New to level 55 in need for advice

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by guardpaladin, Mar 5, 2019.

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  1. guardpaladin

    guardpaladin Forum Apprentice

    good day everyone, i'am a DK who resumed playing the game after two years away, i need some help to improve my character, started playing in the winter event about two months ago, my main goal was to reach lvl 55 and i done it, the 1st thing i do after reaching lvl 55 is to activate my 3 days premium and go to the great desert and other maps on the highest difficulties, i was lucky to get some T5 and T6 equipment but unlucky to get a single piece of any set, here my stats for now ( with raptor and ordinary essence), note my wisdom lvl is only 50 ( i was away from the game for long time), i have full set of keen's power,wolf slayer, and i can get others but all of them at T1 or 2.
    i need to know how and where i can farm to improve my ridiculous stats, i can play solo up to fatal mode without much troubles, infernal is quite hard for me now, and infernal III need very careful approach to survive.
    can i start crafting the keen's power or the wolf slayer ( or karabossa axe and boots) to T6 with cores? or it's better to wait to get higher set tiers? and what's the best weapon for crit rate?
    NOTE: i play almost solo all the time, didn't ask to be carried as favor before (probably will not), need some work on my gems and runes .
  2. Novadude

    Novadude Commander of the Forum

    Do you have a 2H that you can take into infernal I or higher desert? If you can, best strategy might be to try to get desert gear at t4 or higher using the hp buff, while simultaneously selling green/blue gear for gold, and and keep accumulating extraordinaries for glyphs and 2H weapon random crafts.

    I would not pristine or augment craft keens but would rather prep for the upcoming defeat event, where you can try to get the dragan bellicose gear.

    You also want to do the moon events for progress for those speed runes.
  3. cdeepal

    cdeepal Forum Baron

    You said You are playing solo. In that case, why do you have a tank build?
    Considering that you prefer to play solo, my first advice is to abandon your tank build and go for a full damage 2H build.

    First thing is to find a good weapon. The best is Herald Mace. If you can ask someone to help You for this one time, go and ask them to carry you to Herald T7 and buy the Mace.

    Otherwise, Your attack speed is good, Your health is in good shape, Your armor and resistances are not bad.
    Your critical damage is Ok, but You need some more Crit Rate. Which is quite low at the moment.
    Do you have both Crit Rings? Then, You may have to buy some Crit gems. If you have andermants, and whatever Andermant you can save, invest them on Crit Gems.

    Once that is done, You should be in good shape to venture further.
  4. guardpaladin

    guardpaladin Forum Apprentice

    thank you very much cdeepal and Novadude, i think i will switch to 2H build very soon, your advice is much appreciated :)
  5. cdeepal

    cdeepal Forum Baron

    Also another quick way to increase your crit rate, you can do one or both of the following:

    1. Use Arachna pet. Fully upgrade this pet as soon as you can. If You don't have the pet yet. Well, You are in luck. The next scheduled upcoming event, Defeat the Undefeatables will get you the pet.

    2. Use critical hit rate buff. I think Hognis mine sells this if I am not mistaken.
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