Newbie DK lvl 40 searching for Advices

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by frostbloodd, May 31, 2019.

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  1. frostbloodd

    frostbloodd Forum Greenhorn

    Hello there!
    I'm quite new to Drakensang(as mentioned only lvl 40).
    Although I have watched literally 20 videos about DKs everything is super outdated
    So I came here, to the almighty forums of DSO!

    I beg you DK veterans and pros. Help me upgrade my character, On the previous levels, I was somehow managing to pass the quests, farm the bosses solo and so on. But now on lvl 40 I can not even get close to killing Gorga solo, The Quests in the Misty Ridge are a pain for my damage is too low, they do huge dmg and my MWS can't handle me alive...

    Could you please tell me how to use my Skill Points, Wisdom points, Glory and Party Points.
    I have tried experimenting and I always either lack Damage or die really fast.

    Link to my Stats, Skill, Wisdom and so on

    Any Advice, Tip, Comment is counted as help
    And All help is appreciated <3

    EDIT: If you can give me a link to some DK Guide which is actually working for the game now I would be most thankful!!

    Thanks in advance
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  2. cdeepal

    cdeepal Forum Baron


    Don't worry too much about getting better items. Equip whatever the best item You find as you level up. No need to specifically search or farm for better items.

    Having said that, look for the following attributes on items:
    * Weapon - Increased damage on this item
    * Rings, Amulet - Critical Damage %
    * Belt, Torso - Damage %
    * Helmet - Increased Critical Hit Rate on This item
    * Shoulder - Armor %
    * Gloves - Attack Speed %
    * Boots - Walking Speed %


    It seems to me that You may not be effectively using your banner. You probably want to use your banner combined with dragon hide when attacking something tough. A boss or a horde of creatures. That is where it is most effective. As long as You have both up for that 10 seconds, You can dish out maximum damage while you heal.

    You may want to abandon Rageful swing and use Rage attack instead as your primary attack. The good thing about rage attack is that it will give you rage, which is essential for other attacks, and also reduces cool downs on your more powerful skills.


    You don't want wisdom used on shop at this level.
    Use all your wisdom first on Two handed weapon damage. Once it is full, then on Attack damage.

    Other things

    Try to get a pet that gives you an advantage. The best would be Arachna pet (gives high crit), if not a damage pet, a critical damage pet or if you cannot get a damage/crit pet, then at least a health boost pet.

    Always use a buff. At this level, I would recommend to use a critical hit rate absolute value buff since your crit rate is very low. That it self will give you a huge boost to your damage.
  3. frostbloodd

    frostbloodd Forum Greenhorn

    Understood :p <3


    I am using Rageful Swing for AoE,easier cleaning of dungeons and so on
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  4. Shine2

    Shine2 Board Administrator Team Drakensang Online

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  5. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Forum Ambassador

    I'd say: Unless you have real problems with your HP and need the 3p. talent, I'd drop Rageful Swing without thinking twice.
    If you want large AoE, choose BWS with 2p., 3p. and 5p. and MWS with 2p. and 5p. (if you can afford it somehow, 3p. won't harm you either). Where RS is enough, smash is also enough.
    You don't need 3p. on smash, it's crap. Put 3p. on Rage Jump.'
    Play around with different setups of the experience talents and see what suits you.


    I'd add that you should use an axe whenever you can, swords are worthless today. I'd leave out keen's set for a 2h, take some greens/blues with good base values and glyph them up.

    And I'd say: use the shop on wisdom. And I'd say: prioritise HP over damage on wisdom. It can give you a huge boost. You don't need a glass cannon. You need to stand alive enough to kill the mobs.
    HP -> Shop -> Damage 2h -> Damage -> Crit -> any other stuff you feel that you need
    If you need only a few points to hit the next speed breakpoint, add them aside of that general pathway (a table is on
  6. Jhinstalock

    Jhinstalock Active Author

    I think they left out the most basic concepts.
    Use a 2-handed weapon no matter what, even when you feel like it's slow. More damage is worth it.
    As they said use wisdom on 2-handed weapon damage, then if you max it, overall % damage.
    Use your AOE skills to clear, there should be no problem.
    For bosses, use single target attacks, dodge the boss's attacks, and use dragon hide as well as banner to go manmode.
    Run dungeons a few times on painful difficulty to get items with higher chances of good enchants.

    Here's an example of my mage's level 40 weapon. The damage on item enchant, the overall damage enchant, and the high base damage are all very important. It was a lucky drop, but focus on getting the best mix of those 3 things, and look on your characters stats (c) to see which weapon will overall give more should you compare two of them.

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  7. frostbloodd

    frostbloodd Forum Greenhorn

    Just wanted to make a quick update..After putting like 10/20 levels in HP (wisdom) I am able to kill Solo Kill Gorga on normal with ease...Thanks for the Tips :p
  8. Phyrix

    Phyrix Count Count

    What server are you on?
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  9. frostbloodd

    frostbloodd Forum Greenhorn

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