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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by teddy.bear, Aug 6, 2015.

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  1. matami

    matami Someday Author

    I don't think people are screaming because ranger gets armor break.. it's more of where they get it that bothers the most... i would gladly give rangers armor break because i know that they are only ones without and get lot of discrimination because of it.

    but here is the main reason(s) why it is so raged (mainly because PvP):
    -the armor break is in very fast flying arrow which is hard to avoid (rangers can shoot all arrows towards you and there is just no time between first and second hit).
    -which leads us to that if the first hit above is hunting arrow it deals x2 damage... yes that's 800%!!!! from your base damage if and when you take all the upgrade points.. also it stuns, have NO cooldown and doesn't take much concentration.

    you don't see how that's unfair? compare it to other classes armor break skill and they dont go even near that skill.. and don't throw any EDIT about how it's so freaking hard to mark and then shoot people. i own ranger too and i never had no difficulties to mark and PS people even though it's not my main char. to make it fairer you would need to at least remove the double damage from it and still it would easily 1 shot most of the mages..
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  2. RichMan

    RichMan Active Author

    At this point with old skill system nobody complains about rangers and they abilities but with new skill system everybody complains because we will be op and things. Well the things doesn't go as you think. Did you ever played ranger in the arena and had the lack of concentration because every skill we have eats concentration ? Or try to solo HoD only the bosses without a armor break and cant shoot a lot of precision shots because our hunting arrow eats concentration and you must run till you get some or wait for adrenaline rush to get ready to fill your concentration. Ranger class is not so easy and you need to think about your strategy so it works with your concentration because you don't want to go farm and feel useless in a group where there are dk and sw.
  3. Mal3ficent

    Mal3ficent Guest


    Spamming the forum with multiple accounts will get you banned. I will pass your details to the higher ups for investigation.


    PS. for those who will continue off topic we have prepared nice little vacation.
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  4. sdknightno1

    sdknightno1 Advanced

    What? WHAT?

    This is the main reason why certain people in this forum sometimes drive me insane.
    1. The Explosive Arrow is no faster than any other arrows the RAs have, nor is it faster than any projectiles of SWs or SMs. If anything, the ranged classes suffered a nerf in this patch since the previous fame talent that increases projectile speed by 44% is no longer available. So if anything, all arrows should be EASIER to avoid after r155.

    2. No, hitting a marked target WILL NOT do 800%. With it fully upgraded the arrow will deal 400%. The explosion will only do 200% (not 400%) when upgraded regardless of mark. Since I can't test it, I can't comment on whether the explosion can be easily avoided. But at least from other comments it seems the radius of the explosion that comes after is quite small. Don't forget that it is only the explosion that breaks armor, not the arrow.

    3. No, it DOES NOT also stun.

    4. Yes it does take much concentration. 50 concentration is VERY costly to a ranger considering the base concentration regen is only 8 concentration/sec. Now 50 mana on the other hand, is very easily recovered considering the base mana regen is 12 mana/sec and the new wisdom talent which grants +10 mana/sec.

    Please don't paint the RA's new skill as something its not...

    If you want to compare the RA armor break to other classes armor breaks:
    1. For SWs, their singularity can be cast directly onto their opponents at a range. Plus it slows so if you're trapped in it without a liberation skill, you're a goner. How easy do you think it is to freeze + singularity?
    2. For DKs, their armor break is 5 seconds pve and 3.5 seconds pvp. Plus their iron brow also comes with a stun, which means if your liberation skill is in CD, you're a goner.
    3. For SMs, their armor break is very easy to use and hit the opponent consider it has a quite large aoe and doesn't need to follow and land directly on them like the RA's bird. Plus it also comes with a stun which understand.
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    SUPERDOUPER Junior Expert

    First i bursted into tears when i saw new skill for sw, later into laughter, worse skill ever, slow ad short range i no sw will use it because its easy to avoid, i was looking foward to lev 50 and new skill, but after everything i saw and read my excitement has become disappointment, that just my wiew about new skill
  6. matami

    matami Someday Author

    where i said its faster? don't manipulate what i said that it's fast and hard to avoid. and i think that they have passively increased all flying "bullets".. it is not so fast like 33%.. like you can choose now but they are still faster (imo) than the basic now.

    199% + 200% = 399% and i can clearly see text there "marked foes who are hit will suffer double the damage"

    this one i think you are right... BUT! in TS enemies who get the armor break stops moving for like a second for some reason.

    every ranger can now have base 125 concentration... with twohander that skill cost only 40.... so that would make possible to shoot 3 times that arrow(your hunting arrow does not cost you anything if you upgrade it)

    still this one will 1-shot lot of people in pvp... and if you survive that there's second one right after that and if something miraculously survive that there still might follow PS or even third one... nothing goes even near this one...
    p.s. and basic dk's iron head doenst stun anymore :)
    P.s.s. and i can test this and i can say that "shortly after" means a lot less than half second in this case :)
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  7. sdknightno1

    sdknightno1 Advanced

    I know you said its fast and hard avoid. What I was arguing was that now all arrows are 33% slower than what they used to be, so now they are also easier to avoid.

    See how the "Marked foes who are hit will suffer double the damage" comes after the "Explosive arrow that will deal 199% damage" and, this is important, BEFORE the "the arrow will explode shortly after...200% of base damage as physical damage".

    So to interpret this, the marking only applies to the arrow, not he explosion or the comment about double damage will be placed at the very end and not in the middle.

    In fact, can someone who has a lv45 ranger on test server validate this? I am willing to bet on this.

    But with longbow the rangers arrows are also infinitely easier to avoid. Have you never kited around them longbow rangers before?

    If a RA can 1-shot you with explosive arrow then i'm sure a SW with the same stats can 1-shot you 2x with the damage of new Destruction skill.
    P.S. Iron Brow still stuns, you just have to upgraded it like how RAs have to upgrade Explosive arrow to make it deal more damage and apply armor break.
  8. littlemichel

    littlemichel Active Author

    As long I tested yesterday and I'm quite sure about it ,the double damage only for the arrow , not the explosion
    so if marked target , arrow deal double damage 398 and explosion deal 200 than later make armor break if still marked ,so armor break after explosion
    I will say the way much different with other class, the other class deal instant break armor and deal damage too in same time
    so if in pvp without long lasting mark or following with other hunting arrow I have a doubt to be effective (the radius quite small too like thorn cloud )
    Last edited: Aug 12, 2015
  9. matami

    matami Someday Author

    still no matter how you calculate it's still going to be at least 600% hit... too much... and how can you compare this to destruction... it is very slooooooow animated which is easy to avoid, this is animated like mages normal shot... + destruction has 1min cooldown this has 0s..
    and why im even debating with you if you even havent test it... how can you say it's not too powerful without testing.. and if you buff your posts with second account man that sounds like you are just driving your own interests for your main character no matter how unbalanced the game would be..

    and im not going to argue this anymore this is my opinion(and a LOT of other people think this too) that this skill is too op and it needs to be balanced..
  10. Mal3ficent

    Mal3ficent Guest

    @matami and @sdknightno1

    Enough! Stop!

    The next similar posts will be removed and the users sanctioned.
  11. thebearreturns

    thebearreturns Exceptional Talent

    bloodlust rage cost in the practise is too high... build 60 rage is not easy and takes some time to get it
  12. Pandemonium

    Pandemonium Forum Apprentice

    Regarding the SW talent for frost nova - Ice Age - Can anybody please tell me if this skill works similar to poison ivy? I.e. if there are 5 frozen monsters, and you cast frost nova, does it do 80% in an area to each monster, and stack the damage with each other? Or does it just damage each monster once? Thanks..
  13. perkovic15

    perkovic15 Forum Apprentice

    This new exspansion is very good , maps,monsters,and everyithing else ,BUT!
    > New skill system(just skill system , not wisdom or honor ) there is max 14 skills, that means 140 points , and we have only 50 to spent! Thats not freedom when u cant upgrade even 50% of max skills (50% means 70 point , but we have 50) so good idea is to make at least half points to choose talents not etc. 35%(50) so make that you get skill point every level and 3 skill points every fifth (5,10,...,50)and at end thats 70 points(half) or you can make 4 every fifth (80 posibble out of 140) .
    > Most fair is to get 80/140
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  14. matami

    matami Someday Author

    i tested this and if i understand right you are asking that if i have 1 freezed monster and i hit it with frostnova that deal's 80% dmg to all enemies around and will this stack meaning like if i have 10 freezed monters in a small area and i use frostnova on them will 1 monster suffer 9x80%?? if this is what you are asking the answer seems to be yes it stacks so every frozen monster in radius will hit each other :)
  15. Silentmist

    Silentmist Junior Expert

    I like the new system and i think that the points are enough. We can use a maximum of 10 skills (7+3 slots), that means 100 max points, 50% is a good value as everyone said :)
  16. Pandemonium

    Pandemonium Forum Apprentice

    Yes this is exactly what I was asking, thanks :) This talent will be very good in PVE hehehe
  17. Tyses

    Tyses Forum Greenhorn

    Hi guys,
    funny, this shoul be talents/skills discusion and its only nerf-ranger discussion. As far as I noticed none considered 1 thing: in current system rangers have 55% dmg bonus (30% from wisdom, 25% for shortbows/longbows), while other chars have only the wisdom bonus. With new system shortbow/longbow bonus is gone and everyone has up to 50% bonus available. Also according to wiki new lvl 46 set 1handed weapons for SW and SM have bigger dmg base than DK and RA ones. Wonder if this would be normal when its released or its just for this set.
    Im really looking forward to see DK running in 5v5 with immunity and stun releases (this will be much OP when theres no 4 sec immunity after stun) + full HP and movement bonus and without faster projectiles - good luck with killing them.
    Same for SM - 4 steam regen after each quick shot + 2 turrets reducing cd + steam conductor healing for small amount, reducing cd and boosting att, speed no steam requirements for iron dwarf, immunity, possible no cd on release skill, boosted dmg base and armor. Well i think i will love new SM. It has potential to become OP.
    And for mages. As always - they still have to go through resistances not armor. And as only char (if im right) they will have fast chain lightning and lightning. Will be big advantage in pvp.

    In total. I like the new system. Gives so much variability for all different builds. It means more different oponents same as chance to play it defensive 1 day, balanced 2nd day and offensive the other day.

    And before anyone starts shouting at me or my post pls realize that all what we write here is based on 1 week experience with new system on test server and our own experience that we gained in old system. But it will be almost new game with the new system so how useful is what we know about the game now to argue that much??
  18. DE_GAZA

    DE_GAZA Someday Author

    Adrenaline's 5 point skill should remove the 40% dmg the is decreased when you use Adrenaline.
  19. loudmute

    loudmute Someday Author

    rangers should not be able to mark so easily with every hunting arrow shot. Either a chance percentage skill or a systematic (maybe every 3 shot) skill to offer a more distinct playing role in group and battles.

    dks needs a large area epic attacking skill similar to the meteor of the sw or some sort of enhancement skills which enhance the current skills (maybe like a steroid skills which enhance all current skills such as faster, longer range and more damage jump , charge , groundbreaker , smash, etc ) to make them more visually special in the game.
  20. Leonixis

    Leonixis Forum Apprentice

    Adrenaline don't decrease anything...
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