rage from taking damage, which could then be easily healed back from mighty wild spin. In a boss fight, the tanking DK almost never runs out of rage.

    No other stuns in the game are so hard to use either. Bird is a joke in pvp if your opponent even remotely knows how to play.
    Also, DK's charge stun has 100% chance of no cd if hit on a bleeding opponent. How is this for comparison?

    Fire damage is only reduced by resistance, which most players only has about 20-30% reduction. Fireball also has a 90% burn which totals up to 216%.
    Precision shot is affected by armor, which most players have about 50-60% reduction.

    Now lets do some simple math:
    For fireball, say the resistance is 30%: 70% * 216% = 151.2%

    For precision, say the resistance is 50%: 50% * 150 = 75%

    See the difference?

    -- MERGED --

    But then I could argue the same for SWs as the most OP class after this update.
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  5. DSO_Fan_Boy

    DSO_Fan_Boy Forum Greenhorn

    An easy indication is by the number of posts and threads across all language forum platforms for class forums. See for yourself :)

    1.AOE and single target addressed in above post to baragain.
    2.Deadlyblow upgraded has 7% speed boosts that stacks.
    3.Marking an entire mob group can be done with 1 action with numerous marking skills rangers possess.

    Every class gets the same wisdom tree. Ranger receive same amount of blocking as DK. Blocking is the main defense mechanism for tanking, not a few hundred extra armor or hp.

    Yes, wolf pack/tree works well enough to sufficiently heal myself against bosses. Reduction in damage is for healing when DK tanks, otherwise the DK would heal very little when dragonskin is active. Immunity to stuns is only 8 seconds and useless for most part in PvE. It is an advantage in PvP.

    You think. The choices are there and are better. Other classes pick from being dog or cat poop. Rangers get to pick being left or right hand of god.
    I already addressed the advantages of having most number and lowest cooldown debuffs and escape moves.

    Yes totally! let's buff adrenaline even more.

    Adrenaline upgraded give 60% movement speed boost (with current test server release).
    You clearly have no idea. Mages would rather use wand+book than slow 2h in PvP because of speed importance. You are comparing damage per hit.
    1. Net that does not trigger cooldown, bird deals 300% damage. OMG sooo bad
    2. Agree, but your shortbow is there. Your weapons are no worse than other classes.
    3. Even unmarked, precision outdamage fireball (150vs126). Marking a mob group take an extra click of a button, such stress and hardship!
    4. Slightly lower, yes in PvE. PVP, no. 2H mages are not practical compared to wand+book/shortbow+quiver.
    5. SW regen from teleport fully. Teleport 10s cd. Deadlyblow 0s cd full recovery. adrenaline 18s cd. DK rage generation heavily nerfed,you would know if you played a lvl 45 test char dk.

    Tell that to all the DK you stunned with bird at melee range and mages with teleport on cd and marked.

    charge stun is nerfed. Costs 30 rage now instead of 20. Only stun end target instead of all target in your path. Difficulty of apply bleed in PvP makes it less useful talent to pick for 5 points. If you can apply bleed, it means you are already in hitting distance. Using charge at that point would be a waste of 30 rage when you can smash. It is not practical to use.

    Fireball is reduced by resist and armor. Most PvP players at 45 have at least 1k resist. Burn does not stack if hit by 2 consecutive fireballs. Your numbers are not realistic.

    You really want to compare marking 2x damage to burns? lol

    Oh please ignore me, I'm just blowing smoke. You must be right:Ranger not OP, it is mage and dk OP. Dwarf is godmode!!
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  6. littlemichel

    littlemichel Active Author

    what ever u smoke , keep calm , that thing we talking still in TS and remember we tested that new thing with crappy stats and few skills still buggy ,so the fully potentially power each class still only in our imagination , I believe all the thing will be get some modification and sort out before go live or rework again as usual with hotfix , if want continue debate about this imaginary OP , how about starting make thread "usual OP things for each class" in new thread that will be better

    BLASTUP Active Author

    Everyone on forum is screaming that these things are good or these things are bad but no one request to fix those things..they give us characters for testing new skills and post if u like or dont like and if u want changes or not but u all guys not telling what to change ...
    so better guys u request the changes that u want before its too late
  8. cdeepal

    cdeepal Forum Baron

    Landing a fireball you pretty much never miss due to the speed and spread it has, and you will be lucky to land a precision shot. Yes, I play both classes.
  9. shadow-whisper

    shadow-whisper Forum Mogul

    Played on test for a while so it´s time to add my 2 cents I guess...

    The general idea to make more possibilities how to build a character is great and was needed for a long time already. Everyone was playing mostly the same build so it was getting pretty boring. The new system offers a lot of choices and combinations, and being able to freely choose what I want instead of being stucked between 2 options, which were most of the time a no brainer, is a huge improvement.

    However it doesn´t remove the main problem for me. When I was leveling up a new character, both in the old and even in the new system, it does not reward me for reaching a new level instead of few hp and damage bonus. I still need to get more level-ups to choose some skill, which is the biggest flaw for me. It is very boring to level up after lvl 30+ without getting rewarded. From what I saw in the new skills, there is also a lot of boring upgrades that only improve the basic damage of a skill and just few of those that really add new effects. I would like each skill upgrade to have a significant impact on my gameplay style, and just adding a little bit more damage won´t make any special builds. So what would I like to see is each upgrade adding a new effect to a skill, for ex. the precision shots increases my run speed, explosive arrow breaks armor, wolf pack summons the treant instead ... those are the things I like a lot and this is the direction all upgrades should take imo. I was thinking how to improve the new system so I came up with the following idea :

    What if each skill would have 3 ranks
    , each costing 1 skill point, and 3 upgrades, each costing 2, 3 or 4 points (minor, average, strong as it is now)
    Each rank would improve the basic effect of the skill, increasing it´s damage or prolonging the effect of the skill etc.
    Each upgrade would add aditional effects to the skill
    I will explain it with an example of 2 skills : the Hunting arrow and Adrenalin

    Hunting arrow - deals 50% physical damage without any upgrades and marks the target. The starting rank is always 0. After putting one talent point into the skill, we increase the rank to 1, the damage is now increased to 55%. After putting another point into it, we increase the rank of the skill to 2. On second rank the skill deals again bigger damage, for example 60% of the basic damage as physical.
    We can put there on point more and get the maximal rank 3. The last rank will give us bigger boost then the previous upgrades, let´s say it will add additional 10% damage. So having this skill fully maxed, it would deal 70% baisc damage as physical.
    Now let´s take a look at the upgrades. It would work the same way as now, but each one would add new aditional effects.
    1st upgrade for 2 points - reduces the concentration cost from 4 to 2 (making it free is way too much imo)
    2nd upgrade for 3 points - hits 2 targets
    3rd upgrade for 4 points - changes the physical damage into poison damage and poisons the target for 3 seconds, dealing 10% damage as poison per second.
    So, when we obtained this skill, it only dealt 50% physical damage to one target and marked it. After we fully upgraded it, it deals 70% + 10% every second poisonous damage, hits 2 targets and the concentration cost is reduced, all of that for 12 talent points.
    Of course it would be possible to combine it and choose only one of the upgrades, or two, pretty much as it is now. The only difference is that upgrades which are now not adding any new effects would be moved as ranks and with them you improve the basic % values, or lenghth of effects. Upgrades are only add new aditional effects.

    Let´s try it with another skill:
    ex. 2 - Adrenalin - when we get this skill it has no rank = 0/3. The skill it replenishes our concentration, increase running speed by 30% for 3s at the cost of 30% damage penality for the duration of this skill. With improving this skill by buying higher ranks, each for 1 talent point, the numbers will change. On rank 1 the running speed is increased to 35% for 3.5s. On rank 2 it is further increased onto 40% for 4s. If we max this skill, on rank 3 we will get a bigger boost for the final rank. Let´s say 50% increased running speed and it lasts 5s.
    Again there are 3 upgrades for this skill.
    1st upgrade for 2 points - reduces cooldown of your skills by 1 second for each second under the duration of Adrenalin. (5 secondes total)
    2nd upgrade for 3 points - heals 2% hp each second for the duration of Adrenalin. (That would be 10% total)
    3rd upgrade for 4 points - removes the damage penality.
    Would be worth it wouldn´t it ?

    I hope you understand what I mean here. I could wirte this for all of the skills, but those are just examples. I believe this would improve the system even further and make even more possible builds with each upgrade adding new effects. Would take some time to implement of course, but for me this would be the ultimate solutions. So maybe skills 3.0 in the future ? :rolleyes:

    .... so that was my idea how to improve it .. now it´s time to write what I think about some of the skills I have tried with my ranger, but also other classes I didn´t play with, but saw the list of skills anyway so here we go...

    Overall I highly dislike the complete removal of energy costs especialy at the stronger skills, such as thornwall, ranger´s net and also on other classes - wortex for mage etc. I wonder what was the reason behind this ? It´s ok to decrease the cost, but make it totaly free ? Thats too much imo. Player skills mattered, to use the abilities at right time, now when they are free, I can use them anytime and if I don´t use them right, I won´t loose anything. Also, things adding + mana/concentration ... will become almost useless. I know I can have only some of the upgrades, so I need to choose carefuly and there are probably better options than taking all of the energy cost removals, but still, it´s way too much imo. Simply reducing the cost by 25 - 50% would be enough.

    The similiar problem I had was fast shot on the dwarf. It was a class with very slow steam regen, but now, a lot of skills became cheaper to use, turrets are giving back more steam and iron dwarf is without cost ? Along with the 4 steam regen per hit (!!!) what does this class even need steam for ? .. regarding the fast shot skill, IIRC the basic steam regen on dwarf is 2,5 per sec, 3,5 while using an offensive offhand item, so with the skill it gets actualy doubled, tripled with really high speed ? That´s insane. Even 1 steam per hit would be too much with high enough attack speed ...

    And now about the hp regen - mages can regenerate hp with the magic misile huh ? Interesting, but useless imo. How often will you kill enemies with this skill ? It´s mainly usefull on bosses to regain mana for casting lighting strike more often, so I don´t see the point in healing 5% hp after killing an oponent. Chain lighting is still better option for group of monsters. If mages should get healing, I expected it to be on the Guardian skill, so it´s on pair with Ranger´s wolves.
    The ranger´s deadly blow got the same effect, but if we compare those skills, it´s much more useful on ranger, and not because it heals double the amount (10%) but because it´s really important skill to kill enemies with to regain concentration .. and now even hp. This one on the other hand sounds quite OP, hell rangers may even never run out of HP.

    Speaking about rangers .. eventhough it´s my favourite character in the game, I have to admit it feels a bit OP now, with all those improvements + armor braking. The only disadvantage is the Adrenalin - the damage penality can´t be removed ? Other then that, almost all of the ranger´s skills were boosted, so I´m still not sure which skills will I choose. That´s good. But what about the other classes ? Rangers and DKs looks to be the best classes after the skills 2.0 came out as is. Mages on the other hand seems quite nerfed - lighting no longer deals 33% bonus damage to "marked enemies" ? Destruction, Meteor improved, highly appreciated, but chain lighting/lighting/fireball were the basic skills, and from what I saw, all of them are nerfed ? Not sure about that...o_O

    About the SM, not sure, it´s the character I put the least time into, but it seems they got some nice boosts too, they desperately needed more direct damage and they got some.

    New skills ... let´s go one by one
    Ranger and his explosive shot - almost useless without the upgrades. The basic damage is quite bit, however with the small explosion radius and high concentration cost, it´s not worth it to use this instead of precision shot. HOWEVER with the last upgrade, reducing enemy armor seems veery powerful against tough enemies and especialy PvP. Good thing it´s onyl 3s (PvP 2s)

    - I love the aditional effects that taunts enemies. This was needed for a group play and is something I hoped for, the question is, does it work on bosses ? Hopefuly. With the last upgrade it also regenerates hp. The cost is however 60 rage, so we will see if it pays of to use it in PvP just because of the regeneration. It has the same problem as Ranger´s explosive shots however. Without upgrades it´s totaly useless. +0.25% attack speed ? That´s a joke right ?

    Mage got an ice sphere, and I have just one question about this skill - what´s exactly the point of using it ?

    Dwarf - new turret. With 200% basic damage looks to be highly effective against group of enemis and mainly against bosses. Useless in PvP tho. Aditinal effects are nice.

    I guess only time will show which skills are worth it, but there are some of those that already scream OP or UP.

    ...So that´s it I guess ? My little feedback regarding the new skills :p It has a lot of potential and can improve the gameplay greatly, but there need to be some improvements and mainly, balancing, to be done.
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  10. .snakehunter.

    .snakehunter. Active Author

    Now best skille splittet bader, other take to know tree:
    pvp healing, 2 hd skill, hp, Speed, dam. and Block
    if i skill healing, i Need for dk, must skill Speed, 50% only for weapondam, the new weapon 10% slower, = 20 % slower.
    Now all to skill is not go like before...

    playing is terrible dk, i mean warrior kick out off the game, but all wont it for the strong Monster.

    Take the old skillsystem plz
  11. MarcoPolo1999

    MarcoPolo1999 Forum Greenhorn

    the most skills bader before, i can not playing like before, good skill only in middle tree.
    points not much.

    i have slower life, speed, dam...

    so make not fun, stay to old skillsystem!!!
  12. Killerking

    Killerking Forum Apprentice

    I think the old System is better, playing whith new is not good, char. is so bal like before 1,5 years.
    I mean BP want Dk kick out off this game, make him not so bal plz...

    only old System is good - stay here plz
  13. DSO_Fan_Boy

    DSO_Fan_Boy Forum Greenhorn

    I smoke some really good stuff bro, it made me hallucinate the ranger on test server. Want some? Too bad, you can't have xD


    People need to realize to compare balance between classes with the new system, you must compare the skills fully upgraded. This is important. Much more so than points limiting your choices.

    Premium will be a huge benefit in the future because you can reset talent on-the-go for free.

    Take OP ranger with scenarios as example:

    Your group is doing a boss without a DK or doing a difficult map without a tank:

    No problem, spec your points into blocking, healing, deadlyblow and go in melee range to tank for the group. With ranger damage and in melee distance, you'll less trouble maintaining aggro using damage & distance factors (for mages). Dwarf turrrets don't grab aggro.

    Your group has a tank and in need of DPS:

    Spec into quiver and precision shot and explosive arrows. Explosive arrows spams to break all armor of mobs on screen. With mob broken armor, use deadly blow to 1 shot a few mobs full 100% concentration uptime all the time, then proceed with spammable 300% precision arrow on mobs without armor. Easy peazy.

    Your group have tank and DPS, but noob tank or noob mage/dwarf keep on dying on you, spec into support:

    With new net upgrade, for EVERY mob you hit with net, you receive 40% chance of not triggering cooldown. Net marks and uses 0 concentration. As long as you hit more than 2 mobs at a time, you will highly likely not trigger cooldown. This means, as support, you can spam nets non-stop, mark entire screen of mobs, stun them all, use 0 concentration and can spam all your skills/mark again when mob recover from stuns.

    You decide to PvP:

    Spec into bladedance, jump, adrenaline, precision arrow and explosive arrow. You have enough damage to 1 shot, and your opponents will have a hard time landing projectiles or stuns on you with that many escapes and debuffs, if you have any idea on how to play.

    Premium respec benefit will be Pay-to-Win, now that we established ranger's dominance; there will be a huge gap between F2P and P2P rangers.
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  14. Mal3ficent

    Mal3ficent Guest

    Your posts are off topic and will be removed immediately if you keep that way.
    If you are unsure how to provide feedback you can take a note here.
    Any other off topic posts will be sanctioned.

    To all players.
    As you can see we, the moderation team, have tolerance in these feedback threads more than we usually do, just because of the significance of the content. However, you can give your feedback but please do not make it personal.
  15. dannyy868686

    dannyy868686 Someday Author

    imo its about time ranger got some love, and not be cast aside in pve because they have no armour brake, and lack decent cc like mages, people would much rather take a mage, that can get just as high if not higher dps then ranger.
    and pvp come on with dk's running around with 25k life, no one is getting one shotted anymore. you've got this thing in your head that thinks rangers are so OP they one shot everything.. yeah maybe a few heavy payed chars, but same go's for all class's that have had heavy paying put in to them.
  16. whisperkiller

    whisperkiller Forum Apprentice

    This update. This update... The maps and bosses are amazing. The quests are amazing. The new skills are amazing. If you are not a Dragonknight. This update will make dragonknights practically unplayable in pvp and so weak in pve that it's not even funny. Rangers in the other hand get everything good and op about other classes, but none of their weaknesses. I dont want to write everything specific, but only 10% armor more on dk? No healing rages? Rangers beingg better tanks thatn dks? This update is about to be biggest success and biggest failure on the same time. If you release this patch, unmodified, you make a big mistake.
  17. nasowas

    nasowas Junior Expert

    I got one of those lvl 45 test SW's. After realizing the frost nova did not freeze ANY mobs in the first Lor Tac map area, I have to agree with a few posts...leave the old skill system in place. This update is a serious game killer outside of the new content. Well my live server SW may survive this but the fact that we lose more than we gain with the new system is disheartening. We put so much work into making strong characters and DSO has decided none of it mattered, "thanks for your time, effort and money but here's the new and improved DSO 2.0 and your characters all need to be reworked but we have lots to sell you to make them workable again, insert credit card here >>>>"
    I have to ask what was so difficult about just adding a new skill, adding 4 more knowledge and another PvP buff?
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  18. DSO_Fan_Boy

    DSO_Fan_Boy Forum Greenhorn

    Changes to consider for balance:

    When a player picks a class, the player does so based on certain assumptions and expectations of the classic class role:

    Dragonknight = tank
    Spellweaver = damage dealer
    Ranger = hybrid/tanky ranged class
    Dwarf = summoner

    When a player plays a certain a class, the player should have a distinct feel for that class.

    If a player plays a DK, he/she should feel the defensive power and the perceived tankiness that comes with that class, at the cost of damage. DKs should feel immortal, able to tank large quantity of mobs and a single high level boss. The disadvantage is low damage which makes DK take a very long time to kill stuff efficiently. Bosses should not be soloable, bosses need a recovery mechanism such as heals/timer countdown to prevent DK from slowly chipping away its HP. Since DSO is a farm based game, slower farm speed will offset the advantage of high survivability. Changes to consider: increase block rating for this class beyond the 50% block for all classes. Should consider 75% or 100%; or make 50% blocking exclusive to DK class. Lower the damage on 2h weapons to prevent the ability to solo bosses with high defense and offense. Consider adding a single target heal for boss tanking (Mighty swing works well on mobs but poorly on single target). With regards to 10% more armor, it is fine if you make it 10% additional reduction rather than rating. Armor rating has a very high diminishing return (ie. starting at 50%+ reduction) and a few percentage on the higher end will not justify the loss of ranged attacks.

    Spellweaver should have the feel of a damage dealer. When player plays SW, he/she should feel the raw power of wiping out large quantity of mobs with stackable combos. In exchange, a few hits will kill a spellweaver. Currently, SW feel like a low damage and low survival class (excluding high cashed SW).Changes to consider: Significantly buff 2h damage (not speed), and include skill combos (ie. if I cast this skill, my other skill will be buffed by X% damage for Y seconds) to award player skill and remove repetitiveness/boringness of constantly spamming 1 or 2 skills. Make SW 2h much more appealing compared to Wand + book/shield. Tradeoff is high damage (with combos/not just a single high damage skill) in exchange for class fragileness.

    Ranger should be class more suited for players who do not want to specialize in a specific role. A jack of all, master of none class. Current marking system is fine if you do not give armor break. But if you do release armor break with upcoming r155, consider removing double damage from marking. Marking can still retain 40% movement speed slow and piercing effects for precision arrow. All debuff skills and displacement skills should have cooldown timers to prevent abuse (namely explosive arrow and bladedance). Rangers can keep its lowest cooldown timer (of all classes) on its debuffs/escapes as an unique attribute of the class, but there must be a cooldown on bladedance. It can not have both spammable escapes/displacement and lowest cooldown on debuff jump & adrenaline. Damage (both DPS and Burst) should never exceed/equal SW, tankiness & healing should never exceed/equal DK. Changes to consider: Add cooldown to bladedance + explosive arrow. Either add armor break and remove double damage from marking, or keep current marking and not release armor break.

    Dwarf is a summoner class with turrets. As such, players should feel like a summoner when playing it. Current system of 50% steam/resource per summon is very punitive. This prevents the player from spam summoning/repositioning turrets, and results in slower less desired gameplay as a summoner. Changes to consider: Half the cost of summoning turrets or significantly buff steam regeneration, adjust turret damage (ie.lower) accordingly to the lower summon cost. Adjust steam heal to reflect this change. This will make the class more reliant on turrets and make the class feel more like a summoner.

    Current direction DSO heading in is very disappointing. I can not tell if it is the laziness or lack of creativity or the lack of simple ability to observe and learn from what other games does well. Currently, developers are just equalizing all classes by giving every class the same abilities (ex. 50% blocking, 50% 2h/quiver damage, near identical fame & knowledge tree, numerous similar skills across classes with different names such as dwarf rocket jump vs ranger jump and so on, similar upgrades on skills, etc. The list goes on.). Not only is this method highly uncreative and impact the player's distinct feel for the class, it also creates massive imbalance between classes. By equalizing classes in such a way, you are punishing specialized classes such as DK/MG/SM in favor of jack of all trades RA. You should never have a game with numerous classes where all/most your playerbase feel they should play the one(same) class (due to OPness or other reasons) or that class choice does not matter (because of near identical abilities/lack of distinct feel).

    This is all I have to say with regards to your new expansion. Class balance in a semi-PvP oriented game is much more important than visual appeals of Maps/Levels, AI intelligence, etc. I suspect PvP is the underlying drive for players spending and farming. I highly doubt anyone would farm M2 a thousand times without PvP just because they like the repetitiveness. Whether or not if you take my suggestions into consideration is up to you now. You have a good game going. I wish you all the best. Adios.
  19. gles

    gles Forum Greenhorn

    too much reading and matching. the devs should have this done.
  20. sdknightno1

    sdknightno1 Advanced

    Get used to it guys, once a few months there's always some troll who decides to make a new forum account and suggest removal of ranger markings.

    This is already the case before and will be after r155.
    Burst DPS SWs can surely out-perform RAs: destruction + meteor = a peaceful dungeon.

    Sure RAs can get concentration pool boost now but SWs get even more. Are you ready to meet SWs with 200 mana and 30 mana/sec?
    If the SWs out-performed RAs in long term DPS, surely after this patch I don't see a 3 second armor break tipping the balance. Don't forget SWs always had armor break (8-10 sec?)

    In terms of tankiness, I just don't see a RA having any chances of being better than an equally geared DK. The end of my argument.

    Well if you must insist on nerfing the RAs beyond the pathetic state they once were they should:
    1. Also nerf the insane damage of DKs. I think by going with your standards of class definitions it would be unacceptable that a DK can solo mortis in 46 seconds:
    No ranger (heck, maybe not even the SWs dps class) can even come close to that. Unfair! Right?

    2. and also nerf def of SWs because now SWs gears will have equal HP and armor options to RA gears, unfair! Right?

    Listen, don't just focus on what other people gain and fail to see what you have already been blessed with by the developers. Imagine if Bill Gates was jealous every time someone won the lottery.

    My experience vs your experience.
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