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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by teddy.bear, Aug 6, 2015.

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  1. pydragons

    pydragons Padavan

    Many skills got an improvement, but some of them are still in the old junkyard. Same old builds and being made, with slight touch.
    I would to see a decent build involving scaterring shot, specialy with the stun. The skill sounds great in theory but practiacally it's useless. The animation is awfull also.

    Great work was done, just a little more effort and we can have even more variety. Because the old variety of skill builds didn't change at all.
  2. MANOJ

    MANOJ Forum Pro

    Concentration was a problem to rangers since Day 1. So a good ranger knows how to overcome this.
    Longbows damage is way high now with "Behemoth" talent and the Damage bonus on wisdom tree + 20% less concentration consumption let's us do 2 straight explosion shot and have a little concentration still left for a percision.
    And if we are in a linear map with a Tank in front, we can turn into glass canons and assist DKs really well.
    As for me, while in a group I don't use percision at all, instead I have 10 points on hunting arrow, thicket of thorns and explosion shot and rest of points for stuns and cooldown on other skills.
    You need not target the hard boss at the back always, efficient crowd management will help the players who are right in the middle of mob. And since there is 0 cooldown time on explosion shot, you can go to the hard boss after clearing the weaker crowd first and still be able to break him as well.
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  3. taketh

    taketh Regular

    @MANOJ Interesting. I do not feel comfortable telling a ranger how to play despite said rangers being friends of mine. If the advice is coming from a fellow ranger i might push them to do this. For now, I am hoping that the dragan set's increase in concentration will solve this.

    As it stands, i do discriminate against rangers, i hate grouping with more than one ranger, and more than one dk. Of course there are exceptions, i saw a ranger tank and solo heredur q3 in a group of 5 which i was amazed at, would happily group with 4 rangers like him.
  4. Yash786

    Yash786 Forum Apprentice

    Whats the max Block Percent player can achieve.
    * i got 9362 block rate after getting warlord helmet and pauldrons with shield and mobile fortress talent( increase block rate by 50% )... got exact 80% block rate.
    * after getting Warlord cloak with set bonus my block rate is 8530 ( 76.89% ) without mobile fortress talent.
    * with full set and talent and shield block rate went upto 10610 BUT it still 80% in percentage :p
    So is 80% a limit a player cant exceed ??
  5. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    80% is max. for everything
    Dragan's set is not good for the rangers.
    I can shoot 2 explosive arrows with only 105 concentration points.
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