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    Before playing this game, read what people are saying in this forum. If you still decide to play this game DO NOT SPEND ANY MONEY ON IT. It's a complete con, you spend hours fighting hundreds of enemies only to get either very little or nothing at all in return. The chests that you need to buy keys for are complete cr*p, no matter if it is a 5 key or a 100 key chest. If you pay premium you get mythic cubes...these contain NOTHING else but the same useless rubbish that the enemies drop once in a blue moon. The extra chest you get if you are premium normally has PAULDRONS in it, I am sick of those! The drop rate is so laughable, rarely anything is dropped, nothing good, just items repeated over and over. If you collect gold by selling this stuff, there is very little to spend it on but mounts and pets, how many mounts and pets are we supposed to want? EVERYTHING else costs so much Andermant, this is what you have to buy with real money. A dye to colour a clothing item costs 500! To enter the special events you have to buy items to fight the bosses, because you'd have to be playing 24/7 to find what is required. You have to buy keys to open the amphoras, these range in key amount, but like the chests do not differ in contents. If you fight a boss or a protector, it is almost every time a waste of effort, all you get is cr*p dropped for doing it, some of them take a long time if you are a newbie, or under level 50. I have killed some and got NOTHING for my effort but a few copper coins! I have been trying to complete the mission "Fire relics (2/2) Collect a magic flame stone from a Furious Fire Protector". It is one complete con, I have lost count of how many Furious Fire Protectors I have killed, I have spent HOURS trying to get the so called magic flame. Again I got almost nothing but copper! Another mission "To Life And Death (1/1)Cradle of death".
    You have to collect the skulls of 30 Arisen Temple mummies.
    So far I have killed hundreds of them and only got 4 of the 30 skulls needed, that is with help of another player as well. I am talking a lot of time here, this is what I got in return...
    A battle cuirass
    2x battle hammer
    A combat axe
    A 2 handed battle sword
    2x battle gloves
    and a battle helmet.
    A few piles of copper.
    Any chests opened with keys that I purchased had much of the same in, maybe some splintered jewels.
    ALL of the weapons collected are several levels below what I already have, so they are of no use.
    THE only way to get a good weapon is to BUY it with real money! Andermant.
    In the forum there are players who have been playing for years, they are unhappy because the game was changed a lot and basically after you get to level 100 people are bored, or simply do not know how to move forward. A lot of these players stay because of the time and money they have invested in the game.
    I myself feel so p*ssed off because I swore not to spend anymore real money but then I think, well maybe this time if I open a more expensive chest or enter a special event I might get something worth my time and effort. But NO not once. The players are being ignored, DK doesn't seem to give a flying fuff, they seem to be relying on new players like myself, who take a while to grow wise to their disrespectful treatment of their players. I am annoyed because I feel like a fool, I spent money on the game, the game is fun, but after a week or so as you progress you notice how bad the return is for your time and effort/money. Then you think well I spent money, to just stop playing would be a waste now, so you carry on. I decided to get a one month premium account to see if it was worth it, it was not. I was not going to renew it, but the game renewed it, by itself, I KNOW I did not check any boxes to renew it, the same as when you pay using Paypal, the button for auto-payment is ALWAYS checked again after you have unchecked it. So I went and made sure renew was not checked again. It is a viscous circle and they win, I am not paying anymore, I feel embarrassed that I have payed this long (since May). Enough is enough, they do not respect players, they are indifferent to anything that players suggest or complain about. There are MANY who have or are complaining. So please read posts here first, before you decide to play the game. I am going to post this review on other game sites as well.Maybe the DK will listen to their players, or show them just a little respect :D (that was sarcasm by the way).
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