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  1. Hello Heroes,

    The DSO team is aiming to launch a new version of release 155 on the test server on the 14.08.

    If the DSO team runs into last minute complications the versions will be not on the test server until 17.08.

    The new version includes a package of changes to the balancing of the character classes.
    Reade further below for the complete list of changes.

    All classes

    Wisdom System:

    All talents now cost 10 talent points; increased the required wisdom-level of all the unique

    defensive talents (e.g. Cyanite Shield) from level 25 to 30

    Fame System:

    All talents now cost 10 talent points; increased the required fame-level of all the unique

    offensive talents (e.g. Final Supernova) from level 25 to 40


    Increased regular passive rage gain by 33%

    Skill: Charge

    Talent: Stunning Attack

    Increased impact radius from 1.0 to 1.5 meters

    Skill: Battle Frenzy

    The base skill effect now increases player’s attack speed and critical hit rating by 0.4% per hit

    monster. This effect can be multiplied up to 50 times.

    Talent 2 (Justified Anger) is now the former Talent 3 (Invigorating Anger)

    NEW Talent 3 (Inspiring Presence): Increase your maximum hitpoints by 20% for 10 seconds.

    This effect also applies to allies that are nearby when “Battle Frenzy” is executed

    The skill execution now always resets the runtime of all “Battle Frenzy” buff effects


    Skill: Fireball

    Increased velocity of fireball projectile from 17 to 21 meters per second

    Skill: Singularity

    Talent 1(Alignment):

    Will now reduce the mana cost of Singularity by 50%, instead of removing the

    mana cost completely

    Skill: Magic Missile

    Talent 3 (Connected Lives):

    Increased healing effect from 5% to 10%

    Skill: Frozen Sphere:

    Increased bullet velocity from 7 to 9 meters per second

    Increased skill base damage from 50% to 66%

    Increased maximum explosion damage from 150% to 200%

    Steam Mechanicus

    Skill: Quick Shot

    Talent 2 (Under Pressure): Reduced the steam generated from 4 units to 3

    Click here to play on the test server: Test Server Drakensang Online


    CMs Greg, Haruki & the DSO Moderation Team
  2. kama5utra

    kama5utra Someday Author

    you decrease rage regen 90% it means we have only 10% . Now you increase it 33% = new regen is only 13.3% of what it was. Why not be real here and just say it out loud... you EDIT the entire skill tree just to mess with the DK. Is ok so you know best you have so mush playing excperience in this game^^
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  3. hedwig70

    hedwig70 Someday Author

    Does that means if you use singularity 50% less mana , singularity will now cost 25 mana only or will you guys change the mana cost for singularity from 50 mana to 100 mana cost and 50% less so it will make it to 50 mana means no change.
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