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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by teddy.bear, Aug 6, 2015.

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  1. loudmute

    loudmute Someday Author

    yup rangers skills are mainly for survival or crowd control but it is not more useful or more damage than pure damage sw or sm. SW can instant freeze group mobs with 2 skills while sm have strong damaging skills like turrets for fast boss kills. the survival skills or crowd control of rangers are pretty much useless because of the small area and time limit duration such as nets or traps. our main attacking skills are thin arrows which hits few targets and cant be shot continuously because of lack of concentration. Our weapons being lower damage than other classes makes it even worse. The only skills that rangers have are good for groups or attack is our poison damage arrows with explosions and maybe our bird stun skill. Ranger is more a versatile class being able to semi-tank and deal damage from long distance but in a group you only need one or two but none for boss runs.
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  2. toosh0451

    toosh0451 Forum Greenhorn

    These noob rangers make me laugh so hard. I never have problem with concentration. I play in front row alongside tank and recharge with deadly blow. All you noob rangers complaining not enough concentration is because you hide behind tanks like a little girl and spam only green arrows (LOW DAMAGE!! and not help tank or group!!). You make the rest of us good rangers look bad, this is why many tanks and mages don't want to group with us. Level 50 will make us the best class because we will have armor break without cooldown timer. Hint hint, break armor shoot red arrow and use deadly blow to recharge.

    Ranger is already the best PvP class. I kill mages with 1 or 2 red arrows. I kill tanks with 3 or 4 red arrows or 3 red arrows with bird. With new armor break, tanks will be easy killzz. Sometimes I lose in arena but only because they pay more than me. Hint for you newbie rangers, learn to use dance skill. It will help you avoid taking damage and it is spammable.

    Learn to play. We are already the best class for PvP. If you want to hide behind your group members and shoot only green arrows and complain about not enough concentration, delete your ranger and make mage. That is NOT how you play ranger. Enough said.
  3. sdknightno1

    sdknightno1 Advanced

    I suggest to keep the attack speed gain from deadly blow at 5% or 4% but increase the damage back to 96% or 100%. The essence cost for deadly blow now is way too high. Or if you think granting deadly blow bonus attack speed makes it too powerful somehow, change it to something else please.

    Rangers will literally cease to use this skill with blue/purple/red essences because it's simply not worth it as they can simply spam hunting arrows can get more out of their essences. 3 essences for a single target hitting skill that does 80/160% damage is just unacceptable...
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  4. Puma

    Puma Forum Greenhorn

    for rangers very hard to find a PVE group, everyone searching for mage or warriors for m2 map groups, deadly blow was our best skill for PVE and now u decrease the damage from %100 to %80, please increase the damage back to %100,i dont want the speed but rangers need damage for PVE because we dont have double hand high damage bows
    our long bows are trash items.
    please increase the damage back for deadly blow.
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  5. Pastorale

    Pastorale Forum Apprentice

    As far as I can see (Believe me I readed all comments above) you guys are focusing on critizing each others instead of finding solutions!
    I played all 4 clases and clearly the mages are gonna cry over rangers cause they DON'T WANT any type of rival in PVP (specially those noobs piroballers and freezers>3 piroballs or 2 rays) KO. Find, I understand it. but meh Don't be so cynical guys.

    On topic the skill system will bring a new a brand chaos. Everyone killing bosses with few skills, no match, and pvp will be 1 hit KO MORE than it already is. And anyways, making it will lose much sense since all talents are just for it. Nothing to do with PVE like old exciting version.

    I checked WARRIORS: Worst class ever. Truly nerfed. There's no point at playing a warrior (was my Stable class by default) eventho I never played one. Easy die even more with 2H cause he can't simply scape, unlike mages that can run around and hit.

    MAGES: MOST of their enchants are gotten from the old version, no new thing, the same tactic as before. Points are now earned on same fuctions. The Destruction skill seems to be unbeatable, 750% in just one shot is truly mad specially in PVE whereas you can reduce its cooldown. I think it must be nerfed by at least 2 minutes cooldown. NO even imagine the mage with 2H weapon..ranged and OP. Freeze+destruction= bye bye. So pro!

    RANGERS: Overall the pimped class (Yeah sure) and nerfed by some qqers. The thing here is that there is a lot of shortage of points for adding new talets.. Me, at least lv50 I got 4 points left or 1 point. Explain me you what in that F. do I do with it? The thicket of thorn after drinking 66 concentration (thanks qqers) leaves you with almost not much to do, same goes to Explosive arrow leaving one of them out of sight. I left the 3 points DB 7% talent cause let's be honest. You won't even get close.

    Who is the big I. that said that PIROBALL si slower than PS. Dude please quit this game. Now we don't have the 33% boost of speed so FOR RANGER no others choice left but playing with intuition, throwing arrows wisely by knowing enemy future movement.


    DWARF: I never played a dwarf and hope never do it. Worst class ever for me. But then I checked their brand new talents and I almost get an hearattack.

    The capacity of adding 2 towers instead of 1. Plus Iron dwarf. So ..At 5v5 dwarf gonna still SCREW da game and at 6vs6 they're going to take towers in less than one eye blink. With no appreacting their wisdom lv30 skills...when there's 33% hp he replishes some mana and invoques like 16 towers around him. Making him almost unbeatable.
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  6. matami

    matami Someday Author

    @Pastorale lol you are very funny guy :D first you say that we all above are just critizing others and we should prefer find some solutions and then in next few paragraph you do exactly the same and say this and that class is so op or have op skills and it should be nerfed and so on...

    another thing i found very funny is:

    sorry i dont want to insult anyone but i just cannot see that this would be honest feedback.. :)
    and you really should remember when you say someone is idiot that every day test server changes.. today it might be that the arrows fly as fast as fireball but when r155 was lauched in TS there could be difference :)
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  7. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Now SWs have skills with no cooldown and they spend no mana ... on top of it they can heal now.

    Isn't that great? Imagine 750% base damage skill that you can use every 2-3 seconds. :)
  8. matami

    matami Someday Author

    If you asked me then yeah destruction is pretty cool skill in PvE but to be cool it needs high density of enemies and/or that they need be in straight line that you can hit them effectively and/or you need to stand in singularity if you cannot hit 12 enemies with one shot which means that singularity is basically wasted because you are in it and not enemies (or at least not much enemies).
    In PvP it is too slow skill, big damage yes but now even my super nova doesn't usually kill rangers/dk's and that's 1000% hit so with crit nerf i dont think this will be game breaker. and if you go with high glass cannon build that is your choice and it needs to hit very hard (otherwise theres no point to do that) and this automatically means 2h and absolutely 0 def which means that mage like that will die in almost anything that hit's because they have very small basic hp.

    about the healing skill i already said in my feedback that sadly it is wrong skill... imagine if ranger had they healing in green arrow or dwarf would have it in bomb on basic shot... = not very useful because any of them is so called finisher skill :) but yea maybe in pvp fast mages can use this.

    for the mana usage or cooldowns i dont comment anymore than that the basics are pretty high and you need to spend your precious skill points and/or other skills to boost.
  9. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Can you make screenshots of your TS character and what you have been testing so far ... for this "detailed feedback"?
    Some people are taking gossips and incorrectly translated info for a real and it is a base for their feedback.
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  10. Pastorale

    Pastorale Forum Apprentice

    Things like these happen when someone don't use his own imagination and likes everything clearly explained. I played the fourth classes on TS if I assure I played all 4 in Real Server I won't be here explaining MY POINT OF VIEW of this update, mainly reason because it hasn't even get there. And.. I'm not critizing each player but the classes like you guys are not doing, which is the thread intention.

    And also if the guy mentioned in my post plays on's ok..we ALL play on TS. But finding a difference between piroball are PS...come on..what you got? an Einteins' eye? It's impossible to calculate or even appreciate, unless the ranger has the 33% faster arrow which will have come to end this release and the mage doesn't.
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  11. matami

    matami Someday Author

    sure i can take screens if you want i just doesnt understand why do you need..?
    and which one do you want screens? i have 6 chars in ts atm...

    45lv ranger.... that was bigger level until that mystic level down came
    35lv dk
    30lv mage
    20lv sm
    14lv dk
    and 10lv ranger

    and i have been testing skills mostly... played some new maps, missions etc.
    sure i need to lean on some videos in my statements because i dont have 45lv char from all classes... but i think so is everyone else doing
    but every highly educated monkey like me can say pretty good how everything affects on something simply by reading the info text of all skills... there's only 4 new skills so nothing new much... if you ask my experience on real servers i have played 3years 3 end game toons mage,dk and dwarf and my ranger is sadly just 43lv. i have also maybe about 10 small/middle level chars on different servers, some of them are twinks some are not also some is f2p and others are heavy p2p.... so just name which char you want to see from test server and i post it here :)

    sure old veterans who play a lot per day can say almost slightest differences in their toons it is just little feelings that they feel in their spine when they play. sure eye is not very accurate way to measure and that is why in many cases they say IMO which indicates that they are just feeling that way.... other people just confuses other persons opinions to facts :)
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  12. krishh21

    krishh21 Forum Apprentice

    I think new skill talent system has some bugs for mage. I tried many skill like destruction has 1 talent in new system that it should reduce the cooldown of that skill for 5 sec. on each enemy it hits, but unfortunately its not working. Please check it.
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  13. Durrendal

    Durrendal Padavan

    I don't like the huge nerf in Passive Rage Generation fir DKs. I am having trouble executing even 1-2 skills in a get this FULL LVL45 MOB!!!
    Since we are melee and our special attack gauge doesn't fill up automatically, we need the passive rage regen.
  14. taketh

    taketh Regular

    Before the release, the ranger was discriminated against in group PVE because it did little apart from slowing monsters down. Every other class provided a benefit apart from the ranger. Still see groups posting "need mage, need tank" and hardly ever "need ranger". With the new armor break given to the ranger i thought this would change, but no. I played in a group with three rangers, and not one armor break between them.

    The people at bigpoint were too concerned about the OPness of pvp, which is what the ranger is good for, that they forgot the pve element i feel. The AVERAGE ranger is still pretty useless in a group. I suggest changing the the concentration costs (33 for explosive arrow in pve, 53 in pvp). The explosive arrow just sucks, i thought it would compete with singularity or dwarf rocket, but the monsters must be marked, so you can only armor break 2 or 4 monsters if using hunting arrow, and they will probably die before you armor break them. You cant armor break the powerful monsters at the back because the little melee monsters run in the line of fire.

    I play steam mech, so maybe im wrong about the skill, but so far, id rather have 3 mages in a group than 3 rangers.
  15. Zamvel7

    Zamvel7 Active Author

    Oh you are not right my friend, probably the rangers have now the best armor breaker in game,....but the problem is rangers dont use it, why? I dont know.... in a party is a must to have armor breakers, I play a 2h DK and as you may know my armor breaker has only 1 target, but all other classes have an aoe armor breaker, now the Explosive Arrow has a cooldown of ..yeah!!! 0!!!! you can spam it, and let the other players do the dmg!!!

    Again Explosive is the best armor breaker in the game until now, and rangers need to learn that if you want to group you must learn how to use it. It's like giving you a cool bugatti but you dont know how to switch gears.
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  16. taketh

    taketh Regular

    @Zamvel7 They don't use this skill because it costs 50+ concentration. The skill is the worst armor break out of the 4 classes. Would you rather play with 3 mages or 3 rangers?

    A group kills monsters quickly, the little ones at least, so marking the monsters first with hunting arrorw takes time, in the time it takes to mark them, the mosnters are already dead. You cant target the hard monsters at the back with this skill because of line of fire.

    Melee rangers may be able to target the harder monsters easier and keep their concentration full, but the AVERAGE ranger does not have the tanking gear to do this. As you said, rangers dont use this skill, so there must be a good reason for it.


    A well played pve ranger is now using longbow for pve, he marks the mobs with trap/net and shoots his explosive arrows to break mob's armor. Neither the skill nor the ranger class is bad for pve right now, it's just the same thing like it's been the case with dwarfs: They're often misplayed and therefore seem weak/useless.

    I wouldn't go so far and say explosive arrow is the best armor break skill in the game. Nothing beats singularity.

    The only thing I'd like to mention here again concerning Ranger Skills: Deadly blow at 80% is still very weak and extremely costly in terms of essences for every ranger in boss runs. Enhance it up to 100% again please.
  18. Darwarren

    Darwarren Count Count

    Final Nova should return to PvE. It is a reward for PvP achievement, and it was stolen in the mass nerfing of 155.
  19. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    That skill is awesome ... I use it all the time.
    The reason they don't use it is because they don't know how to play the ranger.
    End of the story.
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  20. Yash786

    Yash786 Forum Apprentice

    Same to same :p that skill is awesome
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