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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by OPΛ, Jan 3, 2021.

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  1. OPΛ

    OPΛ Forum Apprentice

    I have just reached lv 55, but I have no way to craft gems, items etc. I only got the first crafting quest in Kingshill, which I have finished, but then, there are no further quests. I have checked every city. No green markers on map.

    Is this a bug?

    Also, I would like to report that the questline on the Fox Headquaters map is bugged, there is no crystal.
  2. Danoony

    Danoony Forum Greenhorn

    Hi, ive started to play recently and also got stuck in crafting, gems and stuff so what i discovered is that gems/enchantment/upgrades are unlocked through "Achievments" just like this to craft "Extraordinary Items" you need to craft 10 "Magic Items" and unlock one achievment... i'll let a youtube link from a channel that i found recently, he has a lot of cool videos about the game amd this one explain a lot of the new workbench.

  3. OPΛ

    OPΛ Forum Apprentice

    Thanks! But what about new players who don't know anything about the game?
    With no quest to guide them, it will be pretty hard for them.

    Thank you for your help, I really apreciate it! :)
  4. Danoony

    Danoony Forum Greenhorn

    I guess the game developers don't care that much for us, in some languages you aren't even able to see the Achievment necessary for unlocking the recipes and i remember that was the same when i played like 7 years ago? hahahaha
  5. dkarl

    dkarl Forum Duke

    1. Be prepared to spend weeks, possibly several months building toward the ability to do enchantment transfers due to the very low drop rate of gear. The video is aimed at fairly advanced players, not newbies, and doesn't make it clear that you need to first craft 10 random magic (blue) items (using 4 improved/green items for each magic craft), then 20 random extraordinary (purple) items, before you can craft the 30 random legendary items.

      Because extraordinary (purple) items drop so infrequently, I recommend that you do not open any of the daily login reward chests until you get to that exo-->leg crafting stage: The daily chest contain 1 exo each. You'll need 120 exo's in order to craft 30 leg's. That's 4 months of logging in daily if you use daily chests exclusively to source your crafting material.

      You can, of course, save some of the infrequently dropped exo items as you progress, though your storage will pretty quickly overflow.

      Also, he mentioned that you need glyphs of power (GoP) to craft. You get GoP by melting gear at the blacksmiths. Depending on the quality (improved, magic, extraordinary) and the level of the items you're randomly crafting, you'll need 10's to 100's of thousands of GoP for each craft.

      With that in mind, I'd recommend that you initially melt any magic, exo or leg item you drop which doesn't have immediately useful base and/or enchantment values to start building up your GoP balance, sell common (white) items, and hang onto improved (green) items for that first batch of improved-->magic crafts. A blue item in the 30-35 level range will give you about 1,000 GoP. Combining 4 blue items in that level range will cost about 34,000-38,000 GoP. (So, you'll need to melt a ton of blue/purple/gold items to get through those three initial stages of crafting before you gain the enchantment transfer ability.)

      After the first 5 or 6 green-->blue crafts, stop melting blues as you'll need them for the blue-->purple crafts in the next phase of your "apprenticeship."

      WARNING: If you completed the initial crafting quests, but can't combine 4 greens to make a random blue, you probably added the gear crafting schematic to your workbench too soon. You get that schematic at ~level 10 but can't use it until ~level 15 … if you opened it before level 15, it won't appear in your workbench and you can't retake the quests. BP might fix this in release 246. Otherwise, you'll want to start a new character.

    2. You asked about gem crafting: That's a much simpler two-step process.
      1. Open the workbench and your inventory; right-click on an extra flawed gem (or stack of the same type of flawed gems) to put it on the workbench; the workbench should give you two groups of options: Gems and Ingredient Crafting; under Ingredient Crafting, choose "Shiny Dust" … if you have a stack of the same type of gem, you can use the various buttons to choose how many to grind to dust (default is 1), then click on the Combine button … voila! You have shiny dust (you'll need at least two for the next step). You may close the workbench now, or click on the Remove All button to put its contents into your backpack
      2. (Re)open the workbench and your inventory; right-click on a gem you want to upgrade to push it to the workbench; in the Gems section of the workbench, choose the title of the upgraded version of the gem you just added to the workbench (you may then see more than one upgrade option, depending on the current level of you gem, so you might be able to upgrade it several levels in a single craft, if you have enough shiny dust); you'll need to re-add your gem/gem stack to the workbench (not certain why the devs forced this extra step), choose the quantity to upgrade, then click on the Combine button

        FYI, grinding gems into shiny dust or using shiny dust to upgrade a gem to a higher level costs coin (which you got from selling gear up above).
    3. You didn't ask, but consumable crafting is apparently currently broken. The ability to craft higher level consumables (healing potions, offensive and defensive elixirs, tonics and physics) is earned through crafting x # of lower level consumables, which will result in Achievements that allow you to create those more powerful versions. However, we used to be able to buy the lowest (Common / white) level of crafting recipes from various crafting masters throughout Dracania, but they no longer stock the recipes. Until this is fixed, new players / new toons are shut out of consumable crafting.

      Not a huge loss, as harvesting the raw ingredients for some consumables (including basic healing potions) is prohibitively expensive now (you have to buy single-use "multi-tools" from the in-game store at 500 andermant each). I'm hoping BP changes its mind on this "update" of the consumable harvesting/crafting process.
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  6. OPΛ

    OPΛ Forum Apprentice

    Thanks a lot for your explanation Dkari! I really apreciate it :)
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